Chapter 3

The first lesson Godric taught his children was to master their emotions. Emotions weaken you; a vampire is to think rationally and analytically. Emotions are usually what lead to a vampire meeting their True Death. But this lesson completely flies out the window in the face of Fintan’s declaration. Godric is dumbfounded. His face shows his disbelief; his eyes wildly search Fintan’s face for some sign of a jest. Godric has never heard of anything so absurd; a vampire raising a child, even worse, a Fae child. The idea is so ludicrous that Godric cannot even articulate a response.

Fintan seems oblivious to Godric’s turmoil. “If you take Sookie to Dallas, she will be safe from an attack by Breandan or his followers. Your age and reputation are far-reaching. They will not be willing to start a war with you, because they know you have allies from all over the world, not just vampires. Sookie will have a normal childhood.”

The last statement of Fintan’s finally breaks Godric’s silence. “A normal childhood? A NORMAL childhood?! How can a child have a normal childhood raised by a vampire? How will she attend school? How will she play outside? How will she even be cared for during the day? In case you have forgotten, I tend to burn in the sun. I cannot expect her to adapt to a nocturnal schedule. As a member of the Sky Fae, and a royal member at that, she needs to be in the sun to have access to her powers. What you are suggesting is preposterous!” Godric fumes as he paces the yard.

Fintan smiles softly at Godric. “You have to look at the bigger picture. If you raise Sookie, it will be a sign that she is protected by both the Fae and Vampire races. She will have the opportunity to master her telepathy, learning to control it and not letting it control her. She cannot hear vampire thoughts; you are silent to her; everyone else she is able to ‘hear’. She is able to hear humans the easiest; other Supes are harder for her, but being able to touch them makes their thoughts clearer to her. Attending school with other humans is not an option for her. As for caring for her during the day, I’m sure you can find a governess or housekeeper to aid you.”

Godric snarls at Fintan. “And what about her scent, Fintan? Once other vampires smell her, they will want to taste her. You know as well as I that Fae blood is like ambrosia to a vampire.” Godric’s fangs snap into place as he remembers the occasions where he has consumed Fae blood, and his eyes roll back in his head in pleasure.

A ball of light begins to form in Fintan’s hand. “Control your bloodlust, Vampire. You will not be sampling any Fae blood this night.”

Godric’s fangs snap back in place. His face settles in a mask of indifference. “I am merely reminding you of how a vampire reacts to Fae blood. I know how to control myself, which is obviously demonstrated by the fact that you are still a participant in this conversation. However, not all of my kind can control themselves. Bringing her to my nest would be foolish.”

Fintan’s hand ceases to glow. He regards Godric with ill-concealed disgust. “I should have known that a vampire would not keep their word. I should have let you die all those years ago.”

Godric is instantly in front of Fintan, grabbing him by the throat and squeezing. “I did not say I would not keep my word. I merely believe there is a better option than this.”

Fintan remains calm. “Do you think I want to see my granddaughter raised by you? She’s just lost her parents; she should be surrounded by those that love her and will mourn with her. She should be allowed to play in the woods with her brother…spend time in the kitchen with her grandmother baking cookies…settle into her bed at night as I tell her the stories of my people. But that isn’t an option any longer. Sookie is in danger, and this is the only way I can see to protect her, to give her the chance to be who she is destined to be.”

Godric releases Fintan, and resumes his pacing of the yard. Fintan massages his throat with one hand, chuckling at Godric. “Besides, SHE is the one who told me this was my only option.”

Godric stops his pacing. Fintan’s last statement is the icing on the proverbial cake. Godric drops his shoulders in defeat, knowing that nothing he says will change the outcome of this situation. He sighs wearily, “What exactly did my maker tell you?”

Fintan chuckles again. “She said that the key to Sookie’s survival rested with you. She said that with you, Sookie will reach her full potential.”

“And did my maker say how I am to do this?” Godric resigns himself to the situation he now finds himself in.

Fintan shakes his head no. “You know how The Ancient Pythoness is. She only tells you the information she feels you need to know. I sometimes think she takes great joy in only giving us part of the story. After all, she never told me why it was important to save you on that battlefield all those years ago. She merely said that saving you would be beneficial to me in the future.”

Godric raises an eyebrow at Fintan, disbelief clear in his voice, “You saved me because of my maker’s suggestion?”

Fintan smiles at Godric and turns to make his way into the house. Once he reaches the top of the stairs, he turns to say over his shoulder, “No. I saved you that day because my aunt asked me to save her child for her. She also said to tell you Οικογένεια.” Fintan moves in the house, leaving the door open for Godric as he invites him inside.

Godric appears in the kitchen to find Fintan sitting down at the table. “Your aunt?” Godric is incredulous. All of these years, his maker has never mentioned any family to him. Furthermore, very few people know who his maker is. She had commanded him long ago to never speak of her as his maker unless he heard their code word.

Fintan gestures for Godric to have a seat. Once Godric sits across from him, Fintan continues. “Your maker, The Ancient Pythoness, was and still is the sister of my father, Niall Brigant, Prince of the Sky Fae. Neither one of them have ever spoken of how she came to be a vampire. All I know is that they both work together to keep the peace between our races. She was most adamant that Sookie survive.”

Godric turns his head towards the windows. “The sun will be rising soon. I must get to a secure location to rest.” He turns to look back at Fintan who is studying him carefully. “I will take Sookie with me to Dallas tomorrow night.” Fintan’s shoulders slump as he feels a great weight being lifted. Fresh tears fall from his eyes; tears of happiness that his beloved granddaughter will be taken care of, tears of sorrow because she will be taken from them. It is a bittersweet feeling.

Godric rises. “I need to make arrangements. I will return tomorrow night for Sookie. Will she be safe here for the day?”

Fintan nods his head. “As I said, Niall has arranged Were and Dae guards for us. Today, Adele and I are arranging the funeral for Corbett and Michelle. Sookie and her brother will be with us all day.”

“I will see you tonight then,” Godric says before vamping out the door.

Οικογένεια according to Google translator means family, clan, or kin.


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10 Responses to Chapter 3

  1. kleannhouse says:

    damn, so you made a Maker connection, cool, and you are using it against him… KY

  2. theladykt says:

    Ah the AP meddling again. Gotta love her cryptic crap. Always wonder why we never saw her again in the books after Rhodes. Ah well CH lacked in a lot of ways.

  3. vamplover669 says:

    Damn that’s a hell of a family tree! I’m very curious to see if Sookie gains many powers as she gets older will Godric teach her to fight?

  4. itskiniki says:

    This just keeps getting better!

  5. leti0709 says:

    Loving this so far!! Thanks for writing.


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