Chapter 33

Flashback to 21 year old Sookie

It is the summer after Sookie graduated from the University of Mississippi.  Part of her graduation present from Godric had been a trip to Europe.  She had traveled to Europe with Godric several times, so she spent the time traveling to the places she enjoyed the most…London…Paris…Barcelona…Zurich…and Italy.  Her last stop is Greece, more specifically, a private island off the coast.  It is the home to her aunt Catherine, the Ancient Pythoness.

Sookie had never met her Aunt Katie; they had only conversed through telephone conversations and written correspondence.  Despite that, Sookie was drawn to the elder vampire from the instant they had spoken.  It was more than just the silence of her mind; it was a sense of belonging, a connection of sorts.  Sookie didn’t really understand it, but her Aunt Katie assured her that she would understand in time. 

Over the years, the connection between the two of them grew stronger as they traded letters and later emails as technology advanced.  Her Aunt Katie called Sookie her “eternal light”, something Sookie questioned the vampire about often, but never received an answer.

Sookie arrives at the villa and pauses to take in the beauty around her.  The balmy air whispers along her skin; the sound of the ocean is heard in the distance; the smell of flowers fills the air.  Sookie smiles as she walks up the villa’s steps and knocks at the door.  Her aunt’s assistant answers the door.

“Sookie!” She cries out excitedly and grasps the younger woman in her arms.  “We didn’t expect you until next week.  Is everything all right?” 

Sookie laughs as she pulls away from the woman.  “Everything is fine, Anna!  I wanted to come a little early.”

“She wanted to avoid the overly enthusiastic Were she met in Athens,” The Ancient Pythoness’ voice floats in from the sitting room.  Sookie rolls her eyes and makes her way to her aunt. 

The Ancient Pythoness is standing in front of the settee, her arms outstretched and waiting for Sookie.  The young woman quickly walks over and embraces her tightly.  “Can’t get anything past you, can I Aunt Katie?” Sookie moves out of her aunt’s embrace and sits down on the settee.

The Ancient Pythoness smiles softly, “Be glad I wasn’t the one to raise you, Child.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten away with half the things you did.”  The Ancient Pythoness gives Sookie a knowing smile, and Sookie blushes.  Her aunt laughs in delight, “Perhaps I should tell my son some of your more daring exploits.  I do so love to get a rise out of him.  I’m sure he would love to hear about you and the Were in Mississippi.”  The older woman cackles again as she hears Sookie mumbling under her breath.

“I’m glad you find it funny,” Sookie states petulantly.  “Besides, there’s nothing to talk about anymore.”

Catherine pats Sookie’s hand gently.  “I’m sorry he hurt you, but he isn’t the one for you.  You know that.”

Sookie sighs.  “I know.  Still, I hate waiting.  How do you stand it?  The waiting is driving me mad!  Every man I meet, I wonder if he is it.”

“My dear child, when you get to be as old as I, time ceases to have the same meaning.  Do you know that the first time I saw you it was over a millennium ago?”  Sookie gasps in surprise, and her aunt continues her story.  “I have waited a long time to see you born, my eternal light.  I have waited hundreds of years to see the joy you will bring to this world.  You and your mate will do wonderful things for humans and Supes alike.”

Sookie looks at her aunt in astonishment.  “Why me?  What is so special about me that you see these things?”

The Ancient Pythoness smiles at Sookie and pats her hand again.  “You are the light to which all supernaturals are drawn to.  Your gifts will be used time and again to improve the relationship between humans and supernaturals.  What you are doing now is only the beginning.  Once you meet your mate, your powers will only grow.  Together, you will be unstoppable.”

Sookie looks at her aunt skeptically. “But?”

“It will not be an easy road; there will be hardships and loss.  But as long as you stay together, as long as you trust in each other, you and your mate will come out on top.” 

“Will you tell me everything?” Sookie needs reassurance. It is a daunting prospect to hear you are the one to change the course of the world.

Her aunt nods.  “The only thing I will not tell you is who your mate is.  You’re not ready to meet him, and if you seek him out early, you could change the path set before you.” 

End flashback


Sookie opens her eyes to find herself wrapped tightly in the arms of her vampire.  She had fallen asleep before Eric returned the night before.  She was anxious for Jessica; she didn’t know the red-headed vampire well, but she did like her.  She felt sorry for the girl because she felt like Jessica was given a raw deal.

Sookie wiggles her way out of Eric’s arms and moves to the bathroom to begin her morning ritual.  She comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and looks around.  Shit!  She realizes she doesn’t have any other clothes here.  She doesn’t want to wear last night’s dress ever again.  She really wishes she had brought some clothes with her.  She closes her eyes and can see in her mind the exact outfit she wants to wear.  Sookie feels a strange sensation overtake her.  When she opens her eyes, she realizes she is in the bedroom of her grandparents’ house.

“Holy shit!!!!!” She screams out in terror.

Fintan comes running up the stairs with his sword drawn.  He skids to a stop when he sees his granddaughter.  “Sookie, what are you doing here?  I thought you were with Eric.”

Sookie turns to him wide-eyed.  “Grandpa, I don’t know how I got here.  One minute I was standing in Eric’s bedroom, and the next minute I’m here.  How did I get here?” She is in a panic over what just happened.

Fintan crosses the room and forces Sookie to sit on her bed.  “What’s the last thing you were thinking about before you got here?”

“I was thinking I didn’t want to wear the dress I wore to the funeral.  I was thinking about the outfit I really wanted to wear and I could see it in my mind.  I open my eyes and here I am.  Did I just teleport?” she asks incredulously.

Fintan nods his head.  “Yes, baby girl, I think you did.  I guess we just never thought you would have any other powers.  Most Fae get their powers at 21…I wonder if because you are part human it took longer for your powers to appear.”  Fintan is thoughtful as he regards his granddaughter.  “Is there anything else you can do?”

Sookie looks exasperated at her grandfather.  “How should I know?!?!?!  What else do you think I could have?”  Sookie begins pacing the room.  Her mind is preoccupied with this latest development.  She stops in mid-stride as she remembers the words her aunt spoke long ago.

Once you meet your mate, your powers will only grow. 

“Sonofabitch!” Sookie exclaims.


Eric’s eyes snap open and he searches the room for Sookie.  He finds her sitting in a chair near the fireplace staring off into space.

“Why are you so far away, Lover?  Come back to bed,” Eric says with a leer.

Sookie’s focus slowly returns.  She smiles at him and then disappears from sight.  Eric’s head whips around in panic before he hears a popping noise.  Sookie appears in the bed next to him.  “Guess what I learned to do today,” she teases.

Eric pins her to the bed and hovers over her.  “I take it you have not always had this ability.”  He leans his head down and inhales her scent.  She smells more like a fairy today.  His fangs throb with hunger and slide down.

“Nope,” she says popping the p.  “Whenever I’ve teleported before it was usually with my grandfather or great-grandfather.  But it’s not the only thing I learned today.”

Before Eric can ask, he finds himself pinned to the wall and unable to move.  He struggles against the invisible hold with all his might, but he cannot break free.  “What have you done to me?” He snarls in frustration.  The only part of his body he is able to move is his head.

“In addition to the telepathy and teleportation, I am now telekinetic.  I can move things with my mind.”  As a further demonstration, Sookie raises Eric’s arms over his head.

“Sookie.  Let.  Me.  Go.”  Eric demands.  When he gets his hands on her, she will learn not to fuck with a thousand-year old vampire.  He can already envision the ways he will teach this lesson to her, and his cock begins to harden at the thought.

Sookie lifts an eyebrow at Eric.  She slides from the bed and stalks towards her helpless vampire.  “Now, why would I want to do that?  For once, I have you at my mercy.  I must say, the thought is very arousing.”  Sookie licks her lips in appreciation, enjoying his magnificent body on display for her.

“Lover you do not want to play this game with me.  It will only backfire on you,” Eric warns.  In truth, the thought of Sookie dominating him arouses him too.  The only one that has ever been in total control of his body was Godric, and his maker had never taken advantage of him that way.

“Hush,” Sookie admonishes.  She stands near Eric and kisses along his jaw line.  “We don’t have a lot of time.  Let me take care of you,” she whispers against his skin and flicks her tongue out to taste his skin.

Sookie trails kisses along Eric’s chest heading for his nipples.  She circles the rosy bud with her tongue before blowing cool air on it. Once the bud hardens, she sucks it in her mouth.

Eric moans at her ministrations.  “Bite a little,” he asks and moans again when she complies.  She repeats her actions on his other nipple and he growls in frustration.

Sookie’s hands move down to his cock and squeeze gently.  She is enjoying the heady feeling of having Eric totally at her mercy.  Her panties are soaked with her arousal, but this isn’t about her.  She wants to pleasure him; she wants him to totally lose control.  She moves one hand inside her panties to coat her finger with her juices.  She pulls her hand back out and uses her wet hand to glide smoothly up and down Eric’s hardened cock.  Her other hand reaches down to cup his balls.

“Sookie,” Eric groans.  He feels the beast inside him coming closer to the surface.  Every instinct is telling him to sink his fangs in the woman before him.  He wants to bite her, drink her blood, and fuck her into submission.  He bangs his head against the wall in frustration.

Sookie kisses her way down his chest to his abs, her tongue tracing along the clearly defined oblique muscles.  She nips gently at the v leading down to his impressive erection.  Her tongue licks from his belly button down to his pubic bone.  She drops to her knees in front of Eric and looks at his cock resting in her hand.  She licks her lips in hunger and leans forward to suck the tip between her lips.

“Fuck!” Eric cries out.  His eyes lock on Sookie as she pleasures him with her hands and mouth.  Her eyes are closed as she sucks gently on the head of his cock.  The rest of his cock is caressed by her right hand as her left rests against his thigh to steady her.  She opens her eyes slowly to look at him and he sucks in a breath as he sees the pure lust in them.

Sookie releases Eric’s cock from her mouth, but she slides her tongue along the underside of his length all the way back to his balls. She tongues each one before drawing one in her mouth, sucking lightly before releasing it and doing the same to the other.  Sookie releases the other testicle from her mouth and begins placing open-mouthed kisses along the top of his erection.  When she reaches the tip, she places a kiss against the slit, her tongue sneaking out to taste the tiny bead of fluid gathered on the tip.  She moans appreciatively before opening her mouth to slide down as much of his length as she can.  Sookie moans again and pulls back slowly, her teeth scraping lightly against his skin.

“Fuck, again!” Eric demands.  He is on sensory overload; the wetness of her saliva contrasts sharply with the warmth of her mouth, her hands soft as silk against the hardness of his erection.  He needs to cum; he needs the release so that he can get himself under control.  Eric is afraid he will unintentionally hurt her once he is free.  Never before has someone tested his control like Sookie.

Sookie is only too happy to oblige Eric.  She knows he is close to his release so she ups her game.  Relaxing the muscles in her throat, she slides her mouth as far down Eric’s cock as she can, swallowing when he hits the back of her throat so she can take more of him inside her.  At the same time, she presses her finger to the spot she knows from other people’s thoughts that is guaranteed to give a man pleasure every time.

“SOOKIE!!!” Eric’s roar is deafening as he releases in her mouth.  Sookie pulls back so she can greedily suck all of his juices down her throat. She moans at the taste of him, slightly salty, but sweet at the same time.  Her moans cause Eric to keep twitching in her mouth, shooting stream after stream of his cum inside her.  He sags against the wall when his orgasm is over.  Sookie continues to lick and suck his cock cleaning Eric’s release from him.  When she feels him softening in her mouth she pulls completely back.  She wipes a finger along the corners of her mouth to make sure she didn’t miss a drop.  She sucks her finger into her mouth and hums in delight.  She stands up and brushes her lips along his neck.

Eric’s eyes snap open and he realizes Sookie is no longer holding him in place.  He quickly picks her up and crushes her lips in a savage kiss.  Before Sookie can really respond, she finds herself leaning over the bed.  Her clothes are ripped off by the impatient vampire.  Her feet are shoulder width apart; her arms hold her up on the bed.  She looks back over her shoulder, her eyes widen slightly in fear when she sees the cold look on Eric’s face.

“Eric, I…” she begins but he cuts her off.

“Silence, Miss Stackhouse.  I’ve warned you before that you would be punished for disobeying me,” Eric says in a controlled voice.  Sookie stiffens at Eric’s words.  Seeing her reaction, Eric softens his expression and runs his hand along her spine.  “Relax Lover.  If you don’t like this, we won’t do it again.  Just try for me.”

Sookie nods her head, and turns to look forward again.  Eric’s hand glides softly down her spine over the curve of her backside.  His touch is soothing and arousing at the same time as his fingers turn slightly to glide along her lower lips.  Sookie moves her hips back seeking more friction.  Eric’s hand moves away from her body and comes down on her right cheek in a hard smack.

“Ahhh,” Sookie cries out.  The sting of the slap contrasts sharply with the cooling, soothing motion of Eric’s hand over her skin.  Eric glides his hand over her left cheek; his touch gentle and his fingers dip inside her lower folds to glide along her wetness.  A second slap rings out against her left cheek.

“Fuck!” she cries out raggedly.

“How does it feel Lover?” Eric purrs in her ear.  “How does it feel to be completely at my mercy?  Your body is no longer yours to command, but mine to do with as I see fit.”  Eric fits his body against Sookie’s; his cock cradled against her glorious ass, his hands moving underneath to cup her mound.  He moans in delight when he feels how wet she is.  “You like it, don’t you Lover?  Tell me what you want, and it’s yours,” Eric nibbles on her earlobe and moves to suck the skin just beneath her ear, knowing it drives her wild.

“Whatever you want,” Sookie gasps.  “I’m yours.”

“MINE!” Eric growls.  He pulls back and lines up so that he can slide in her wet heat.  They both groan as she stretches around him to accommodate his size.  He holds still when he is all the way inside.  He doesn’t want to hurt her with his size, but this isn’t going to be gentle; it’s going to be a hard, fast fuck.  Eric pulls back so that he is almost all the way out before he pushes back in forcefully, his hips slamming into her ass.

“Again!” Sookie screams in pleasure.  That’s all the invitation Eric needs to start moving faster and faster.  Their pace is frantic; the sounds coming from both are animalistic.  Eric bites his wrist and brings it to Sookie’s face.  She latches on without a thought and moans deeply.  Eric sinks his fangs in her neck and they both explode with their release.  Sookie releases Eric’s wrist when the wound closes and collapses on the bed in exhaustion.  Eric releases Sookie’s neck, the wounds closing as his blood moves through her body healing her.  Eric leans his head against her spine for a few seconds, his weight braced on his arms.

With a sigh, Eric regretfully stands up.  He glances at the clock.  Almost two hours have passed since he woke.  They were to meet everyone a half hour after first dark.  They are definitely late.  “Lover, we need to hurry.  We are late.”

Sookie rolls over and looks at him with amusement.  “And whose fault is that?”

He leans down to kiss her lips. “Yours.  Now get dressed.”    He looks at the shredded clothes beside the bed.  He almost looks embarrassed as he says, “I hope you brought extra clothing.”

Sookie laughs at him as she pops up from the bed.  Her legs are a bit unsteady, but she leans up to kiss his lips.  “Don’t worry about it, Cowboy.  I got this covered.”  Sookie pops away and returns a few minutes later completely dressed.  She finds Eric already dressed.

“Well that’s going to be a handy trick,” he smirks.

Sookie rolls her eyes at him.  At the rate Eric is going, she’ll be out of clothes in a week.


Sookie and Eric arrive to find everyone already gathered.  The Ancient Pythoness asked Godric, Russell Edgington, Fintan, and Niall Brigant to sit in on the meeting tonight.  Sookie has the grace to blush when she realizes that everyone knows what held her and Eric up.  Eric smirks as he escorts Sookie to her seat.  Eric sits between Sookie and his maker.

“How many exchanges have the two of you made?” The Ancient Pythoness demands as soon as everyone is settled.


The Ancient Pythoness nods her head.  “Good.  You need to make the third exchange soon.  It will help protect Sookie from what lies ahead.”

Fintan demands, “What does lie ahead?”

The Ancient Pythoness is reluctant to answer.  “There are those that wish to imprison Sookie for her telepathy and her blood.”

“Who? I will destroy any that seek to harm a member of the Brigant family,” Niall proclaims.

Eric glares at the Fae Prince.  “With all due respect, Sookie is my bonded and my mate.  I will protect her!”

Before Niall can respond, The Ancient Pythoness bangs her hand on the table, causing a crack to splinter along the length of the table.  “Silence!  You must all work together to keep Sookie safe.  She needs all of you to fight what is to come.”

Sookie stands from her seat and begins pacing the room.  “Aunt Katie, you need to explain everything to them.  It’s time they all know.  So far, you’ve only given them pieces of the puzzle.  They need to see everything.”

“Are you sure?  It could affect how things turn out,” the Ancient Pythoness cautions.

“The stage is already set.  Sophie-Anne has already made her move,” Sookie replies quietly.

The Ancient Pythoness defers to the judgment of her young relative.  “I first had visions of a world in which humans and supernaturals live together in harmony more than two millennium ago.  In these visions, I saw a beautiful woman who would act as a bridge between the two worlds; supernaturals would be drawn to her because of the light inside her.  It’s beautiful and pure; she seeks the truth in all things.  Humans would see her as one of their own so they would not fear her.”

The Ancient Pythoness turns towards Sookie and speaks lovingly to her.  “I knew the woman would be born of my Fae bloodline.  But I also knew she would need those of my vampire bloodline to survive.”  Catherine turns her attention to Godric, “My son, I turned you knowing that you would be the father that Sookie would need.  And I sent you to find Eric because I knew he was to be Sookie’s mate.”

“Why did you keep me from Sookie?” Eric questions the seer.  He does not like that he has been a pawn in someone else’s chess game.

“If the two of you met too soon, you may not have developed the relationship you have today.  If you had met her as a child, you may have resented the attention Godric bestowed on her.  If you met her as a teenager or even as a young woman, you may have seen her as disposable.  By meeting her when you did, Sookie was a confident, intelligent woman who was more than a match for you.  Are you not pleased with results?” the Ancient Pythoness smirks at her grand-sire.

“You say that Sookie will unite humans and supernaturals.  But how will she unite supernaturals?  Not all species are exactly friendly with one another,” Niall asks his sister.

“Brother, she already has united supernaturals,” Catherine says to her brother as if he were dense.  “She is part-Fae, and yet she is the daughter and mate of two very powerful vampires.  She is an asset of the Authority.  She is respected by the Dae and Were communities for her fairness and impartiality in business matters.  She will continue to do what she has done just on a larger scale,” Catherine says cryptically.

“What larger scale?” Russell asks.

“Changes are coming about in the structure of how we as supernaturals conduct ourselves.  We can no longer stay secret.  There are those in power who have willingly changed with the times, but there are those in power that refuse to adjust to the new way of things.  Those that are unwilling to change will be eliminated and replaced by those receptive to the new way of doing things,” The Ancient Pythoness explains.

“And what does this have to do with Sookie?” Fintan looks at his beautiful granddaughter with pain in his eyes.  All he wanted was for her was to live a happy life, but it seems that is too much to hope for.

“Fintan,” the Ancient Pythoness says gently, “there is nothing you could have done to prevent this.  We all have our roles to play in this.  Sookie’s role will just be larger than most.  There are many ways we could have ended up here, but all the paths I saw led to this same outcome.  At least this pathway has prevented Sookie from experiencing a lot of pain and suffering.”

“Granddaddy,” Sookie says gently moving to Fintan’s side, “I know what happened to Hadley.  She became a pet of Sophie-Anne Leclerq’s while attending Tulane.  She was her favorite pet actually.  One of the other vampires in Sophie-Anne’s court drained Hadley, and Sophie-Anne turned her.”  Tears fall from Sookie’s eyes as she watches her grandfather weep.  “I’m so sorry, Granddaddy.  I didn’t know until a few days ago,” she cries as she reaches up to hug him tightly to her.  Both of them weep quietly for a few moments.  Niall rises to place his hand on his son’s shoulder in comfort.

“I will have revenge for my family; this is a blood offense against the Brigants,” Niall states harshly.

“I’m afraid there’s more to the story,” Godric says softly.  He gestures for Eric to speak.

Eric pulls the folder out of his jacket, and slides it across the table.  “I found this last evening while I was at the home of Bill Compton.  He’s disappeared from my area; I do not know what has happened to him.  I do know that he was sent to my area as part of his punishment for draining Hadley.”  Eric glances at the Brigant family with sorrow in his eyes.  “Forgive me, I did not know she was part of the family or I would have made mention of this sooner.”

Niall picks up the folder and begins flipping through its contents.  His face flushes in anger as he reads through the folder.  “He has been spying on my family?  To what end?”

Eric looks uncomfortably at the Fae Prince.  He knows Niall has a devilish temper and he does not wish to be on the receiving end of that temper.  “Bill’s position in Sophie-Anne’s court was a procurer.  He would acquire whatever she wanted…jewels…business…people,” Eric said quietly.

Niall’s eyes close to mere slits.  “He was sent to procure more Fae blood for the queen?  Sookie?”  The air around Niall begins to vibrate with energy and a bright light radiates from his body.

“Father, please,” Fintan begs, “it is not their fault.”  The magic slowly fades from Niall’s body as he brings his emotions under control.  “How did Sophie-Anne find out that Hadley and Sookie are part Fae?  And why not go after Jason?” Fintan asks once the danger has passed.

“Hadley,” Sookie answers.  “I’m sure she told stories of her family.  I’m sure she shared stories about my telepathy.  Jason would not have interested the queen because he does not have any powers.  There are not that many Supernatural races that include telepathy among their powers.  I’m sure Sophie-Anne ruled out Dae since Hadley’s blood didn’t repulse her.  The only choice left was Fae.”

Russell asks, “So where does this leave us?”

The Ancient Pythoness replies, “Brother, I know you wish to attack Sophie-Anne, but you cannot.  It would ignite a war between vampires and Fae.  Ideally, she will be brought before the Supernatural Council for crimes against the royal house of the Fae.  She will also be tried for illegally procuring humans and forcing them into roles as slaves.  Eric, however, cannot disobey his queen; it would be an act of treason.”

“Not if Sophie-Anne were to attack my bonded mate,” Eric replies with a savage smile on his face.

“Exactly,” The Ancient Pythoness smiles in return.  “Russell, would you be willing to give asylum to Eric and Sookie if things do not go well here?”

“Of course; it would be an honor,” he says with a wink to Sookie.  “Think of all the fun we could have again, Peaches!” He claps his hands together in delight.

Sookie rolls her eyes, “Russell, something tells me we need to introduce you to Pam.  I think you would find shopping with her much more enjoyable than with me.  Besides, I hate being your Barbie doll!”

Russell chuckles, but turns his attention to Eric.  He smirks at the younger vampire seeing he is jealous.  “You’re going to have to control yourself better when it comes to Sookie.  She has many friends and we all adore her.  You can’t be jealous of all of us.”  Russell turns his attention back to Sookie.  “If you want to search for Mr. Compton, I believe you will want to start in Mississippi.  His crazy maker, Lorena, has recently moved to my state.  She gave me some sob story about wanting to be closer to her progeny, but said she didn’t want to live under Sophie-Anne, which I can totally understand.  She is living somewhere in Jackson I believe.  She’s crazy, Peaches, so don’t go after her alone,” Russell cautions.

“Don’t worry; I’ve already had a run in with her in Dallas.  I have no wish to go up against her alone,” Sookie states emphatically.

“Still, I would feel better if you were also protected during the daytime.  I believe I have just the person for the job,” Russell whips out his cellphone and asks someone to enter the room.  A few moments later the door opens.

“Hello Sookie,” a gruff voice says from the doorway.

Oh, fuck! Sookie turns around and greets the guest coolly. “Hello Alcide.”

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  1. aolani08 says:

    Too funny “Hello Sookie” now the real fun begins. I am loving this story

  2. kleannhouse says:

    great chapter, the fuck a thon was awesome,,, and i am assuming the Were she left in Mississippi was Alcide and this is gonna be fun…. Eric is gonna be pissed once he finds out… KY

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. I also post on, and I fully intend to get a lot of hateful reviews this weekend about this chapter. It seems every time I post something sexual, and with even a hint of BDSM, the morality brigade sends me a ton of anonymous reviews.

      Oh I can’t wait to write the Alcide/Eric interactions. It will be epic! 🙂

  3. theladykt says:

    Oooh the plot thickens. I love your Russell. More like book Russell and not psychopath r. Hmmm accede was the were before she went to the apartment in Greece?

  4. sheetse says:

    Yeah, I can see Eric going nuts with Alcide as Sookie’s guard. If I’ve put those pieces together correctly Alcide is the old flame and there is difficult history. Antie Kate didn’t say shit about that little snafu!

  5. murgatroid98 says:

    Uh-oh. Since Alcide and Sookie have a history, Eric’s jealousy is gonna soar. This should be interesting. I wonder why things didn’t work out for Sookie and Alcide, other than he is not her mate. A lunatic named Debbie perhaps? I’m glad Sookie has such a huge support group. I love that Russell is a friend and did not (I hope) kill Eric’s family, because I really like him. Yeah, he and Pam should have fun together. Have I mentioned that I love this story?

    • Eric is so not going to like having Alcide around. I can’t wait to start writing these interactions. 🙂

      I plan on doing at least one flashback to Sookie and Alcide’s relationship while she was at Ole Miss. I really am looking forward to having so much fun with this.

      There will be no Eric/Russell controversy in this story. I hated that arc in the show….

      I have gotten the feeling along the way that you love this story. And I really do appreciate it! It means a lot to know this story means so much to so many people across the globe. As always, thanks for reading and reviewing!

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    I’m so excited for more.

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    Daang this was great, as always. I cannot wait to see Eric go all territorial on Sookie when he finds out about Alcide. Possessive Eric is always a yummy treat. 😀

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    Things are really moving now! Sookie can pop, and she’s surrounded by people who live and protect her. I’m glad they know the Prophecy now. Poor Alcide – he’s no match for a jealous Eric.

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  11. itskiniki says:

    Leave it to Russell to stir up drama! lol

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