Chapter 26

Breaking News!!!

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Maria Gonzalez with NBC 5 News.  We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the latest news on the hostage situation at the Fellowship of the Sun church here in Dallas.  Earlier this evening, an anonymous tip received by the Dallas Police Department indicated that Reverend Steve, leader of the Fellowship of the Sun Church, and his followers were holding a vampire hostage.  For more information, let’s go live to the scene with our correspondent Jonathan Curtis.  Jonathan, what information can you give us?”

“Thank you Maria.  As you said, earlier this evening an anonymous tip was given to the Dallas Police Department about a vampire taken hostage by the Fellowship of the Sun.  According to the source, the vampire, Godric, is local to the Dallas area.  He was taken by the Fellowship several days ago.  The source stated that members of the Fellowship broke into Godric’s house during the day and abducted him during his daytime rest.  As of this time, we do not know what condition Godric is in.  We do know that two human associates of Godric’s entered the church earlier today posing as potential followers to aid Godric.  However, their status is also unknown at this time.  We had a chance earlier to…hang on!  Are you getting this?  Shots fired, I repeat, shots fired inside the church!  Maria, I’m not sure if you can hear, but shots have been fired inside the church.  Dallas S.W.A.T. is moving in…”

As Eric closes the exit door, an alarm sounds inside the church.  Reverend Newlin’s voice comes over the intercom asking all women and children to make their way to the recreation center for safety.  All Light of Day soldiers are to report to the church for duty.

“Sookie, do you know another way out of here?”

“Yes, through the sanctuary.”  They move quickly to the sanctuary.  Sookie points to the front of the room.  “The exit is through there.”

“There are several actually,” Reverend Newlin says from the front of the sanctuary.  “But for you, all exits lead straight to Hell.”  Swarms of Light of Day soldiers enter the sanctuary, circling around Sookie and Eric.  The soldiers are armed with silver chains and nets, wooden stakes, crossbows, and guns.   Sookie can tell from the thoughts of the soldiers that they are scared; many of them have never seen a vampire close up before.

“Let us leave.  No one has to die!” Sookie looks around the room, hoping the fear of the humans will prevent this situation from escalating.

Eric appears calm, but inside he is seething with rage.  There are too many soldiers for Eric to handle.  He will not risk Sookie in this situation.  He looks at Reverend Newlin.  “I give myself to you, in exchange for the girl and Godric.”

Sookie’s eyes widen and she opens her mouth to protest.  Eric gives a slight shake of his head.  “I will be fine.”  Eric moves up to the sanctuary next to Reverend Newlin.  Reverend Newlin gestures for Eric to lie down on the table.  Once Eric complies, Steve drapes silver chains across the vampire’s neck and arms.  The silver burns Eric’s flesh with wisps of smoke rising from the wounds.  Eric hisses in pain with his fangs out.  Two of the Light of Day soldiers are guarding Sookie, making sure she does not interfere with whatever plans Reverend Newlin has.

Reverend Newlin moves to the pulpit and begins preaching to the assembled group.  He speaks of the evils of vampires, and how they are an abomination.  He preaches that the most despicable creatures though are those humans that willingly serve the vampires; they have turned their back on the human race and they do not deserve to live.  Sookie listens to the thoughts of the crowd as the reverend speaks.  Many in the crowd fear vampires; they heard that vampires are vicious, bloodthirsty, and simply evil.  So Eric offering himself in exchange for her confuses them.  Why would a vampire offer himself for a human if he is evil?  As for being vicious, Eric had not attacked anyone; he had defended himself, but he had not caused injury.  Many of the humans are beginning to question the information they have of vampires.  People are starting to think that maybe vampires aren’t so different from humans; there are humans that are vicious, bloodthirsty, and evil.  Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Mansion are examples of humans exhibiting the same characteristics as vampires.  By Reverend Newlin calling for the deaths of humans that support vampires, he alienates the majority of those in the crowd.  No one signed up for the killing of humans.  Disgruntled murmurs are making waves through the crowd, but Reverend Newlin continues on oblivious to the crowd’s reaction.

“Do not worry, my brothers, Jesus will save us.  He will not allow these Creatures of the Night to harm his faithful flock,” Reverend Newlin says serenely to the assembled group.

“I’m actually older than your Jesus, Mr. Newlin,” Godric says from a place in the rafters overlooking the sanctuary.  “I wish I could have known him, but I missed it,” Godric shrugs his shoulders dismissively.

Reverend Newlin pulls a gun from his pocket and points it at Sookie’s head.  “One more step Vampire and the girl dies!”

“NEWLIN!!!”  A shout rings out through the crowd and followed by the sound of a gunshot.  Jason, standing behind one of the pillars, fires on Steve Newlin.  Jason had aimed for the hand holding the gun.  A popping sound is heard and Newlin drops the gun, screaming in pain.

While Reverend Newlin is distracted, Sookie runs to Eric and removes the silver from his body.  Eric sits up and the crowd gasps as they see his skin heal instantly.  Eric vamps to Reverend Newlin and grabs him by the neck to subdue him.

“Eric, do not kill him!” Godric commands.  Eric releases Newlin, and moves to stand with Sookie.

“Do it!” Steve taunts.  “Martyr us.  We are willing to die for our cause!”

“Good people, who of you is willing to die for this man’s madness?” Godric’s quiet voice echoes through the silent room. None of the Light of Day soldiers say anything.  Reverend Newlin looks betrayed as he realizes that no one is siding with him.

“That’s what I thought.  You see, we can coexist.  Mr. Newlin, I do not wish to create bloodshed when none is called for.  Help me set an example.  If we leave you in peace, will you do the same?”  Godric looks inquiringly at Reverend Newlin.

“I will not negotiate with sub-humans!”  Newlin grabs the gun that he dropped and empties the chamber at Godric’s location in the rafters.  Screams and shouts fill the room; chaos ensues.  Before Sookie or Eric can react, Dallas S.W.A.T. busts down the doors of the sanctuary and rapidly enters the room.

“Steve Newlin, drop the weapon!  Drop the weapon!  Down on the ground! Down on the ground!”  Steve Newlin looks around confused.  He sees Dallas S.W.A.T. standing at all the exits to the sanctuary with their weapons pointed at him.  Newlin bends at the knees to drop the weapon on the ground.  Two officers swiftly move forward; one kicks the weapon away from Steve, the second forces him face down on the ground, securing his wrists behind him in handcuffs.  The officer that handcuffed the reverend begins reading him his Miranda rights.

The Light of Day soldiers all drop their weapons.  Dallas S.W.A.T. herds them outside to the waiting paddy wagons.  A member of the Dallas S.W.A.T. team approaches Sookie and Eric.

“Are you two alright?”  Eric nods his head, but Sookie looks around frantic.

“Where is Godric?”

“Right here Little One,” Godric stands behind her with a smile on his face.  Sookie whirls around and throws herself in Godric’s arms.  Eric stiffens seeing Sookie in the arms of his maker.  Godric looks at Eric over Sookie’s shoulder with a raised eyebrow.  Eric lowers his eyes to the ground.

“Sheriff,” the member of Dallas S.W.A.T. says to Godric, “I am glad to see you are unharmed.  We were able to record the entire event in the church.”  Sookie had been so distracted that she failed to realize that the S.W.A.T. team member is a vampire.

“Thank you Lucas.  Please make sure a copy of the video makes its way to the local news stations.  Also, I am certain Ms. Flanagan will want a copy of the video,” Godric says with a smirk.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at footage of the Fellowship of the Sun’s leader, Reverend Steve Newlin, being led away from his church in handcuffs.  After hearing gunfire, Dallas S.W.A.T. stormed the church to find Reverend Newlin brandishing a gun.  Two vampires and two humans were safely escorted from the church.  One of the vampires was confirmed to be the hostage, Godric; the identities of the other three individuals have not been confirmed.  A source from the Dallas Police Department confirms that no one was injured.  An anonymous source has also provided footage of what actually occurred in the sanctuary.”

Nan Flanagan turns off the TV and looks around the room.  “Well, I’m glad that clusterfuck is over!  If any casualties had occurred at the hands of a vampire, I would have had all your asses!”

The occupants of the room look at her ominously.  Stan addresses her. “You don’t have that kind of power.  Only a member of the Authority or Supernatural Council has the right to remove me from my position.”

Nan shrugs her shoulders with a self-important smile on her face, “I’m on TV.  Try me.”  She rises from her seat in Stan’s living room.  “Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back on the campaign trail.”  She blurs out the room and the front door of Stan’s mansion opens and closes.

“What a bitch!” Isabel exclaims in frustration.

Jason had returned to the hotel, but the others returned to Stan’s mansion for a debriefing with Nan.  Stan and Isabel are sitting on opposite ends of the same sofa.  Sookie is sitting across from them on a sofa with Godric; she is leaning against his side with her head on his shoulder.  Eric is standing across the room gazing at Sookie, his expression shrouded.  Godric can feel Eric’s turmoil, and he worries about his child’s current state of emotions.

“Your Majesty,” Godric addresses Stan, “if it is alright with you, I would like to take my family and retire for the evening.  We have much to discuss.”

Stan smirks at Godric.  He too has noticed the Viking’s reactions to Sookie with Godric.  “Yes, I suppose you do.  I trust you will not be going to any of your homes this evening.”

Godric rises from the sofa.  “I will be staying in my suite at the Hotel Carmilla.  I will contact David to have him reset the security codes at my resting locations.”  Godric bows towards Stan, “Thank you, Your Majesty, for all your help in this situation.”  Stan inclines his head in return.

Sookie and Eric bow their heads respectfully to the King of Texas.  Sookie also hugs Isabel before she departs with Eric and Godric.  Once outside, Eric takes off flying through the night sky rapidly.  Seeing Sookie’s confusion, Godric replies, “I will talk to him, Little One.  He is feeling a great many things at the moment, and he does not know how to handle his emotions well.  I can take the blame for that; I instructed him that a vampire is to be rational, emotions only cloud one’s judgment.”

Godric moves down the steps from the entrance and turns his back to Sookie.  “Come, Little One.  It has been too long since we have done this.  Let’s fly among the stars!”  With a laugh, Sookie leaps on Godric’s back and they take off after Eric.

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9 Responses to Chapter 26

  1. kleannhouse says:

    well things worked out well but poor Eric he doesn’t understand the father/daughter relationship he sees. Godric needs to explain things to him and fast, Sookie was only seeking comfort from her father nothing more … KY

  2. theladykt says:

    Nan is such a goober. Hope Eric gets over his jealousy soon.

  3. georgiasuzy says:

    Great job! I love that video footage of Newlin’s craziness was given to the press. Nan is such a self-important bitch I hoped that King Stan would’ve staked her 🙂

  4. vamplover669 says:

    Things went down smoothly let’s just hope the same happens with the talk!

  5. msbuffy says:

    That was so good! Love how you kept the best parts of TB’s version & then tweaked things a bit, making it even better! Love that Nan just went away; she’s so pesky and irritating, “I’m on TV!” OOH, I’m scared. Terrific chapter.

  6. Iluvtheviking says:

    First Eric had to ask permission to even approach HIS Sookie and now:
    “Godric watches the scene carefully, ready to protect Sookie from his own child if necessary.”
    “Eric stiffens seeing Sookie in the arms of his maker. Godric looks at Eric over Sookie’s shoulder with a raised eyebrow. Eric lowers his eyes to the ground.”

    Does not bode well. Is Godric going to being bossing Eric’s thousand year old ass around like a newborn and always holding it over Eric’s head that ‘he knows Sookie longer and better and deeper than Eric ever will?’ Sorry but I’m not liking this Godric at all. He’s like a mother in law from hell and trust me, I know what that is – I have one! “I’ll never know her boy like she does.” Jeez I hope not, eww.

    • I never intended to give the impression that Godric looked at Sookie in a romantic light. I always expected their relationship to be father/daughter. Godric is protective of Sookie, even if it means he has to protect her from Eric. He isn’t sure how his child (meaning Eric) will react, so he is cautious. I never intended for Godric to keep Eric from Sookie. If you continue reading, I hope you will understand where I am going with the relationships.

      Thank you.

  7. itskiniki says:

    They need to explain their Father/daughter relationship real fast because Eric is jumping to the wrong conclusion. But regardless of their relationship She technically is STILL Godrics. If Eric had known that I imagine he would have had to ask Godric for permission to claim her.

  8. fffbone says:

    Gabe was killed by Godric. Did they hush that up?

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