Chapter 36

As soon as the words were out of Alcide’s mouth, he finds himself thrown against the wall with the force of a freight train.  Alcide crumbles to the floor.  Fintan is standing in the doorway; a ball of light pulses in his hand and is aimed at the wolf slumped on the floor.  Alcide is slowly trying to push himself back to his feet.  Eventually, he settles for sitting up and resting against the wall with his head tilted back.

“Who is coming for my granddaughter? Did you lead them here?  Are you responsible for this?”  Fintan’s voice rises higher and higher with each word until he is shouting.  The ball of light changes color and grows in size the more agitated Fintan gets; it is now a shimmering red haze about the size of a cantaloupe.

“No,” Alcide declares vehemently, his eyes snapping open.  “My friend Hollis owns Howl at the Moon; it’s a bar in Jackson that Weres and shifters hang out at.  Now it has been overrun by a pack of rogue wolves.  Hollis heard some of the guys talking last night about an upcoming job to get the Stackhouse girl.  The name caught Hollis’ attention; he remembers Sookie from when we dated.  He wasn’t sure they were talking about you.  However, when Hollis saw Debbie walk in and start hanging on one of the guys, he was pretty sure the girl they were talking about was you,” Alcide says as he gestures towards Sookie.  “She still hates you, even though we aren’t together,” Alcide says remorsefully as his eyes close.

The light in Fintan’s hand diminishes in size and extinguishes.  Fintan and Sookie both regard Alcide silently for several minutes.  “How the hell is Debbie mixed up in this?” Sookie looks baffled.

Groaning from the effort, Alcide gingerly moves off the floor so that he can stand.  He is still hurting from the effects of Fintan’s shot, so he leans against the wall tiredly.  “She’s back on V,” he grumbles.  “She and I have been off and on for years.  She dumped me a few months ago for Cooter, the leader of the rogue Weres.  These Weres are criminals; stealing, drugs, fighting.  They have no honor, no sense of pride.  They give the rest of us a bad name!” Alcide snarls in anger.

“Why hasn’t Colonel Flood done anything about them?” Fintan sits down at the kitchen table and gestures for Alcide to sit back down.  Alcide hobbles over to the table and drops back down in his seat.  Sookie resumes her pacing around the kitchen; she is too agitated to stay still.

“Flood won’t go against them because they are too strong.  They are all doing V.  We won’t win in a fight.”

Sookie asks quietly, “When are they coming for me?”

“Tonight,” Alcide states.  His lips turn down in disgust as he continues speaking, “They know you’re with the vamp that owns Fangtasia.  They plan to attack the club as well as come here.  They have orders to bring you to Jackson.”

“Do we know that Lorena is supplying them with the blood?  How many are coming for me?  And why hasn’t Russell done anything about the Weres if they are causing so many problems?” Sookie fires off her questions rapidly.

“I dunno,” Alcide admires tiredly.

“Look at me Wolf,” Fintan commands.  When Alcide complies, Fintan continues. “If I find out you had anything to do with this, you will suffer a fate worse than death.  If you are part of this plot, I will make it my life’s mission to destroy not only you, but every other dog in your precious pack.  Do we understand one another?”  Alcide growls in anger, but nods his head once to show his understanding.

“You need to leave Alcide,” Sookie says briskly.  Before he can protest, she rushes on.  “You can’t be seen here; they’ll know you’re helping us and then come after you and your family.  I won’t be responsible for something happening to Janice or the kids.  Go home; we have more than enough here to fight whatever trash is coming.  We’ll call you when it’s over.”

Alcide slowly walks out of the kitchen.  Sookie and Fintan move out to the porch to watch him leave.  Once Alcide is in his truck and driving away from the house, Fintan asks his granddaughter a question.  “Do you think we can trust him?”

Sookie shakes her head, “No, but what choice do I have?”  She turns to stare at her grandfather.  “Come on; we have some calls to make.”


Later that evening, Ginger is standing outside Fangtasia checking IDs of the patrons entering Fangtasia.  She feels really important; usually Pam or one of the other vampires checks IDs, a human has never had this job.  Ginger is so excited, she thinks that Master and Pam have finally noticed how hard she works and they are rewarding her with this job.  Because she doesn’t want to disappoint them, she makes sure she really reads the IDs of everyone trying to get in.  She doesn’t want to let anyone underage in or worse….ugly people.  Ginger is being really selective about the people she lets in to Master’s club; she turns away more than she lets in.  The usual patrons grumble about her denying them access, but she tells them to get their skanky asses away from her vampires.  She says that this is a high-class place and they don’t need any white trash inside.  Several of the disgruntled guests look at her like she is crazy since Ginger is wearing a short denim skirt and a hot pink tube top.

A group of seven guys in motorcycle gear come up to the door.  Ginger asks them all for their IDs and cover charge.  The leader of the group supplies all the IDs and money to Ginger.  She slowly peruses the licenses, making sure they aren’t fakes.  One of the guys in the group tells her to hurry up, but she just ignores him.

“Y’all are a ways from home.  What brought you down here from Mississippi?” Ginger asks with a smile as she distributes the licenses back to the proper people.

“Business,” the leader of the group says to her.  The men all push their way inside.

Once the last man is inside, Ginger places a sign on the door that says closed due to a private event.  She stands by the door with a vacant look in her eye.

“You did real good Ginger,” Jessica says as she moves out of the shadows.  “Master will be so proud of you.”

“Do you think so?” Ginger looks hopeful. All she wants is Eric to approve of her.

“I do.  But you need to be a good girl, and go home now.  You didn’t come to work tonight; they are closed for a private event.  You stayed home all night giving yourself a manicure and pedicure.  You want to look extra pretty for the next time you see Master,” Jessica says as she holds Ginger in her glamour.

“My nails do look messy.  I should fix them so that Master will think they look nice,” Ginger says robotically.

“That’s a good girl.  Go home now, Ginger.,” Jessica releases Ginger from her glamour.  Ginger walks to her car immediately and gets in.  She pulls out of the parking lot and heads for home.

“That was impressive!” Jason says as he comes up next to Jessica.  “Wait, you ain’t ever done that mind trick thing on me has ya?” He looks horrified at the thought.

Jessica shakes her head at him with a soft smile.  “No.  Now I have to get inside.  You got everything covered out here?” She looks concerned to leave Jason alone.

Jason nods his head and pats the guns strapped to his body.  He is wearing all black; ammunition belts are draped over his chest.  He has a gun strapped to each hip.  He also has more weapons on the roof of the building that faces Fangtasia.  “I got this covered.  I ain’t letting any of those fuckers out that door.  Nobody hurts my baby sister!”

Jessica’s fangs snap down.  She is feeling the bloodlust rise up.  She kisses Jason fiercely, but quickly pulls away before she gets too caught up.  “Just make sure you don’t shoot one of us by accident,” she teases him with a wink.  She vamps in the club and Jason runs across the parking lot to get to his sniper’s position.

Inside the club, nothing looks amiss although business does look slower than normal.  The music is loud; Rammstein’s Ich Will blares from the speakers.  Thalia is dancing on one of the poles back near the bar.  She is wearing black leather pants and a tiny black leather vest.  Chow and Clancy are working the bar; both wear jeans and black t-shirts.  Eric sits on his throne; his attention on the dancer in front of him.  Several patrons are on the dance floor dancing; others are sitting at tables throughout the club sipping on drinks.

The bikers move to the bar to order drinks; beer and tequila.  Four of the bikers spread out to two of the vacant tables.  The remaining three bikers stand with their backs to the bar, their eyes scanning the crowd.

“She ain’t here,” one of the bikers whispers nervously.

“Shut up,” the leader of the group growls.  “She’s gotta be here.  The tall blond vamp is here.  They said he doesn’t let her out of his sight.”

Eric smirks on the stage.  Stupid dogs. They think the vampires can’t hear them over the music.  And they have the audacity to come to his club trying to take Sookie.  His fangs slide down in anticipation of the fight to come.  He catches Pam’s eye as she walks out of the basement.  She nods slightly in understanding, moving quickly to the bar to grab the tray of shots that Chow has prepared.  Pam takes them to the wolves sitting at the table, setting the drinks down on the black lacquer .

“We didn’t order these,” one of the guys says gruffly.

Pam smiles. “I know.  They are compliments of the women sitting over at that table,” Pam indicates a table in the corner.  Jessica waves at the guys shyly.  There’s another girl at the table, but she is in a shadow.  All you can see is that she has blonde hair.

“Uh, tell them thanks,” one of the guys says and Pam walks off with a smile.  Each guy grabs a glass and salutes the table before shooting the drinks.  They grin at each other before reaching for more.  They all think the vamps are stupid and that they have no idea what’s coming.  The guys quickly finish off the tray of shots.

The three bikers at the bar stare at their comrades in disgust; they are here to do a job, not drink.  They too notice the blonde in the corner and think it’s the woman they are here for.  The leader gestures for one of the guys to go down the hallway leading towards the bathrooms.  If the blonde bitch goes to the bathroom, they can grab her back there and slide out the back door.

After a few more songs, the blonde woman gets up from the booth and heads down the hallway to the womens’ bathroom.  The leader of the wolves sends the other guy at the bar down the hallway to make sure there is no trouble.  After ten minutes when neither the girl nor his associates are seen, the leader of the wolves calls for the other guys so that they can go.  The four wolves at the table do not respond.  The leader angrily pushes away from the bar and goes over to the two tables.  He roughly grabs one of the guys at the table, but he is unresponsive.

The lone wolf shouts, “What the fuck?” The music cuts off rapidly and utter silence descends on the bar.

“I guess their mommas never taught them that they shouldn’t take drinks from strangers in a bar.  You never know what could be in the drink,” Pam says nonchalantly from the bar.  She is leaning against the bar looking bored.  She holds her nails out in front of her, inspecting them for any chips.

“You fucking bitch! What did you do to them?”

“Silver,” Eric says from his throne.  The wolf’s eyes take on a yellow haze and the air around him begins to shimmer.  In the next instant, Eric dives at the wolf.  He snaps the bone in one of his legs, which stops the man from shifting.  The wolf howls in pain, and Eric pins him to the floor.


“I’ll never tell you fanger.  It doesn’t matter, we already got the girl.  My guys have already taken her away from here.  You won’t be able to find her,” the wolf says arrogantly.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Sookie’s voice floats through the bar.  The wolf looks up to find her lounging against the stripper pole that is in front of the stage.  She is wearing a leather corset dress, fishnet stockings, and black heels.  She waves her fingers at him teasingly.  “I’ve been up here the whole time, and you dumbasses never noticed,” she smirks.

The wolf growls in response, and Eric applies more pressure to his spinal column.  “Your friends at the table are dead.  Your friends that went down the hallway are also dead.  You’re future isn’t looking very promising,” Eric hisses.  “Now…WHO.  SENT.  YOU?” Eric shouts.

“If I talk, I’m as good as dead anyway.  You might as well kill me fanger,” the wolf states.

“As you wish,” Eric says and snaps the neck of the wolf.

Eric stands up and dusts his hands off in disgust.  He looks around the bar at all the allies that Sookie and Fintan had managed to assemble during the day.  Fintan used his connections with the local packs to get some of the stronger fighters to come out to support them.  Sookie had called Lafayette and Jesus.  They arranged for some of the more powerful members of the local coven to come out; they had been ready to cast spells if necessary.  Fintan and Sookie’s family members were in attendance; her cousin Claudette was actually the blonde in the corner with Jessica.  When Fintan called Desmond to tell him about the problem, Desmond sent his nieces, Diantha and Gladiola, two fierce Dae fighters.  Eric notified the vampires that were most loyal to him so that they could assemble at Fangtasia.  It is an impressive display of cooperation across the Supernatural races.

“Did you get anything from him?” Eric helps Sookie climb down from the platform she had danced on.

“I did.  We need to get to Jackson soon,” Sookie says.  “I need to talk to Russell.”

Eric’s cell phone starts ringing.  He pulls the phone out from his jacket pocket and looks at the caller ID.  He smirks as he hands the phone to Sookie.  “Did you forget to call someone today?”

She looks down at the caller ID.  “Oh fuck,” she mumbles.  She swipes her finger so that the call connects. “Hello Godric.”

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  2. aolani08 says:

    Lol…..I stopped what I was doing just to read the update now I’m laughing out loud and my kids are looking at me crazy

  3. gwynwyvar says:

    Hehehe. I’d feel like that was a little anti-climactic if i had been asked to be backup. However, nicely played with no bloodshed. And did the drinks really kill the weres? What about the cree headed for the farmhouse? When are they meant to meet up with each other?

    Awww, poor godric… Papa is no longer the most important man in his little girls life!

    Great chapter 🙂

    • I feel like I am so much better at writing sexual encounters than violence. I just don’t have it in me to be a violent person. That being said, we are due for a whole bunch of violence in the upcoming chapters. Shits about to get real campers….. 🙂

      I think some of your questions will be answered in the upcoming chapters, so forgive me if I don’t answer you here. But know this, Godric is still an important figure in this story.

      Thanks so much!

  4. murgatroid98 says:

    I’m sure Godric is monitoring Eric’s and Sookie’s feelings and wants to know what’s going on. Those Were’s weren’t very smart. It does almost seem that they were taken down too easily, but there was a lot of teamwork. Nicely done.

  5. theladykt says:

    Great show of all the peeps willing to cooperate and help out

  6. kleannhouse says:

    great chapter, curious to what she heard in the biker’s mind… and not calling Godric not good… looking forward to the next chapter and who might be at the farmhouse… KY

  7. That was a bit of excitement. I guess Sookie’s ‘dad’ is going to be pissed he was mistakenly excluded from the fun. Then again he would have wanted Sookie far away from the action and Sookie would have put up a hell of a fight over that! Loved the chapter, looking forward to 37!

    • Godric wouldn’t intentionally keep Sookie from a fight. He has learned over the years that he cannot keep her sheltered from everything; that would leave her unprepared to deal with her life. That being said, he isn’t happy that he wasn’t informed about the fight.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing!

  8. honulvr says:

    Well, that was easy! A little foreshadowing of Eric & Sookie’s future roles with the Vampire/Were/Witch/Fae/Dae assembly huh? I bet Auntie AP is proud of her niece and nephew uniting everyone already. I’m excited to learn what Sookie found out that she needs to call Russell right away. I hope we can have more of Godric in the mix too. I can’t help it, I love Godric and the dynamic with the three of them is so interesting in this story. I also love that Fintan is more involved in this story, that Sookie has a good solid family support system. Amazing what it can do for self-esteem, huh? Then there is the excitement about what’s up with the other new powers Sook is gonna get! At first, I had thought it was Sookie that had Alcide thrown against the wall, not Fintan, so I was all ‘Way to go Sook!’. Maybe she still will develop that one, remains to be seen huh? Anyways, there is so much fun to look forward too! I love it! Thanks for working hard on this and sharing it with us.

    • Godric is still very much an active participant in this story. I haven’t forgotten about him. We just have a lot of things we need to get to. I feel like it is all coming to a head in the next few chapters.

      The idea of family is what really drove me to write this story. What if Sookie had a family that supported her and loved her from the beginning? How would she be different? How would her life be different? That is what I am trying to explore with all of this. Of course, it helps that I get to place her in the arms of the Viking that we all love. 😀

      Sookie’s powers will keep developing. After her second experience with Eric’s blood, we know she achieve the abilities of teleportation and telekinesis. We don’t know if she developed them after the first time having Eric’s blood. When she has his blood for the third time, more powers will be revealed. In my mind, it isn’t necessarily the vampire blood that activates her power; its the fact she is with her mate.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing!

  9. msbuffy says:

    I love it when a plans comes together That was great!

  10. itskiniki says:

    Awesome chapter!

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