Chapter 35

Sookie and Eric receive word from Alcide after a week that he finally stumbled across a lead for Lorena.  His friend Hollis overheard some Weres at a bar named Howl at the Moon talking about a vamp that was willingly supplying them with vampire blood in exchange for doing work for her.

During the week between the meeting and leaving for Jackson, Sookie and Eric were busy.  The night after the meeting, the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, summoned Eric to New Orleans.  Sookie was on edge the entire time he was gone; why was the Queen summoning Eric?  Had she learned about Eric’s relationship with Sookie?  Did the Queen suspect that there were plans to overthrow her?  Eric left Pam with Sookie while he was in New Orleans.  If something were to happen to him, he would be able to communicate with Pam through their bond that she needed to escape with Sookie.

The first night that Eric was gone, Pam and Jessica came to the farmhouse where Sookie was staying.  Pam was wary of Sookie; she was the only woman of importance in Eric’s life for over a hundred years, and now she would have to share him with the Fae-hybrid.  Sookie was hesitant towards Pam; she knew that Pam was Eric’s only progeny and they had a close relationship.  Sookie did not want Pam to feel she was being pushed to the side, but at the same time, she needed to realize that Sookie wasn’t going anywhere.  Jessica felt the tension between the two women, so she was filling the air with nervous chatter.

“Sookie, you should see all the clothes Pam bought for me the other night!  I’ve never had new clothes before, and these are all so nice,” Jessica says while tugging at the hem of her shirt.

Sookie smiles at the red-headed vampire.  She did look adorable wearing her Versace t-shirt and Lucky jeans.

Sookie nods her head at Jessica. “Is that from the Versace spring collection?”

Pam raises an eyebrow at her. “What do you know about Versace?”

Sookie smiles at Pam. “I know my designers.  I prefer Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.”

Pam drops her fangs and gives Sookie a smile. “A girl after my own heart.”  Pam runs her hand lovingly down her outfit.

“That looks good on you.  Not my color though.  I think I have a pair of Louboutin’s upstairs that would go great with that.  You can have them if you want.”

Pam vamps in front of Sookie.  “Do not joke with me when it comes to shoes.”

Sookie looks at Pam solemnly and replies, “I swear on my diamond Louboutin pumps that I never joke about shoes.”

Pam grins again and puts her arm around Sookie as she leads her up the stairs.  Jessica follows after them.  Sookie leads the two vampires down the hallway and opens the door to her bedroom.

Pam stops in the doorway with her mouth hanging open.  Sookie’s bedroom is like looking at a museum for clothes.  Her bedroom was converted to a closet.  Pam moves in the room and lovingly runs her hand along the granite countertop of Sookie’s accessories cabinet.  “I think I’m in love.”

Sookie smirks, “This is just what I have here.  You should see my closet at Godric’s home.”

Pam turns to Sookie with a smile of pure joy on her face.  “Sookie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Jessica looks around the room in confusion.  “Where do you sleep?”

Sookie grins. “In the closet.”


Eric returns to Shreveport later the next evening.  He is in a violent mood.  His meeting with the queen was an absolute disaster.  In her latest quest to make money, she is forcing him to sell vampire blood.  When Eric asked if any of the other sheriffs are being required to do this, she smiled at him sweetly saying he was the only way she could trust with such a delicate matter.  Eric snorted at the memory; bullshit, she was setting him up to take the fall.

Eric storms into Fangtasia looking for Pam.  He finds her sitting on the throne.  What surprises him is that there are two additional thrones on the stage, and Jessica and Sookie are sitting up there.  Eric raises his eyebrow as he saunters to the stage.  “Good evening ladies.  This is an unexpected vision.”

And what a vision it is.  The three women are each wearing black dresses with their hair down.  Eric looks around to see all the fangbangers eyeing the stage with hunger.  The three women are unapproachable, which makes the vermin want them all the more.

“Master,” Pam greets her maker. “I hope your trip was productive.”

Eric snarls. “Not here.  We will discuss it later.”  Pam raises her eyebrow at him but nods her head respectfully again.

Sookie eyes Eric curiously.  “I’m sorry the trip was not to your liking.”

Eric shrugs slightly.  “New Orleans no longer holds the appeal it once did for me.  I find myself enjoying the comforts of home.”  He tugs Sookie out of her throne and sits down in the chair.  He pulls her on his lap, burying his nose in her hair and inhaling deeply.

Sookie shifts on his lap slowly, rubbing her backside against his groin.  He growls softly at her in warning.  She leans back so that her back is flush with Eric’s chest.  Sookie tips her head back so that she can whisper in his ear.  “Funny, I wasn’t thinking of comfort or home this evening.  I’ve been a naughty girl, Master.”  Her tongue flicks out to lick his ear.

Eric’s hands close tightly around Sookie’s arms, imprisoning her in his grasp.  “You are playing with fire, Lover.”  It had been two days since he tasted Sookie, and he was ravenous.  He had not sampled any of the donors while he was in New Orleans; none of their blood appealed to him.  Nor had he been tempted by any of their bodies, even though there were many that were willing.  All he wanted was his Sookie.

“I missed you Eric,” Sookie says quietly.  It was true, she did.  Pam and Jessica had been wonderful distractions, but Sookie felt like part of her was missing while Eric was gone.  The feeling reminded her of how amputee victims described feeling pain even though the limb was no longer there.  “Make me feel whole again,” she pleads with him.

Eric growls and vamps them to the basement.  Before Sookie realizes what is happening, he has her wrists secured to two poles with handcuffs.  He leaves the cuffs loose so that the metal does not mar her beautiful skin.  Sookie looks at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Do you trust me Lover?” Eric asks the question as he lowers the zipper on Sookie’s dress.  His fingers brush along her spine and her body jerks forward at his touch.

“You know I do,” she replies fervently.

Eric moves around so that he is looking in her eyes.  A slow, sexy grin spreads across his face.  “That’s good Lover, because tonight is time for the punishment I owe you.  After all, you’ve been a naughty girl.”  His hands lift his t-shirt over his head revealing his muscular chest and torso to her.  Sookie licks her lips in hunger and desire pools low in her body.

He vamps over to one side of the room and returns with something dangling from his fingers.  He moves closer to her. “I think you’ve seen enough for now,” and covers her eyes with a blindfold.

With her eyes covered, Sookie’s other senses try to compensate for her lack of sight.  Her ears strain to pick up the slightest sound, but she hears nothing.  Her sense of smell cannot detect Eric’s unique scent; to her, he smells like the ocean in winter.  She does not feel that sense of awareness that tingles across her skin when Eric is within touching distance.  Where has he gone?

“Eric,” Sookie calls out timidly.

A sharp sting strikes her backside on the left cheek.  Sookie gasps in surprise; the sting isn’t painful, it is more to get her attention.  A second sting strikes the right cheek, a bit harder than the first.

“Silence,” Eric commands in a deep, firm voice.  “Tell me, pet, why are you being punished?” While he demands the question, his hands lightly roam over Sookie’s body.  His touch is feather light, gentle, but arousing at the same time.  His touch causes goosebumps to break out all over Sookie’s skin, and her nipples tighten in response.   She is so focused on Eric’s touch that she does not answer his question.  He brings his hand against her backside hard, but then leaves his hand on her ass to rub circles over the spot he just struck to soothe it.  The contrast between the sensations causes Sookie to groan and her lower lips clench in desire.

“Answer me, pet, or you will not cum this night,” Eric says firmly in her ear as he removes his hands from Sookie’s body and steps away from her.  Sookie whimpers pitifully as she frantically scrambles to think of what she has done to displease Eric.  She nearly shouts in jubilation when something comes to mind.

“I covered myself in silver the night I found the thief stealing money from you,” Sookie hurriedly admits.

“Very good pet,” Eric purrs and rewards her by reaching a hand inside her dress and rubbing a finger along her panty-covered slit.  Sookie groans at the sensation and her lower body thrusts forward seeking more of his touch.

“Does that feel good, pet?” Eric whispers in her ear and steps forward so his front is flush with her back.  Several fingers glide along her slit, teasing along the edges of the material.  A finger slides under the fabric and rubs against her smooth skin.  “Does it remind you of how I pressed your body against the wall and fucked you with my fingers?  Does it remind you of how I sucked your sweetness off my hand wishing all the while it was your pussy I was sucking?”

“Yes!” Sookie cries out forcefully, Eric’s words painting vivid images in her mind, causing her to pant with desire.

Eric slides his hands up her body to cup her breasts.  He pinches her nipples painfully, but does not release them.  “Yes, what?” he asks in a clipped voice.

“Yes sir,” she gasps.  Eric’s fingers release her nipples.  They are painfully erect and throbbing.  He rips her dress off, leaving her in her underwear, thigh-highs, and heels.

He growls, “What else?”

Eager to please him, Sookie rushes through the next items.  “I taunted you in public at Merlotte’s, sir.  I also pinned you against the wall using my telekinesis, sir.”  As a reward for her quick compliance, Eric laves her nipples through her bra with his tongue.

“What else, pet?  Why were you naughty while I was gone?”  Eric blows cool air across her wet nipples, causing her lower body to clench hard.  Her thighs are rubbing together, trying to seek some relief from her arousal.  However, the lace on the top of her stockings rubbing together just inflames her arousal instead of relieving it.

“I want you frustrated, pet.  I want you aching to be fucked.  That way you will know how frustrated you have made me.  That way you will understand how my cock has suffered from your teasing attentions.  Now, I will ask again, what did you do while I was away?”  Eric asks as he moves completely away from Sookie.  He quietly removes his jeans and shoes, knowing that Sookie cannot hear him over her panting breaths.

He feels unease come through his bond with Sookie.  Eric is about to release her from the restraints thinking she is uncomfortable with their game.  Her voice is so soft when she finally speaks that even as a vampire he can barely hear it.  “I thought about having sex with Pam.  I thought about you watching as she and I pleasure each other.  I thought about the ways she and I could pleasure you.  I thought about eating Pam out while you pump into me from behind.”

Eric is speechless; of all the things Sookie could have said, he never expected that.  Her words have aroused him to the point of pain.  He had been semi-erect from all the teasing he had done, but her words push him over the edge.  He wants to bury his throbbing cock inside her slick heat, but then this would be over too quickly.  Instead, he strokes his straining cock, squeezing the head on the upstroke.  He moves closer to Sookie, so that his erection rests against her stomach.

His strokes become faster as he speaks. “You wicked, wicked girl.  Are you trying to get me to end this quickly by making me so hard all I can do is think about cumming?  Are you trying to make it so I end up forgetting about your punishment?  Because I can assure you pet, I am not ready to let you cum…yet.  I have many plans for you tonight, the first of which is seeing you covered in my cum!”  Eric’s hand moves at vamp speed over his straining cock and he shoots his release all over Sookie’s stomach and the underside of her breasts.  Eric’s cock spasms against her stomach until he has nothing left to give.

Sookie moans desperately, tugging against her restraints in her quest to seek relief.  Eric runs his fingers along Sookie’s mouth, spreading his cum against her moist, plump lips.  He steps back to look at her and growls.  “You are so fucking sexy!”  His lips crash into hers with punishing force.  Eric’s hands grasp Sookie’s hair, angling her head for his kiss.  His tongue sweeps into her mouth, dueling with her’s in an erotic dance.  He pulls back slightly and his teeth nip at her lower lip.  He then soothes it with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth.  Eric releases Sookie’s mouth and drops to his knees in front of her.  He spreads her legs and cups her bottom with his hands, holding her still for his enjoyment.

He leans up and sniffs along her panties.  His voice is a deep rumble in his chest.  “This right here is my favorite smell on earth; sweet like honey, but with a touch of spice.  And the taste…” Eric growls again and dives forward to lick along her underwear.  Frustrated by the barrier preventing him from what he wants, he rips Sookie’s underwear off exposing her smooth pussy for his eyes.  His hands grip her backside again as he licks along her folds.  Eric’s tongue caresses Sookie from the back to the front, ending by swirling around her nub.  He uses his fingers to spread her lower lips so that he can kiss, suck, and nip at the skin.

The muscles in Sookie’s legs are tense as she strains with the effort to stay standing.  She has been in a state of arousal all night waiting for Eric to return.  The two days apart had been a physical ache and she wants him desperately.  When he said he wanted to punish her, she felt both arousal and fear.  Arousal for obvious reasons, but the fear stems from allowing someone other than herself to have complete control over her.  Sookie has never relinquished control.  It is a sign of how much she trusts and loves Eric that she is willing to let him do this.  The lack of sight and touch are incredibly erotic; everything is heightened and she has been on the verge of cumming several times.  But Eric always stops short so she did not cum.  Frustration pours off Sookie as Eric continues to lap at her dripping pussy.

Eric slides a finger slowly inside her and Sookie’s walls clench around him desperately.  She tries to move her body along his finger to create friction, but he stops her by wrapping his lips around her clit and sucking.  Sookie’s moans increase in volume and she feels relief knowing she will soon cum from his ministrations.

Feeling a sense of smugness coming from Sookie, Eric pulls away from her body.  Sookie screams in frustration as she feels Eric vamp away from her.  He looks at the results of his work; her body glistens with sweat and cum, her bruised, parted lips pant for air, her beautiful breasts heave with exertion, her legs tremble.  He knows this is all new to her, so he does not want to push her too far.  The line between pain and pleasure is a fine one; if left too long, Sookie will not enjoy her release.

“Please,” Sookie whimpers.

“What was that pet?” Eric moves silently in front of Sookie.

“Please, I need to cum.  Please, fuck me…Master, please,” Sookie begs desperately.

Eric releases Sookie from her restraints instantly.  She sags once she is free and would have fallen, but his strong arms lift her up.  He wraps her legs around his waist and vamps them to the hidden bedroom in the basement.  He places her on the bed and gently pulls the blindfold from her eyes.  The light in the room is low so as not to hurt her eyes.  Sookie blinks several times as her eyes adjust to being able to see again.  Her eyes focus on Eric poised above her.

His face is towards hers, but his eyes are closed; his body frozen in place.  “Say it again,” he commands.

“Please fuck me, Master,” Sookie asks.  Eric’s eyes snap open revealing eyes darkened to near black by passion.  He pulls Sookie’s hips off the bed and sits up on his knees.  Despite Sookie’s plea, Eric slides into her slowly and gently, making sure that her body accepts his willingly.  Once he is fully sheathed, he holds still and pulls Sookie’s legs to wrap them around his waist.  He slides his arms underneath her to support her as her head and shoulders rest on the bed.

“Say it again,” he asks softly.

“Master, I’m yours,” Sookie says as she wraps her hands around his arms.

Eric visibly shudders hearing Sookie’s words.  He slides his cock half out before sliding back in.  He slides in and out with quick, shallow thrusts.  His eyes focus on her breasts as they bounce from his movements.  Sookie’s hands grasp his arms, the only part of him she can reach.  She needs something to anchor her, something to hold on to as she comes apart in his arms.  She is afraid of what will happen when she cums, because her orgasm has built for hours.  She tries to fight off the feeling.

“Don’t be afraid, Lover.  I’m right here, I won’t hurt you,” Eric tries to soothe Sookie.  Her head thrashes from side to side in denial.  Eric slides out of Sookie slowly, the head of his cock poised at her entrance.  He stills and looks down at the beautiful woman in his arms.  “I love you, Sookie.”

Sookie’s eyes fly open and Eric thrusts back in her deeply, hitting her g-spot as he sheathes himself fully.  Sookie cries out in release as her orgasm explodes.  Her body rolls against his as her release flows over him and soaks the sheets beneath her.  Her hands grip the sheets tightly as her body shudders from wave upon wave of pleasure.  Seeing Sookie finally reach her pleasure, Eric leans down to bite her breast above the cup of her bra.  He sucks greedily on the wound as he continues to pound into her until cumming for the second time that night.  He pricks his tongue on one of his fangs and heals the wound on Sookie’s breast after drawing several mouthfuls of blood.  Once he starts to soften inside her, Eric lowers her body back to the bed and collapses next to her.  He draws in deep breaths as if he had run a marathon.

Sookie rolls her head so that she can look at Eric.  “Remind me to be naughty more often.”  A bark of laughter escapes from Eric as he brushes the hair back from Sookie’s face.  She turns her head to kiss his palm.  “I love you too, Eric.”


Jessica shifts around on her throne uncomfortably.  Even though the music is loud in the bar, the sounds of Sookie’s moans can still be heard by her and the other vampires.  Jessica asks Pam nervously, “Are you sure she’s ok?”

Pam laughs at the young vampire.  With Eric being so close, Pam is able to feel everything that he is feeling.  It is intense, and it is making Pam hungry in more ways than one.  “Eric isn’t going to do anything to her that she doesn’t want.  And believe me, she wants.”  A delicious shiver dances along Pam’s spine and she moans softly.

Jessica shifts again in her seat.  She is feeling horny and hungry.  Hearing Eric and Sookie downstairs is making her need for both rise.  She looks out over the sea of people in the bar.  None of the patrons are what she wants.  Her relationship with Hoyt has fizzled out.  Hoyt was a sweet boy, but he wanted to have a normal life; married, white picket fence, 2.5 kids.  Those were all things that Jessica could no longer have.  They had parted amicably, and she heard that Hoyt’s mother was ecstatic her baby boy was no longer dating a fanger.  She’d heard that Hoyt was dating someone Mrs. Fortenberry set him up with.

Jessica is looking over the patrons again, trying to decide who would be the least repulsive for her meal.  She zeros in on a man wearing tight jeans emphasizing a luscious ass that she wanted to take a bite out of.  His shirt strains across his muscles as he leans over the bar trying to get the attention of the bartender.  His hair is brown, but has a lot of natural highlights in it from time spent in the sun.  He turns around and her jaw drops.

Jessica whispers, “Jason?”

Pam’s attention wanders to where Jessica is staring.  Pam gives Jason an appraising look.  She normally prefers women, but he does look mouthwatering.  “Friend of yours?”

“He’s Sookie’s brother,” Jessica says in shock.  She has never noticed how attractive he was before.

Pam looks thoughtfully at Jason.  “Does he smell as good as his sister?”

Jessica nods her head silently.  She wants Jason so badly her fangs ache.  However, she worries she shouldn’t act on it.  He’s Hoyt’s best friend; that could get very awkward.

Pam looks at Jessica and sees her in turmoil.  Pam decides to make the decision for her and teach her a valuable lesson at the same time.  “Come on.  You and I both need to feed; we’re going to do it together.  This is important to know how to do if there are ever a limited number of food sources around.”  Pam gets up from the throne and starts to walk down the stage.

“Wait,” Jessica says and grabs Pam’s arm.  “I don’t know if I feel comfortable with this,” she mumbles.

Pam raises an eyebrow at her.  “We’re vampires.  We feed, we fuck; it’s what we do.  You have to get over this misplaced sense of morality you have.  Besides, something tells me he wouldn’t mind,” she says as Jason arrives in front of them.

“Hey Jess,” he says with a small wave.  He nods his head at Pam, “Hi.”

“Hey Jason,” Jessica says shyly.

Pam rolls her eyes in disgust.  “Seriously?  He wants you, you want him.  Either you fuck him or I will,” Pam says with her fangs sliding down.

Jason’s eyes get wide as he looks back and forth between Pam and Jessica.  The baby vampire doesn’t move, so Pam moves towards Jason.

“Wait!” Jessica slowly walks down the stairs.  She stops in front of Jason and gives him a smile, “How about you buy us ladies a drink?”  Jason grins and bends both of his arms in offering to the women.  Each woman grabs an arm and they slowly make their way to the bar.


The next morning, Alcide pulls up to the farmhouse in Bon Temps.  He wanted to discuss in person the information he obtained in Jackson.  Sookie and Eric had agreed to travel to Jackson that night, but Alcide said it would be better if he came to Bon Temps.  He also specified that he wanted to meet during the day.  Eric was livid, thinking the wolf was trying to pull something with Sookie.  However, he agreed to the condition as long as Sookie’s grandfather was present for the meeting.

Sookie paces the porch in agitation seeing Alcide arrive at her family’s home.  In all the years they had been together, he had never come with her to Bon Temps.  He steps out of his truck and looks around the farmhouse.

“It’s a good place,” he calls out.  Sookie says nothing in return.  He walks towards her slowly and stops at the bottom of the steps.  He looks around uncomfortably, not able to meet her eyes.

“I, uh…I um…I want to say I’m sorry,” he says awkwardly.  “I was an asshole the other night, and I had no reason to be.  You didn’t deserve that,” he says sincerely as he meets her eyes with his own.

“No, I didn’t,” Sookie says simply.  “Why were you the one picked for this?”

Alcide flushes in embarrassment.  “I volunteered for it,” he mumbles.

Sookie stares at him in shock.  “Why would you volunteer for this?”

“Because I owe you,” Alcide says simply.  “You didn’t deserve for me to treat you the way I did back in Jackson.  I figure if I do this, it would be the start of making things right between us.”

Sookie stares at him shrewdly.  “You really do believe that don’t you?”

Alcide sighs and walks up the steps.  “Can I come inside and we can talk about this in there?”

Sookie opens the screen door and walks in the kitchen.  Alcide follows behind her looking around in curiosity.  “It looks homey.  This is your grandparents’ place?”

Sookie swallows the lump in her throat.  “It was.  My Gran recently passed away.  My grandfather hasn’t been staying here much since she’s gone.”

Alcide grips her shoulder in comfort. “I’m sorry, Sookie.  I know how much she meant to you.”

Sookie shrugs out of his grip.  “Thank you,” she says softly.  She moves over to the coffee maker, “You want some coffee?”  Alcide says yes and they stay in silence while the coffee brews.

Sookie pours two mugs, adds cream and sugar to both.  She sets a mug in front of Alcide and moves to the chair across from him.  “You remembered?” Alcide says appreciatively after he takes a drink.

Sookie rolls her eyes, “It’s not hard to remember you like cream and sugar, Alcide.  Most people do.  You wanted to talk, so talk.”

Alcide sighs and leans back in his chair.  “When I left the mansion that night, I ran in the woods.  I was angry; I felt you lied to me.  You know Weres and vamps don’t get along,” Alcide said disgustedly.

“Not true,” Sookie denies vehemently.  “I’ve seen plenty of Weres and vampires get along.  It’s all in how you treat each other.  So what happened in your case that you don’t like vampires?”

“Debbie,” Alcide begins but Sookie interrupts him.

“I don’t want to hear about her!” Sookie stands abruptly, nearly knocking over her chair.

“Sookie, please, just let me explain.  It all ties in together.”  Sookie crosses her arms and sits back in her chair looking defiant.  She raises an eyebrow indicating that he should hurry up with his story.

“Debbie and I were childhood sweethearts.  We were in the same pack, hell, we were initiated together.  We were really good together,” Alcide says with a nostalgic smile.  The smile fades as he continues his story.  “We both went to Ole Miss and that’s where things changed.  She got mixed up in the wrong crowd; drinking, partying, sleeping around.  Somewhere along the way, she started doing V.  We fought; I tried to get her clean, but she didn’t want help.  We would break up, but she would come crying back to me.  It was a toxic relationship.  We broke up for good the semester before I met you.  She just disappeared; no one knew where she was.”  Alcide stops his story and takes a sip of his coffee.

“And then I met you.  You were so different from Debbie, and I fell for you quickly.  I fell in love with you,” he says softly.  “But seeing you with Godric, I thought you another Debbie.”

“OK, I can see that.  But how does that justify you cheating on me with Debbie?”

“After my run in the woods, I returned to my apartment.  Debbie was waiting for me.  I don’t know how she knew where I lived.  She looked good; she looked like she did before she was on all the drugs.  She asked if she could come in and talk.  Sookie, I swear that’s all we did!” Alcide states passionately when he sees Sookie shaking in anger.

“When did you start cheating on me?” Sookie’s teeth clench and her hands fist.

Alcide’s shoulders slump in defeat, “Your last semester.  She and I talked for a while.  She knew about you; she even understood my feelings about you being involved with vampires.  She was sympathetic; friendly…it was like having my childhood friend back again.  You and I weren’t really seeing each other.  I was confused, lonely….and it just happened.  There is no excuse for what I did, and I can never apologize enough to you for what I did.”

“You son of a bitch,” Sookie exclaims, “I trusted you!  I loved you!  I NEVER betrayed you!”  She jumps up from the table and begins pacing the kitchen.

“I know!  I was stupid; I know that.  If it makes you feel any better, Debbie and I didn’t last.  She only stuck around long enough to make sure you and I broke up.  Then she disappeared again,” Alcide grumbles.

Sookie stops her pacing, “So you’re single now?”  Alcide nods his head.  “Good,” she spits out.

Alcide chuckles. “You always were spiteful.”

Sookie shrugs and grabs the coffee pot to refill their mugs.  She sets creamer and sugar on the table so they can doctor their drinks.  After she fixes her drink and takes a sip, she asks, “So what did you find out in Jackson?”

Alcide’s face settles in hard lines.  “They’re coming for you Sookie.”

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    • You’ll find out where Fintan is in the next chapter; don’t worry, he is there.

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      I’m not setting Russell up to be the bad guy. I hated Russell as the villain in the TV show, although I loved Denis O’Hare portraying him. I’m going to have Russell’s character follow the books more than the TV show.

      As for Alcide, I think he gets better as we go on in the story…at least I hope so. Debbie will be the epic bitch she was in the TV show….that won’t change. As for Lorena, I hate that ho! 🙂

      Thanks for reading and reviewing!

  9. msbuffy says:

    Oh good. I can’t imagine how difficult it might be trying to redeem Debbie Pelt or Lorena. The suspense is building. Loved Pam & Sookie bonding over the shoes! Too funny!

  10. itskiniki says:

    Excuses Excuses Alcide! There is no justification for cheaters.

  11. eqfan74 says:

    I love the story and often go back to read previous chapters. I read the story on both and wordpress depending on which site I’m on when I see an update. I noticed a discrepancy in this chap between the two sites. Pam and Jessica keep Sookie company at the farmhouse, she offers Pam some shoes and takes them to her bedroom. Pam says that she’s in love with the room and you end the section with a photo of the closet. On there are 4 additional lines of dialogue which I liked and noticed missing: Sookie – you should see my closet at Godric’s; Pam – start of beautiful friendship; Jessica – where do you sleep; Sookie – in the closet. Maybe you lost the dialogue when you added the photo.

  12. MonnaS27 says:

    Absolutely wonderful story this was. Thank you so much. brilliantly penned. loved the concept.

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