Chapter 25

Godric hears the commotion coming down the stairs.  Godric’s body tenses in anger and fear.  He recognizes the scent of the woman; it is Sookie.

Gabe throws Sookie down to the floor of the basement screaming, “Fangbanging traitor!  How about I show you what you been missing?”

Gabe is on top of Sookie, grabbing at her clothes.  Sookie is trying to fight him off, but he is stronger than her.  He slaps her across the face, causing her head to hit the concrete floor.  She is momentarily stunned, allowing Gabe to pull her dress completely open, exposing her bra and panties.  Gabe’s hands are roughly stroking Sookie’s body; his hands grab her breasts painful.  Sookie whimpers and cries out in pain; tears run down her face.

Godric is growling and hissing in his anger, his fangs extended; he longs to destroy Gabe.  Godric shreds the material of the cot so that it covers his hands.  He moves to the cage, bending and tearing the silver so that he can get to Sookie.

Gabe rips Sookie’s underwear off of her body.  He moves his hands to his pants, unbuckling his belt and undoing the button and zipper.  “Scream for it baby!”  Sookie screams in horror, her hands punching at Gabe’s chest.

Godric finally tears enough of the cage open so that he can fit through.  The silver burns his body as it touches him, but he is uncaring.  He rushes to Sookie and grabs Gabe by the throat.  Gabe is dangling in the air; his hands go to the hand Godric has at his throat.  Godric is slowly squeezing the life out of Gabe.  His face takes on a bluish color as his eyes bulge.  His feet kick at the air.  Eventually, Gabe’s feet stop moving and his hands drop from his throat.  Godric tosses Gabe’s lifeless body to the side.

Godric turns to Sookie.  She has scooted herself against the wall, her knees drawn up to her chest, and her arms wrapped tightly around them.  Her head presses against her knees and her body shudders with the force of her sobs.

“Little One,” Godric calls out gently.  He does not touch her for fear of having her pull away.  She does not respond.  Godric is at a loss; he does not know what to do.

Elsewhere, Stan and his assembled vampires gather in the subterranean level of his mansion.  He is briefing them on tonight’s rescue mission.  Stan cautions them that the Fellowship’s followers are armed.  He further instructs them to avoid as many human casualties as possible.  A blood bath against vampire protestors is the last thing they need to hit the media.

Eric is impatient.  He feels Godric through the bond; Godric is anticipating the night to come. Eric can also feel Sookie’s disgust and anger.  Eric had known today was going to be difficult for Sookie.  He wished there had been another way, but they were out of time and out of options.  Part of Eric wishes he had begun a bond with Sookie; he does not like feeling her upset and there is nothing he can do about it while trapped by the sun.

While Stan is speaking, Eric drops to his knees and howls with rage.  All the vampires drop their fangs and look around for the danger.  Eric raises his head; his eyes are lethal and his fangs have dropped.  Isabel moves to him. “What has happened?”

“Godric is in the throes of bloodlust.  Something has happened to Sookie; I can feel her pain and fear.  I must go there now!”

Eric rises to his feet and vamps to the main level of the mansion.  The last rays of the sun still linger in the sky, but he is uncaring.  The sun’s rays burn Eric as he flies without haste to the Fellowship’s compound.  He blurs through the church, his bonds pulling him to two of the most important people in his undead existence.

“I’m here, my child, down here,” Godric says in a voice that is slightly louder than normal.

Eric blurs down the stairs and stops at the entrance of the basement.  He drops to his knees in front of Godric and bows his head.  “Godric,” he says reverently.

Godric caresses his head, with a small smile on his face.  “Thank you.”  Eric looks up at him happily.  However, Godric’s smile falters as Eric looks to see Sookie sitting against the wall with her dress hanging open.  He can see bruises already forming on her skin.  Eric glances at Godric, seeking permission to approach Sookie.  Godric nods his head and Eric moves quietly to Sookie’s side.

“Sookie,” Eric says gently.  She does not acknowledge him.  Eric calls her name again, and she turns her eyes to him slowly.

“Lover, may I fix your dress?”  Eric says softly.  Sookie nods her head in agreement.  Eric leans over Sookie, his face a blank slate.  Eric keeps his movements slow and gentle so as not to frighten her.  Sookie’s earlier struggles against Gabe caused several of the buttons to pop off.  Once Eric finishes, Sookie seems to come back to herself.  Her eyes focus on Eric’s face, and she leans against him, seeking comfort.  Eric treats her as if she is fragile, handling her as if she is made of the finest china.  Godric watches the scene carefully, ready to protect Sookie from his own child if necessary.

Sookie pulls back from Eric’s arms, and looks at both vampires.  “Thank you both for everything.”  Eric stands and then helps her stand as well.

“We will talk about this later.  But we need to leave now.”  Godric gestures to Eric.  “Take Sookie with you.”

“I’m not leaving without you,” Eric declares vehemently.  “These savages seek to destroy you!”

“I am aware of what they have planned,” Godric says evenly.  “You’d be surprised by how ordinary most of them are.  Most of them have no idea about the true nature of the Newlins.  Take Sookie and go!  Spill no blood on your way out!”

Eric angrily gestures for Sookie to move in front of him.  They rush up the basement stairs and make their way down the hallway.  As they go to round the corner to get to the exit, Eric pushes Sookie against the wall and stands in front of her.  He peers around the corner to see four Light of Day soldiers guarding the exit.

“I could have you out of here in seconds,” Eric says as he focuses on the four soldiers.

Sookie exclaims, “Eric, no killing!”

“I’m doing what Godric said; getting you out of here,” Eric says over his shoulder.

“Eric!” Sookie hisses in frustration.

He leans close to Sookie and whispers along her ear, “Trust me.”  Despite the situation they find themselves in, Sookie feels a twinge of lust.  She looks at Eric in frustration.  Eric kisses her cheek and winks at her before he saunters away.

Eric approaches the four men guarding the door.  He is speaking in a Mid-Western accent, trying to convince the guards that Reverend Newlin sent him over to guard the door alone.  One guard suspects Eric and raises his hand containing a stake.

Sookie screams, “STAKE!!!!”

Using vamp speed, Eric disarms all four soldiers, leaving them groaning in pain on the floor. Eric opens the door to see swarms of Light of Day soldiers moving towards the church.  He closes the door and beckons Sookie forward.    “Is there another way out of here?”

When Eric and Sookie left the basement, Godric left to search for Sookie’s brother.  Godric can hear Jason’s voice; unfortunately he is not alone.  Godric finds Jason and Sarah Newlin in Reverend Newlin’s office.  Jason is sitting on the couch and Sarah is astride his lap riding him.

Godric leans against the door frame, crossing his arms over his chest, and smirks.  “Am I interrupting?”

Sarah Newlin shrieks and climbs off Jason’s lap.  She hurriedly sets her clothes to rights.  She turns to face the door and gasps in horror.

“What are you doing here?  You’re supposed to be in your cage!”  Sarah takes a step back from Godric in fear.

“Wait a minute,” Jason says from the couch as he hurries to put himself to rights.  “You said you didn’t know anything about Godric.  You said you’ve been trapped here by your husband,” Jason says, confusion evident in his voice.

“Jason, focus,” Godric commands.  “Mrs. Newlin, please have a seat,” Godric says gesturing to the couch.  Sarah sits down cautiously, warily watching the vampire.

“I have no wish to harm you,” Godric starts and Sarah scoffs in disbelief.  “It is true.  I will not force injury on you like Gabe tried to force on my daughter.”  Jason’s head snaps up and he glares at Sarah.

Sarah sneers at Godric, “Your daughter?  She isn’t your daughter!  She’s a lying, two-faced, vampire fucker that deserves to die!”

Jason steps forward in anger, his fists clenched.  Godric steps in front of him, so that Jason can’t reach Sarah.  Jason says in a furious voice, “I ain’t ever hit a woman before, but I’ll make an exception for you.  Don’t you ever talk about my sister that way!”

“Mrs. Newlin, I need something from you,” Godric says before the situation can escalate any further between the two humans.

“I knew it,” she shrieks. “You fangers are all alike.  You only want our blood and our bodies.  God will protect me; it doesn’t matter what you do to me,” she says fervently.

Godric looks her up and down in disgust.  “You aren’t my type.  Now tell me, where do you keep your security footage?”

Sarah looks confused.  “I don’t know,” she admits honestly.

Godric moves over to the desk, and opens the laptop.  The screen instantly appears.  Godric shakes his head in surprise; nothing is password protected or encrypted.  He closes the laptop, and moves away from the desk with it in his hands.

“Come Jason; we need to join up with the others.  I am sure the others are in need of our help.”

Outside the church, police and media crews are set up.  Someone called in an anonymous tip that a vampire was being held hostage by the Fellowship of the Sun.  Stan is giving an interview to one of the local news crews about the situation involving Godric.  Isabel is keeping an eye on Stan’s interview as well as watching the church to see if there are any signs from their allies inside.

“What the hell is the meaning of this?”

Isabel turns slightly to see Nan Flanagan standing next to her.  Nan looks especially harsh this evening in a leather jacket and black jeans.

“I thought my message was self-explanatory.  The Fellowship of the Sun abducted Godric.  We currently have three individuals inside trying to get him safely out.  However, we have not had contact with them in some time.  And from the looks of things, the Fellowship is armed with weapons while we stand here peacefully observing the situation,” Isabel says in a sweet, syrupy way.

Nan points her finger in Isabel’s face.  “If this ends badly, I’ll have all your asses!”

Isabel rolls her eyes and returns her attention to the church.  Nan Flanagan is the least of her worries.  She looks at her watch; they should have been out of the church by now.  Isabel can only hope that everything will work out for the best.

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8 Responses to Chapter 25

  1. kleannhouse says:

    damn Jason is so simple, Sarah go to him… dumbass… Glad ERic was so gentle with Sookie…. KY

  2. theladykt says:

    Nan is such a twat. ugh Jason… mlut.

    • msbuffy says:

      ladykt, your comments are cracking me up! I’m guessing a mlut is a man slut? That is just too funny! You always make me laugh!

  3. vamplover669 says:

    Here I thought Jason was gonna take this serious but he wasn’t able to keep it in his pants! He’s lucky Godric was able to stop Gabe. Can’t wait to see how Newlin is dealt with and what the plan is to please the authority & media.

  4. msbuffy says:

    Jason, Jason, Jason…well at least he did his best to keep her distracted, kinda like taking one for the team! LOL! You handled the Gabe scene well. It’s usually written much more brutally, so thanks for that. Nan Flanagan…words can’t describe, but Isabel is pure class. I’m curious about the dynamic between Maker, Child, and child. Looking forward to what you do with this.

  5. itskiniki says:

    I hope Godric hid Gabe’s dead body on his way out. Mrs. Newlin sure works fast! lol

  6. leti0709 says:

    I do have oNE question. Sookie is always boasting about how she take care of herself yet in both situations she needed to be saved. I would think Godric would have taught her how to defend herself.

    I’m so excited about this story. I am loVing it so far.

    Thanks for writing.

  7. fffbone says:

    This Jason wouldn’t have done that. He could have been trying to fight her off. He knew not to believe SN.

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