Chapter 27

Flying through the night sky has always been one of Sookie’s favorite activities with Godric. She has always found it both exhilarating and soothing. Godric spent hours while she was a child teaching her about the different constellations and telling her stories about navigating his way through millennia using the stars. Tonight’s flight with Godric is one filled with joy. Sookie has her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him, and Godric has his hands under her knees to make sure she does not fall. Godric is in high-spirits tonight and is enjoying teasing Sookie. He rushes up in the sky and then plummets down towards the earth. He is doing loops and rolls in the sky, like an airplane. Sookie is laughing and screaming all in the same breath. After all the stress of the past few weeks, it feels amazing to have the wind in her face…to feel weightless…to feel carefree.

Godric lands on the roof of the Hotel Carmilla. Sookie slides down his back, but she leaves her arms wrapped Godric’s waist. She presses her face against his back and sighs happily. “I love you Papa. I’m so happy you are safe.”

Godric smiles in return and pats her hands resting on his stomach. “I love you too Little One. I am sorry to have caused everyone to worry; that was not my intention.”

“Why did you stay?” That single question puzzled Sookie from the moment she learned of his disappearance. Godric is powerful, intelligent, and resourceful; he had overcome insurmountable odds time and again throughout his existence. Why this time did he chose not to fight back?

Godric moves out of Sookie’s arms and looks at the Dallas skyline. “Religious fanatics are nothing new to me. Religions rise and fall so often that I have lost track of all the religions I have seen in my existence. The Fellowship’s belief that they are the light and vampires are darkness is nothing new to me; they are simply better at promoting their ideas through the use of social media, television, and the internet. Their message has spread quickly. I hoped to prove by my inaction that we are not evil; that we can coexist.” He turns to look at Sookie. “I wasn’t thinking like a vampire. If I had, I would have slaughtered every last man, woman, and child in that church.”

“You were thinking like a human,” Sookie says quietly.

Godric turns to look at her. “It is because of you, Little One. You have turned my world upside down. You have brought light into my eternal night. You have made me feel things I never thought possible. You have never looked at me as a vampire; you have only ever seen me as a man. It is because of you that I seek to be a better version of myself. I have no wish to ever disappoint you. I love you my daughter!”

Sookie runs into his arms and hugs him fiercely. She is crying again because of his words. Sookie credited Godric with giving her a chance at life; she had never understood until this moment just how much she had changed his. Sookie pulls back from Godric to see that his eyes are rimmed with red tears. She cups his face in her hands, “I love you too Godric. But if you ever put me through this again, I will stake you myself!” They both laugh.

“Come Little One; it is late. Let’s get you to bed. I still have one more child to deal with this evening.” Godric escorts Sookie to her room. She showers quickly and changes into her pajamas. Godric tucks her in bed and kisses her on the forehead. He sits by her side until she drifts off to sleep.

Godric exits Sookie’s room and makes his way down the hall to his son’s room. Godric is unsure of what he will find. While Sookie and Godric were flying, Godric felt absolute fury come from Eric through their bond and then it went silent. Eric closed his end of the bond. In over a thousand years, Godric could only remember a handful of times when Eric had closed his side of the bond. It has been a constant comfort to feel his child’s presence no matter how far apart they physically may be. To be near his child and feel nothing is heartbreaking.

Godric moves to knock on the door to Eric’s suite, but finds the door is not completely closed. He pushes the door open to see the seating area of the suite utterly destroyed. The TV was ripped from the wall mount and thrown across the room. The upholstery of the furniture was torn; stuffing sticks out and falls to the floor. One of the chairs was smashed to kindling. Bottles of True Blood had been thrown against the wall; shattered glass littered the floor, the synthetic blood dripped down the walls staining the carpet.

Among the rubble, Eric sits in the only remaining piece of furniture. He is shirtless, bloody tear tracks running down his face and chest. He is staring off into space, his blue eyes lifeless. His eyes flicker to his maker, but he does not react in any other way.

“Is this your way of telling me the decor was not to your liking?” Godric jests, trying to ease the tension in the room.

Eric moves to his knees before his maker, his head bowed. “Forgive me, Master.”

“For what my child?”

“For consorting with your human,” Eric says quietly.

Godric smiles adoringly at his child. He raises his hand to Eric’s head, and brushes his fingers through his child’s soft blonde locks. “Eric, look at me.” Eric raises his head, but he stubbornly refuses to look Godric in the eyes. Godric moves his hands to cup Eric’s face, forcing his head so that he can look in the brilliant blue eyes of his child.

“Sookie is not my human in the sense you think she is. I know you have many questions. I will answer your questions, but I ask that you open your side of the bond.” Godric moves to sit on the ruined couch. He gestures for Eric to return to his seat in the chair. Godric watches Eric as he returns to his original seat. The two stare at each other without speaking. Godric waits…and waits. He feels a tiny flicker in the bond; it feels as if a window is open allowing in a small breeze. He can feel Eric searching the bond to decide how he feels. Godric remains tranquil. Once Eric determines that Godric is not mad, he opens the bond; it is like the windows and doors have been flung open allowing a tornado to come in. Godric flinches slightly under the onslaught of Eric’s emotions. How is it possible for someone to feel so many opposite emotions this strongly at the same time?

Eric hesitates to ask his questions. Given his extreme reactions, he worries he will offend his maker by asking the things he wishes to know. Eric has seen with his own eyes that Sookie and Godric have a deep, complex, intimate relationship. Eric fears on some level that he will be punished for his own relationship with Sookie. He also worries that Godric will take Sookie from him; she is after all his.

Godric sighs feeling Eric’s turmoil. He looks at his child lovingly. “Eric, in this instance, please express yourself freely. Do not concern yourself with the maker/child relationship. Ask your questions; I will answer anything that I can. Our bond is open so you can feel the truth of my words.”

Eric demands rapidly. “Why did you never tell me?”

“I was not at liberty to do so,” Godric answers.

Eric raises an eyebrow at his maker. Godric smirks in return, recognizing the gesture as one of his own. “There is really no clear-cut way to explain all of this to you. There are many twists and turns in this story. It is hard even for me to keep up.”

“You promised to give me answers, and yet you speak in riddles!” Eric paces around the room in frustration.

Godric smiles softly. “It is a gift I have in common with my maker. I understand your frustration though. I too have been driven to madness with her riddles. She is the reason that Sookie came to live with me.”

“Your maker?” Eric looks bewildered. He has been a vampire for a thousand years, and he has never heard Godric mention his maker. “I did not know your maker was still with us.”

“Eric, you have met my maker and have had cause to associate with her on several occasions. She has a special fondness for you and tries to guide you on the right path.” Godric waits for Eric to put the pieces together. Three…two…one…

“Your maker is the Ancient Pythoness?!” Eric is flabbergasted. He first met the Ancient Pythoness while traveling through Europe on his own. The Ancient Pythoness had been the original Oracle at Delphi. She was so highly valued for her ability to see the truth and the future that she was turned far older than was the norm. She was revered among all supernaturals for her gift of second-sight, not just the vampires. All species of Supes worked to protect the Ancient Pythoness. Her location is a heavily guarded secret.

Godric smiles in genuine delight. “She is. You must understand the reason for such secrecy. Besides us and my maker, I know of only three vampires that know of my connection to her. Sookie knows of the connection, as does her grandfather.” Before Eric can ask his next question, Godric stops him and looks at him with regret. “Forgive me for what I am about to do my son, but it is necessary. As your maker, I command you to never speak of this with anyone outside of our bloodline.”

Eric is outraged. How could Godric command this of him? He would never betray his own bloodline. How is he supposed to speak to Sookie about all of this? Does this then mean Godric plans to keep him from Sookie? Eric is spiraling into despair, but then stops. Godric pushed a giant wave of serenity through the bond to calm him down.

“Do not attempt to make me feel better!” Eric spits out through clenched teeth.

“Eric, I know you better than you know yourself. I am not going to keep Sookie from you; in fact, I fear my maker would end my existence if I were to do that. And think carefully how I worded the maker’s command; I said our bloodline. Sookie shares a bloodline with us, because she too is connected to the Ancient Pythoness. My maker’s given name is Catherine, and her brother is Niall Brigant. Fintan, Brigant’s son, is Sookie’s biological grandfather.”

Eric’s eyes widen. “Sookie is a sky Fae. And not just any sky Fae, but a member of the royal bloodline?!” Eric is at a loss for words. The Fae and vampires are natural enemies. How can all of this be possible? And Sookie does not smell like a Fae; in truth, her scent is the sweetest one Eric has ever met. When he drank her blood, he did not feel the common effects of drinking Fae blood. He did not wish to drain her, nor did he feel intoxicated after drinking her blood.

Godric smiles softly in understanding. “I know this is a lot to take in, but there is more. Sookie came to live with me after her parents died at the hands of an enemy faction within the Fae.” Eric’s fangs slip out at the thought of anyone harming Sookie. He would destroy them all and drain them dry before anyone would be allowed to harm her.

Godric continues on with the story, knowing the cause of Eric’s reaction. “Do not worry, my child. Niall and his supporters destroyed those that opposed him. He is the undisputed leader of the Fae realm; Sookie is safe.”

Eric retracts his fangs. He sits down in his chair again dejectedly. He speaks quietly, “If she is a member of the royal line, will she be expected to rule some day? Will she be expected to procreate to further the royal line?” The thought of Sookie with anyone but him…there are no words to describe the pain and anguish Eric feels.

Godric vamps to his child’s side, his hand moving to cup Eric’s cheek. “No. My maker had a vision long ago of a woman who would be like the sun to all those around her. This woman would have immense power, for she would be able to always find the truth. My maker’s vision showed a woman and her mate that would unite the supernatural races. My son, my maker’s vision was of Sookie.”

“And you are her mate,” Eric says flatly.

“No,” Godric says gently, as he lets his love for his child fill the bond. “Sookie is my daughter. I love her as a parent loves a child; it is pure and unselfish. I would do anything for her, and I expect nothing in return. My love for her is different from the love that I have for you or my other children. The love I have for you is similar to how a parent loves a child, but it is not pure and unselfish. I was driven to turn you because I longed for you; I wanted your companionship, I admired your courage and strength, and I wanted you. You know that makers and their children often engage in sex.” Godric flashes Eric a wicked smile as memories of their times together flood his mind. “I have never had a sexual relationship with Sookie, nor do I want to. She is a very beautiful woman, but I could not, and I will not ever engage in sex with her,” Godric states firmly, a note of finality ringing through his voice.

Hope begins to build inside Eric. There is still one issue that concerns Eric, and he needs to hear the answer from his maker’s lips. “But you claim her as yours?”

“She is my daughter; I claim her because I love her and I protect her. But she has never been MINE in the sense you think of. She is destined for another.”

The hope that had built in Eric shatters. He feels like his undead heart clenches in agony hearing his maker’s words. Pain the likes of which he has never known rushes through him.

“Eric, stop!” Godric commands. “You have always been the most passionate of my children. You always present this calm façade to the world, but inside swirls a vortex of emotion. I have answered your questions this night, now I ask that you answer mine. What is it you feel for Sookie?” Godric stands back from his child with his hands in his pockets, his eyes quietly assessing Eric.

“I feel obsessed with her,” Eric says passionately. “She is my first thought when I rise for the night; she is my last thought before I die for the day. I find myself thinking of her during the night, wondering what she is doing, what she is thinking and feeling. I wish to be beside her all the time; not just for blood and sex,” Eric flashes an apologetic look at his maker. Godric closes his eyes in discomfort but gestures for Eric to continue, “She intrigues me…challenges me….infuriates me…she makes me laugh…she makes me happy. When we are together, I feel whole,” Eric finishes quietly, his voice filled with emotion.

Godric smiles at his child happily. “It sounds as if you love her.”

Eric looks up at his maker with panic in his eyes. “What good is it to love her if she is destined for another?” Eric’s voice cracks with the depth of his pain. Blood tears weep from his eyes, and his body shudders with the force of his sobs.

“My son, stop this. I cannot bear to see you in so much pain,” Godric kneels before Eric his hands moving to wipe away his tears. He puts his thumbs to his lips, savoring the taste of his child’s blood. “The Ancient Pythoness shared with me that Sookie’s mate is her true soul mate. Sookie is part human, but she has the essential spark of the Fae, so she would live for many years on her own. But with her mate, she shall live for eternity, for one mate cannot survive without the other.” Godric looks at his child lovingly. “Eric, you are Sookie’s mate.”

AN: Catherine is a name common to both the ancient Celts and Greeks.  In both cultures, the name means “pure”.

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11 Responses to Chapter 27

  1. Loftin says:

    More more more! Please?!

  2. murgatroid98 says:

    Poor Eric. At his age you wouldn’t think he would destroy rooms in a fit of rage. I hope Godric’s words at the end of the chapter make him feel better.

  3. kleannhouse says:

    poor Eric he has so many emotions flowing through him and unable to find an outlet so anger won out, i understand but the final words of Godric about Eric being her mate must have been a electric jolt through his system and I am sure the turmoil is back again for his maker knows more than him about his future… KY

  4. theladykt says:

    Poor Eric would give himself a heart attack if it still beat. lol

  5. gyllene says:

    Poor Eric, but I love that he already feels so strongly about Sookie.

  6. georgiasuzy says:

    I love soul mates! But Eric’s extreme rage frightens me. Where is the cool, calm Vampire? He truly feels very passionately in spite of his denial of such intensely human feelings.

  7. vamplover669 says:

    Poor Eric what a storm of emotions but understandable after being taught to reign in your emotions for a millennia! Falling in love is scary you’re at your most vulnerable and this is a first for both E/S. Fintan & Godric nailed it when they pointed this fact out. Eric was so worried about losing Sookie he couldn’t see that he is in fact her true mate poor guy!

  8. msbuffy says:

    Oh my. Eric needs Klonopin. Godric sounded just like parent Loving and a little exasperated, yet still patient with his favorite son. He’s all but given his blessing and revealed that E & S are fated for one another. Godric’s the vampire Buddha. Or Yoda. LOL!

  9. itskiniki says:

    Finally Eric has a clear picture of what is going on. Can’t wait for his reaction

  10. leti0709 says:

    Love love love!

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