Chapter 29

Sookie wakes to a ringing in her ears.  When she screamed for everyone to get down, only the supernatural beings in the club could hear her.  It is the humans that suffer the greatest casualties.  Sookie tries to sit up to find out what is happening, but she cannot move.  She feels like she was thrown against a brick wall and in a way she was; she is between Godric and Eric.  The two of them had shielded her from the blast, with Godric being underneath her and Eric on top.

From her place between the two of them, she is able to see a giant hole where the entrance to The Red Room had been.  Flames are scattered around the club as rubble from the explosion smolders on the floor.  The scorched walls are riddled with bullet holes and blood splatter.  Body parts, both human and vampire, are scattered across the floor.  Speakers and lighting hang precariously from the ceiling.

Through the hole created by the explosion, Sookie is able to see a white van with gunmen standing in front of it.  From their thoughts she can tell they are some of the extremist Light of Day soldiers.  They are armed with semiautomatic weapons containing both silver and wooden bullets.  When they run out of ammunition, they scramble back in the van and flee.  The lack of gunfire allows for some of the uninjured vampires and Weres that had shifted to jump through the opening and give chase.

Through the ringing, Sookie is now able to hear the screams of the injured in addition to hearing the screams of agony in their minds.  She tries to wiggle her way out from between her vampire shields, but Godric’s hands on her waist stop her.

“Sookie, are you hurt?”  Godric does not smell her blood in the air, but that does not mean she is injury free.

She shakes her head weakly.  “I’m fine, but I think Eric is unconscious.  His brain isn’t giving off the usual vibes I feel when he is awake.”

Godric slides himself out from under Sookie, hissing in pain as debris cuts his skin.  He clears debris from an area of the floor so he can move Eric’s body to it.  Sookie climbs over to Eric to begin inspecting his body.  She sees two bullet holes in his chest; one is near his right shoulder, the other is just above his heart.  Sookie’s own heart nearly stops when she realizes just how close she had come to losing Eric.

Godric leans down to his child’s chest and sniffs.  He frowns as he pulls back. “There are silver bullets inside him.  We need to get them out quickly or he could get silver poisoning.  His body cannot heal with the bullets still inside.”

“How do we get them out?”

“We could cut them out, but given the location of the one bullet, I am hesitant to do that.  The other option is to suck them out.  They are not that deep in, so it shouldn’t take much for them to come out.”  Godric looks at her expectantly.  Of course, she has to suck the bullets out since they are silver.

Sookie straddles Eric’s waist, and leans down to his chest.  She puts her lips to the wound closest to his heart and begins sucking.  His blood has a slightly metallic taste to it this time because of the bullet.  After the fourth pull on the wound, the bullet pops into her mouth.  She sits up and spits the bullet out to the side.  She shifts forward a bit to reach the wound on his shoulder.  She puts her mouth to the wound and begins sucking.  This bullet is deeper in Eric’s body.  As she draws on the wound for the sixth time, she feels Eric’s brain buzz to life and his arms come around her.  She pulls on the wound again and feels the bullet pop into her mouth.  She sits up with the bullet between her teeth.  She slides her body back along his torso and can feel another part of him that has woken up.  She takes the bullet from her teeth with her left hand.

Eric looks up at Sookie with hooded eyes.  His erection is pressing against her backside.  She has his blood dribbling down her chin and neck to her breasts.  He sits up quickly, threads his hands through her tumbled curls, and kisses her passionately.

A throat clearing forces Eric to pull back from Sookie’s lips.  Godric is looking down at the two of them with an amused expression on his face.  Eric grins up at Godric without shame as Sookie blushes and buries her face in Eric’s neck.

“Come now children, there are people here that need our help,” Godric says in a somber voice.  He holds a hand out to Sookie, and she rises from Eric’s arms.  Eric vamps up to his full height and pulls his shredded jacket off.  He and Godric start sifting through the rubble looking for survivors.  Sookie grabs a fire extinguisher and works on putting out the smoldering piles of rubble.  Other survivors also work to free those still trapped inside.

“Have either of you seen Jason?  What about Stan or Isabel?” Sookie asks the question as Eric and Godric lift a piece of sheet rock that is lying on top of an injured vampire.  The vampire’s leg is badly burned and he looks to be missing some of his fingers.  The vampire had been shielding his human companion from the blast, and she looks to be ok.  The human offers her blood to the vampire, and Godric supervises to make sure the injured vampire does not take too much.

“Sook!”  Jason comes running in the room and pulls his sister in a tight embrace.

Stan Davis vamps over to the group.  He is covered in carnage, but does not seem injured.  “Please tell me someone got the fuckers that did this!” He growls with his fangs out.

Godric replies, “Your Majesty, I know some vampires and Weres took off after the attackers.  I do not know what has happened beyond that.”

Rescue crews from several local fire departments arrive on the scene.  Injured humans are ushered to the waiting ambulances to receive treatment at the area hospitals.  Injured vampires are given bagged blood to help them heal faster.  Any vampire with serious injuries is taken to one of the vehicles that will transport them to the medical wards that Godric and Stan both have at their respective facilities.

After all survivors are pulled from the building, Sookie, Jason, and Eric climb in a waiting vehicle that will take them to the hotel.  Stan and Godric make their way to a separate vehicle that will take them to Stan’s compound so they can find who has survived and who has met the True Death.

When Jason, Sookie, and Eric arrive at the Hotel Carmilla, they cross the lobby of the hotel oblivious to the stares from the other hotel patrons.  They ride in the elevator in silence.  Eric escorts the Stackhouse siblings to their hotel suite.  Jason bids them goodnight as he goes to his bedroom and closes the door.

Sookie stands in the door looking at Eric.  His expression is unreadable.  Tonight has gone so differently than she had imagined.  She thought the night would have been an evening of dancing and teasing with her vampire, culminating in some fabulous sex.  Now, she is unsure of everything.

“Stay with me,” Eric utters softly.  He has come too close to losing Sookie in the last few days.  He has this irrational fear that if he lets her out of his sight, he will lose her forever.

Sookie nods her head. Eric takes her hand pulling her down the hallway to his room.  He swipes his keycard to enter his room and gestures for her to enter in front of him.  While he was out for the evening, the staff of the hotel had restored the seating area of the suite.  Eric pushes the door closed and leans against it.  Sookie and Eric stare at each other in silence and the tension mounts in the room.

At the same moment, Sookie and Eric reach for each other.  Her hands go around his neck and fist in his hair; his hands move down her back to slide over the ample curves of her backside, pulling her tight against his body.  Sookie slides her lips softly across Eric’s, savoring the feel of his lips on hers.  Eric sucks her lower lip in his mouth, gently scraping his blunt teeth along her skin.  When he pulls back slightly to change the angle of the kiss, her tongue sneaks through to touch his upper lip.  He opens his mouth to hers and their tongues dance erotically together.

Eric moves his lips along Sookie’s jawline to her ear.  He traces the shell of her ear with his tongue before nibbling on the lobe.  His hands move up her spine softly to the zipper of her dress.  He lowers the zipper slowly, his fingers ghosting along her spine as her skin is exposed.  She shivers in his arms and gasps softly.  Her nipples tighten at the sensation and desire spreads through her body like molten lava.

Eric steps back from Sookie to pull the dress off her one shoulder.  His hands then glide down her body as he pushes the dress down her sides, past her hips, and it flutters down her legs.  He hums in appreciation as he takes in the La Perla bustier and briefs.  His hands skim along her thighs, over her hips, and along her waist as he reaches for the bottom of the bustier.  He slowly pulls the hooks apart, inching his way up her torso until his hands reach the last hook at the top.  Each hand grabs a side of the bustier, and he moves closer to Sookie as he throws the garment behind her.  Her nipples rub against the fabric of his shirt and she moans wantonly.

Sookie’s hands move to Eric’s waist, pulling his tattered shirt out of his trousers.  Her hands move along the buttons, slipping each one through the hole until his shirt hangs open revealing a glimpse of his glorious pectoral muscles and abs.  Her hot hands move inside the flaps of his shirt, tracing along the muscles of his abs, moving north so that her fingers can brush against his nipples.  Her hands continue gliding upwards to his shoulders and then push the material of his shirt down his biceps and forearms.  His shirt flutters to the floor as Sookie locks eyes with Eric.

Eric’s eyes are burning with desire.  His hands move to cup Sookie’s breasts, his thumbs rubbing back and forth against her nipples.  Sookie’s head falls back and her eyes close in surrender, her breasts pushing further into his hands.  Goosebumps break out along her skin as Eric’s cool touch moves over her heated flesh.

“So beautiful,” Eric murmurs.  He kisses her gently on the lips, with one hand sliding up to her head.  As he pulls back, he wraps his arm around her shoulders, the other moves behind her knees and lifts her up.  Sookie wraps her arms around Eric’s neck and he captures her lips with his again as he carries her in the bedroom.  He moves to the side of the bed and releases his hold on her knees so that she is kneeling on the bed.  Their bodies press together, rubbing sensuously against each other.

“Lay back Lover,” Eric directs Sookie.  She moves towards the center of the bed, and Eric moves to the bottom.  He picks up her right foot, kissing along the straps of her shoe.  He undoes the clasp and slides the shoe off.  His nimble fingers begin massaging her foot, and she moans in pleasure.  Eric smiles softly as he sets her right foot down, and repeats the process on her left.  Sookie is moaning and squirming in pleasure, her body writhing against the sheets as Eric fans the fire spreading through her body.  Her left hand fists in the sheets but her right hand is moving between the valley of her breasts down to her panties.  Her fingers rub against the lace of her panties against her slit, soaking the material with her wetness.

In all of his existence, Eric cannot remember anything as erotic as the sight of Sookie in the throes of passion.  Her hair spreads out on the bed like the rays of the sun; her skin is flushed with desire.  Her breasts are heaving, and her nipples are tightened peaks begging to be sucked into his mouth.  Her thighs rub against each other seeking some sort of friction to ease the ache inside.  Eric steps out of his shoes and removes his pants, his erection springing free.  He reaches up the bed to slide Sookie’s panties down her legs.  Her legs fall open to reveal her swollen lower lips, drenched in her arousal.

Eric climbs on all fours so that he is on top of Sookie. His arms are braced by her elbows, and the tip of his erection rubbing erotically against her clit causing them both to moan.

Sookie moves her hand to grab the head of Eric’s erection, moving it through her folds so that he is covered in her wetness.  She bites her lip in pleasure as she places him at her entrance.  “I need to feel you inside me Eric.”

Eric’s fangs slide out as he slowly thrusts in and out of Sookie, moving deeper inside her with each thrust in.  When he is fully sheathed inside her, they both moan again as her walls clench tightly around him.  Eric moves with slow, deep thrusts, causing the passion to build between them.  His lips capture hers as their tongues move in the same rhythm as his hips.  Eric grabs her left leg, pulling it up over his hip, forcing him deeper inside her.  Her walls flutter around his cock as her climax approaches.  He pulls all the way out of her, leaving the head of his erection resting against her opening.  Sookie’s eyes flutter open to see him staring intently down at her.

“Bond with me?” His voice is solemn, but his eyes radiate with the depth of his need and love for her.

Sookie’s eyes widen in shock, but she slowly nods her head in agreement.  Eric’s smile is blinding before he leans down to kiss her ravenously.  He thrusts back in, hitting her G-spot, and she cries out in release as her orgasm washes over her.  Her walls squeeze him so tightly that the pleasure is almost painful in its intensity, but he holds still to enjoy the aftershocks that move through her.  Her arms and legs wrap around his body to hold him tightly against her.

Eric moves out of Sookie when her aftershocks have faded and he shifts her so that she is sitting up on her knees.  He enters her from behind, his pace quicker than before.  One hand moves down so that his fingers can rub fast, tight circles against her clit, while the other hand kneads her breast.  Sookie turns her head so that she can kiss him over her shoulder.  Eric breaks the kiss when Sookie needs to breathe.  He moves his mouth to her shoulder, trailing open-mouthed kisses up her neck to her ear.

“Drink from me Lover,” he whispers in her ear.  Before Sookie can react, his bloody wrist is in front of her face.  She grabs it with both hands and guides it to her eager lips.  As she takes the first pull of his blood, Eric slides his fangs in her neck.  As the first step of the blood bond is created, they reach their orgasm simultaneously.  This orgasm is more intense than any either has ever felt before, because the pleasure is amplified through the bond.  Both are left gasping, twitching in a pleasure that seems to be never ending.

Godric wearily steps off the elevator at the penthouse of the Hotel Carmilla.  Even though a vampire does not get tired, he feels exhausted after the events of this evening.  Seven vampires met their True Death this night; twenty-one humans also lost their lives.  Injuries were many among both vampire and human.  Those guilty of the attack were caught and now prisoners of the King of Texas.  Godric feels very blessed that those he cares about were not more seriously injured.

Godric enters the penthouse to find Isabel sitting on the sofa.  Her hair is windblown, there are several tears in her outfit, but otherwise she appears fine.  Her cheeks are noticeably pink.

“Is everyone alright?” Isabel asks Godric.  They had not spoken when they saw each other at Stan’s compound.  Isabel had been one of the vampires to track down those that attacked The Red Room.

“Jason was unharmed.”  Godric smiles as he feels pleasure, joy, and love coming from Eric and Sookie.  “As for Eric and Sookie, they are celebrating surviving this night.”

Isabel moves forward from the couch to stand before Godric.  She smiles at her friend and former lover.  “Why should they be the only ones to celebrate tonight?” Her question goes unanswered as she pushes her lips against his.

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  2. J.H. says:

    I love this new chapter. Can’t wait for the next one as always. Your friend Mika.

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    That was a surprise…Godric and Isabel. Can’t wait to find out if there is more in store for them.

  4. kleannhouse says:

    that was a great chapter and to put Godric and Isabel together is perfect, they are Sookie parents after all, lol…..the first part of the bonding was awesome, looking forward to finding out how Eric takes the news of Hadley and how they get away from Sookie becoming the Queen’s.. I wonder if Russell and Stan will step up to protect her and claim her protection as Godric and Eric will….. looking forward to more…. Kristie

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    This kind of hatred and discrimination is why I’m not fond of formal religions. Sigh. Glad all of Godric’s line are ok. LOL for the bullet sucking. Awww Godric and Isabel.

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    Isabel kissing Godric is shocking.

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    I’m glad the inner circle made it through the blast. Eric was pretty cute when asking Sookie to bond. It makes sense that Godric & Isabel were once lovers they did spend decades together & raised Sookie. I’m glad Godric has someone any girl would be lucky to have him!

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    Awww Eric is too sweet! I did not see the Isabel and Godric pairing coming that was a nice surprise.

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