Chapter 37

The previous evening…

The car pulls up to the darkened house and a couple exits the vehicle.  The man is in his thirties; he is unkempt.  His clothes are wrinkled and torn; his face unshaven.  The woman is in her late twenties; she looks like a prostitute.  She is wearing what can loosely be called a dress; it is one piece of material but the material only covers those areas that would get her arrested for public indecency.  She is wearing too much makeup, and her hair is asymmetrically cut with hideous red highlights.  The couple grab at each other several times as they make their way towards the house.  One such time results in the woman wrapping her legs around the man’s waist and he drops to his knees in the dirt.

The door to the house flings open and a woman stands in the doorway with her hands on her hips, her foot tapping impatiently.  “You two can fuck on your own time.  Right now you need to get in the house.”

The man and woman scurry inside.  They close the door behind them and move down the hallway to follow the sound of the woman’s high heels.  They find her in an office sitting behind a desk, the fingers on one hand tapping against the desk in agitation.

“Well?” she demands impatiently.

“It’s worked exactly like I thought it would,” the man says arrogantly.  “Two days from now, you’ll have the girl.”

“Good,” the woman says with an evil grin on her face.  She rises from the office chair and gestures for Cooter and Debbie to follow her.  They follow the woman down the hallway to a basement door.  She opens the door and walks slowly down the stairs; the two Weres follow behind her.  The sound of a whip hisses through the air followed by the sound of the whip stinging flesh.  A scream of pain echoes through the cavernous space; the smell of blood hangs in the air.  The two Weres sniff the air hungrily and begin panting in anticipation.

In the basement, Bill’s limp body sags as his arms dangle in the air from silver chains.  His body covered in slash marks from the whip.  Lorena stands a few paces away from him; her body naked except for the blood splatter.  The whip snaps through the air again and strikes Bill’s body.  His body jerks at the feeling of pain and his scream bounces off the walls.

“Lorena,” the woman calls forcefully from the bottom of the stairs.  The whip dangles limply from Lorena’s hand.  She turns to look at the woman.  Her gaze also takes in the two Weres; they are trembling, snarling and panting.  The only thing holding them back is the woman at the bottom of the stairs.  Lorena walks away from Bill, the whip handle clattering against the floor.

“He’s all yours,” she says softly as a blood tear makes its way down her face.  The woman moves away from the bottom of the stairs and the two Weres run quickly to Bill’s limp body.  Both Weres begin eagerly licking the blood on the vampire’s mutilated body.  Bill’s screams turn hoarse as the Weres become more aggressive in their pursuit of his blood.


The same night as the attack on Fangtasia

Pam and Jessica throw the four Weres from the tables in the basement of Fangtasia.  Yes, the drinks were laced with silver, but not enough to kill the Weres.  Pam and Jessica secure them in the basement for further questioning.  This is an excellent opportunity for Pam to teach Jessica about interrogation techniques.  The Weres and shifters in the bar leave, not wanting to hang around to find out what the vampires have in store for their kind.

The witches in the bar quickly leave after the Weres are secure.  Before leaving, Holly, a close friend of Jesus’, offers to come by the farmhouse tomorrow to help strengthen the wards around the Stackhouse home.  She also offers to strengthen the wards around Eric’s resting places and businesses if he wants.  Eric declines her offer; he already has someone in mind for the job, but he thanks her all the same.  Claudette, after taking care of the two Weres that followed her to the bathroom, teleported out of the club.  There was only so long she could hide her scent from vampires and she didn’t want to cause any trouble.

The vampires loyal to Eric are extremely disappointed there was no fighting and no blood flowing, especially Thalia.  She slams her hand through a table, shattering it instantly.  “I wore this stupid leather outfit, and I didn’t get a single drop of blood!”  She screams in frustration and kicks viciously at the rubble on the ground.

Eric smirks in amusement.  Thalia is one of the most ill-tempered vampires he has ever met.  She hates all humans; she is something of a legend among the patrons of Fangtasia.  There is a blog devoted to her, and there is a pool going to see if someone can capture Thalia smiling.  The last time Pam checked the blog, the pool was over $5,000.  Eric often considered not having her work in Fangtasia; when she worked, ambulances and mass glamouring always seemed to be involved.

“What’s the matter, Thalia?  Are you overly fond of Were blood?” Eric teases the elder vampire.  Were blood is foul; it tastes like filth and wild animal.

Thalia snarls at Eric and her fangs run out.  Sookie, still on the phone, focuses on the interaction between Thalia and Eric.  “Hang on Godric,” Sookie mumbles. “Eric,” Sookie says quietly.  He vamps in front of her, concern on his face.  “Help me,” she mouths at him.  She’s been on the phone for several minutes, but she hasn’t really said anything.  Eric smirks at her; he knows very well how one of Godric’s “lectures” goes.  Godric does not yell, instead he goes even more quiet.

“Eric, this is a conversation between my daughter and me.  You do not need to be involved,” Godric’s voice comes through the phone.  Eric cannot help the loud bark of laughter that escapes his mouth.  He throws his hands up in an “I give up” gesture and moves away.  Sookie’s eyes plead with him to help her, but he shakes his head at her and continues to chuckle.

Eric slouches in a chair at one of the tables watching Sookie.  She paces nervously as she listens to his maker speak.  Eric’s eyes stare at her admiringly; she is the perfect mixture of sex and innocence.  She is still wearing the leather corset dress required for her to be a dancer in his club.  However, she is chewing on her thumbnail nervously as she listens to the words of Godric.  Her eyes look so helpless as Godric continues speaking, and he can tell that she has been properly chastised by whatever it is Godric is saying.

“You love her,” Thalia says softly at his side.  Eric’s expression hardens as he looks towards Thalia.  “Oh don’t hide it from me, Eric,” Thalia snaps.

“You would do well to remember that I am your Sheriff, Thalia.  You will respect me,” Eric states coldly.

Thalia rolls her eyes at Eric.  “If I didn’t respect you, Sheriff,” Thalia says emphasizing his title sarcastically, “I wouldn’t be here now.  If I didn’t respect you or her,” Thalia says with a gesture towards Sookie, “I wouldn’t have helped her escape twenty years ago with Godric.”  Seeing the flash of emotion in Eric’s eyes causes Thalia to cackle with laughter, but she stops suddenly when a bright flash goes off in her eyes.  Both vampires whip around to find Sookie holding Eric’s iPhone in front of her.  Another flash comes from the phone and Sookie chuckles.

“Looks like I just won the pool,” she says impishly.


Diantha, Gladiola, and Sookie return to the farmhouse a few hours later.  Eric wanted Sookie to stay with him but Sophie-Anne, the increasingly annoying Queen of Louisiana, detained him.  She called him while they were still in Fangtasia, and Eric felt it best if the others left while he handled the Queen.  Sookie knows Eric is keeping something from her; she wants to question him about it, but knows is not the time or place to do so.

Fintan and several other Fae were guarding the farmhouse while the others were at Fangtasia; he was to have called if anything had happened at the farmhouse.  By the lack of communication, Sookie can only assume nothing happened.  As the car pulls up the lane, Sookie can detect the sleeping brain of her grandfather and none others.  The tension leaves Sookie’s body and she sags against the seat in relief.

Diantha and Gladiola laugh as the car stops.  The girls get out of the car and make their way to the house.  Sookie walks up to the door and unlocks it.  The girls walk inside the house quietly chatting.  Sookie offers the girls something to eat and they agree eagerly.  Given the lateness of the hour, Sookie pulls out bread and lunchmeat to make sandwiches.  She quickly assembles a stack of sandwiches for the girls to eat.  After everything is consumed, Sookie makes her way upstairs to go to sleep.  Gladiola and Diantha remain downstairs, keeping vigil if the Weres decide to show up.

Sookie goes straight to her bathroom and turns on the shower.  She unties the outfit she’s wearing and lets it drop to the floor.  Her black thong finds its way to the floor as well.  Sookie steps under the hot water and lets it beat against her back.  Eventually, Sookie reaches for the body wash and loofa to wash away the smells of the day.  She then reaches for the shampoo, massaging her scalp as she washes her hair.  She rinses the suds from her hair and body, then turns the water off.  Sookie grabs a towel wrapping it around her body.  She grabs a second towel to begin drying her hair.  She then sprays a detangling conditioner in her hair before working a comb through the damp strands.  She applies lotion to her skin and then brushes her teeth before exiting the bathroom.  She goes to one of the cabinets and grabs a nightgown, dropping the towel on the floor as she slips the gown over her head.  Wearily she walks to her bed and climbs under the covers to sleep.

Hours pass, the sun rises, and all remains quiet at the farmhouse.  Everything is peaceful.  Gladiola and Diantha are still keeping vigil over the house.  Fintan rises from his bed and dresses for the day.  As he prepares to leave his room, he hears a popping sound in the hallway.  Thinking it is one of his kin come to visit, he opens the bedroom door with a smile on his face.

“Hello, Fintan.  Did you miss me?” Shock crosses Fintan’s face when he sees who it is.  Before he can react, an iron dagger slashes through his stomach.  Fintan’s hands rise up to cover his wound as blood begins flowing out of him.  He crumples to the ground in agony.  His attacker stands over him with a satisfied smile.  His attacker moves down the hallway slowly, stopping outside the remaining closed door.


Sookie stirs in her bed, fighting to swim back to consciousness.  The attacker slowly opens the door to Sookie’s room and walks inside.

SOOKIE, WAKE UP!!!!!  YOU HAVE TO RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sookie bolts upright in her bed, Fintan’s silent screams finally piercing her slumber.  She senses another mind in the room with her, one she is unfamiliar with.  Reacting to the panic in Fintan’s voice, Sookie flings her hand out, sending a ball of light careening through her room and knocking her would-be assailant down.  Sookie runs out of the room and finds Fintan bleeding on the floor of the hallway.  She drops down to his side, tears welling up in her eyes.

Run, Sookie!  You have to run!

Sookie struggles with what her grandfather is telling her.  She cannot leave him like this, but she knows she needs to get away.  Outside the house, the sounds of growling and swords clashing fill the air.

Before Sookie can react, she is dragged up from the ground by her hair.  She is looking into the eyes of a Fae she has never met before.  He is a brute of a man and has Sookie in a punishing grip.  The man calls out to the other attacker, the one that entered Sookie’s room.  A low moan is heard followed by a string of cursing, and the other attacker, a woman, comes stumbling out of the room.  The woman takes one look at Sookie struggling against her captor and smiles in victory.

“Well, well, look what we have here,” the woman says with excitement.  She is standing in front of Sookie, looking her up and down critically.  Out of nowhere, the woman raises her hand slapping Sookie hard across the face.  “Take this bitch outside.  We need to get going,” the woman says in a cold voice.

“Whatever you say,” the man says with a sinister smile.  He hauls a struggling Sookie down the stairs and out of the house.

Outside, Diantha and Gladiola are fighting off their own attackers in the form of wolves.  The bodies of several naked dead men litter the ground, a testament to the fierce fighting skills of the two demons.  Gladiola sees Sookie dragged from the house by the man with the woman following behind them.  She quickly dispatches the two wolves in front of her, and rushes to aid Sookie.  The woman, seeing the demon girl’s intentions, draws her sword and defends against the attack.  The sound of steel against steel hums in the air as the demon and the fairy participate in a deadly dance.  Gladiola, trying to gain an advantage on the fairy, shifts her body towards the house, hoping to gain the high ground on her opponent.  The fairy, realizing her adversary’s intentions, also shifts her body, and her blade slices through the torso of Gladiola.  A surprised look settles on the demon’s face as she falls to the ground dead.  Diantha, seeing her sister dead on the ground, releases an inhuman cry and redoubles her efforts against the remaining wolf.  The two fairies, having acquired what they came for, pop away from the farmhouse, uncaring if the wolf lives or dies.  The wolf turns and flees the farmhouse.  Diantha thinks about chasing after it, wanting to feel the wolf’s death at her hands, but instead she drops to the ground in anguish.  She crawls towards her sister, gathering her in her arms and sobbing.


In Greece, the Ancient Pythoness drops the goblet of blood she is drinking from.  The goblet clatters against the marble floor, and the blood forms a puddle at her feet.  A look of horror is on her face as she struggles with the vision that has come to her.  Her assistant comes running into the room, a cell phone dangling from her hand.

“Milady, it’s for you,” the assistant says urgently.

The Ancient Pythoness holds her hand out for the phone, and brings it to her ear.  “I just saw it, Niall.  Neave and Lochlan have Sookie.”

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  2. murgatroid98 says:

    Oh no! Dang! So Neave and Lochlan, and Lorena? Sophie Anne’s delaying of Eric is suspicious, too. And poor Fintan. Will he be okay? An iron dagger sounds very bad. I dearly hope the next installement is forthcoming soon. All that work in keeping Sookie safe from the bad fairies, and they got her anyway.

  3. aolani08 says:

    Awwww man I wonder where Eric is? Sophie Ann is in on this I just know it and Godric is going to be pissed

  4. Heather says:

    omg…..I know that happens ….But I always forget while I am reading your wonderful story!

  5. Loftin says:

    Excellent chapter! Can’t wait for Eric and Godric to rescue Sookie.

    • Loftin says:

      Poor Fintan, at least he’ll get to be with his beloved mate now. I’m wondering if QSA has anything to do with this. She was keeping Eric distracted after all.

  6. kleannhouse says:

    oh hell, i despise Naeve and Lochlan, are they working for Brendon or Lorena…. damn, not good… looking forward to an update to find out why everyone was so distracted from protecting her after the fact and where the fuck is Eric…and if Fintan lives, damn… KY

  7. lostinspace33 says:

    OH SHIT!!!!! I have no words. But PLEASE update soon!

  8. honulvr says:

    That was a total shocker! You totally lulled me in to a false sense of security by making the were thing at fangtasia so easy and then just had the most amazing cliffie!!! I’m trying to remember why Godric would be chastising Sookie on the phone call, I’m totally confused on that one. I might go back and re-read to figure out what she did. I really want to know how this took the AP by surprise too! Also, does this change the future completely for the AP and what the heck are they going to do to her? I don’t ask these questions because I want you to answer them now, I ask because I’m excited, but I want to find out the answers whenever you write them. This story has been great, but damn you just kicked it up a notch! 😁

    • Godric is chastising Sookie because she failed to inform him of the Were problem coming to Fangtasia.

      The AP wasn’t able to see this scenario. The question is why… will be revealed in time. Powerful forces are at work here.

      Sookie is going to get hurt; there is no way around it. But who will be the one to hurt her? Ah, there are so many possibilities….

      I must admit, I was trying to lull everyone into a false sense of security. I even kept it calm at the farmhouse to begin with. I think the peacefulness is what made the violence that ensued so much more dramatic.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing!

  9. gwynwyvar says:

    Hmm. I just… They knew there were two parties coming, one to Fangtasia, one to the Farmhouse. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Diantha and Gladiola. But, lets be honest, they are both ‘young’ Daemons. Having only the two of them on guard, when they knew there was a second attack planned seems unsafe to the point of negligence 😦

    Had a giggle when Sookie took the photo 😉

  10. theladykt says:

    Ugh not Neive and Lochlan!!! Poor Sookie. Skanky Anne, Whorena, now the Evil wonder twins. Who else is going to plot against them.

  11. So I read instead of sleeping having NO idea this was the last chapter so far. More please. I’ll ask for snow if needed.
    How did car shopping go??

    • Ok, I take it you liked the vamp story if you are asking for more snow. :-).

      I’m working on the next chapter as well as an outtake. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow for both.

      Car shopping was fine. It took 3 hours and I ended up leasing a Ford Focus. Like I told my hubby, I didn’t want to buy a car after the bad experiences I just had with my previous car. This way, if something happens, it’s all under warranty. 🙂

  12. shandiii says:

    Just caught up on this, wonderful story I cant wait to see where you take it next

  13. msbuffy says:

    Sookie got the smiling Thalia pic! But oh! Neave & Lochlan. They. Are. Terrifying.

  14. vamplover669 says:

    I liked the lightheartedness of Godric & Sookie then Sookie winning the pool! xD Eric is taking the burden of QSA on all by himself now his bonded is in danger he’s gonna go berserk! The calm before the storm poor Fintan I hope Sookie doesn’t suffer and wait for death like in SVM.

  15. itskiniki says:

    Nooooo not the evil fairies!

  16. Melissa Moore says:

    Love the story, and I really hate to be a shit but could Sookie have not grabbed her grandfather and popped them away? What happened to her new powers? She can freeze Eric up against a wall but she couldn’t do something to save herself????

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