Chapter 24

After the meeting at the mansion, Eric and Isabel go to the Fellowship of the Sun’s compound.  The compound sprawls out over several acres of land.  It includes the church, classroom buildings, training grounds for the Light of Day soldiers, children’s play areas, and other administrative buildings.   Eric and Isabel are standing on a hill overlooking the compound.

Isabel is composed; before leaving, she confronted Hugo.  The traitorous human still professed to love her, but he hates her for not turning him.  Because of how mentally unbalanced he is, she glamours him to forget everything about her.  She also renounced her claim to Hugo, making him fair game for all the vampires in the area.  As a precaution, Stan placed Hugo in one of the holding cells in the mansion.  Stan believes that Godric deserves first crack at punishing Hugo; anything left over will be given to the vampires of the area.

Eric looks disgusted at the scene below him.  There are many young men patrolling the church grounds, armed with silver chains, wooden stakes, and crossbows.  While it seems that the Fellowship has more men willing to fight, they will be no match for the vampire forces that Stan plans to send in tomorrow.  Eric smirks to himself as he thinks that the number of soldiers present would not even be enough to deter one pissed off berserker Viking.

“This is the Fellowship of the Sun?  That’s their army, scared little boys with Bibles and crossbows,” Eric sneers.

“Don’t underestimate them,” Isabel scolds.  “Their leadership camps are overflowing with self-righteous extremists all willing and ready to die for their cause.”

Eric hums in approval. “That can be arranged quite easily.”

Isabel turns to Eric questioning him.  “You would risk your maker in your need for vengeance?”

Eric snaps at her. “You question my loyalty?”

She shakes her head. “I am questioning your ability to think clearly and rationally.  We have come up with a plan that will work.  Do not toss it aside because you wish to destroy them.  If everything goes according to Godric’s plan, they will destroy themselves.”

Before Eric and Isabel left the mansion, Hugo made his nightly telephone call to Gabe.  Hugo was glamoured by Stan to pass along information stating that the vampires were at each other’s throats and could not agree to a plan of attack.  However, before Hugo could speak, the voice of Reverend Newlin came down the line.  Everyone quickly learned that Godric had glamoured the reverend to pass information to them.  It is poetic justice that Reverend Newlin is the messenger for his own destruction.

Eric cocks an eyebrow at Isabel. “I will do what is best for my maker.  Will you?”

Isabel smiles and says. “Of course.”

They watch the scene below them in silence for a time.  Eric sneers again in disgust.  These are not soldiers; they have no training, no discipline.  Many of them will flee at the first sign of aggression.  Eric can only wonder at why Godric did not glamour or overpower his way out.

“Tell me, how goes your relationship with Sookie?” Isabel breaks the silence to ask.

Eric gives her a sidelong glance.  He is unsure of what to say to this woman for fear of reprisal.  He answers her question with one of his own.  “What is it you enjoy about human companionship?”

Isabel smiles softly.  “They feel much more strongly than we do.  Everything is urgent…exciting.  Maybe because their lives are so temporary.”

Eric, uncomfortable with this conversation, asks the question that preys on his mind the most.  “It doesn’t bother you that they get older, sickly, cripple?”  The thought of Sookie falling ill and dying is like a stake through his non-beating heart.

“No, I find it curious; like a science project.”  Isabel smiles again at Eric and places her hand on his shoulder in comfort.  “But, I have never found someone I wanted for eternity.”


In Bon Temps, Bill is frantic.  He does not know where Sookie is.  He tried to find out through her friends, but they know nothing.  Her idiot brother is also missing.  Bill tried going to the farmhouse to glamour her grandparents, but he could not set foot on the porch.  There is a magical barrier that prevented him from accessing her house; one that went far behind his needing an invitation to enter.  Bill cannot tell the source of the magic, but he could detect that it was very strong.

André has called nightly to ask about his mission.  Bill is stalling, using the attack by Rene/Drew to his advantage.  André and the Queen are getting impatient.  They want Sookie in New Orleans immediately.

Jessica has no idea about Bill’s plan.  She is happy in Bon Temps; she loves Hoyt and wants to be with him.  Compared to her human life, she is in paradise.  She no longer has to dress conservatively, she no longer has to live life as a hermit, and she is no longer under the rule of a domineering father that beats her and her mother.  She enjoys life as a vampire.  Bill envies Jessica’s happiness with her undead existence.  It is something that he has never felt.

A knock on the front door distracts Bill from heating up his True Blood.  He can tell that it is a vampire on the other side of the door…a vampire that he is very familiar with.  He stiffens before he gets to the door.

“I know you’re in there Bill Compton.  Aren’t you going to let in an old friend?” The vampire speaks with an exaggerated Southern drawl, hiding her true Eastern European accent.

Bill pulls open the door and stares at the vampire with hatred in his eyes.  “You and I were never friends!”

The vampire pouts. “Is that any way to greet me after all this time?  I’ve missed you.”  The vampire’s gloved hands move up to Bill’s face, but he catches them in his own.

“What do you want?  You aren’t supposed to be in Louisiana.  If the Queen finds you…” Bill says in alarm.

The vampire smirks.  “Oh don’t you worry about that darling.  I won’t be here very long.  In fact, neither will you.”

Before Bill can react, the vampire slaps silver handcuffs around Bill’s wrists.  He drops to his knees, hissing in pain.  The smell of burnt flesh fills the air.  The female vampire grabs Bill by his shoulders and drags him in the house, slamming the door behind them.  Bill is thrown on the couch as the other vampire walks around the room.

“I love what you’ve done with the place,” the vampire says sarcastically, taking in the dilapidated conditions of the house.  “Of course, it doesn’t look that different from the first time I saw it.  What a fun time that was!”

Bill grunts in discomfort and opens his mouth to speak, but the other vampire cuts him off.  “You will only speak when I ask you a question.”

“Did you know that your Queen,” the vampire sneers, “sent me a detailed account of your transgressions?  She had the audacity to demand that I owe her restitution.  Can you believe such a thing?”  The vampire is moving around the room looking through Bill’s things.

“No,” Bill is forced to answer.

“So I know all about your punishment.  Tell me, have you acquired the girl yet?”


“What’s the hold up?  You’re usually very good at procuring things,” the vampire says brushing a hand lovingly through Bill’s hair.

“She isn’t here.  I don’t know where she is.  Plus, she is the pet of the sheriff.”

“Hmmmm, Eric Northman,” the vampire says with disgust.  “Yes, I can see how he would be a problem.  And if I know him, he won’t be letting the girl go.”  The vampire looks at Bill thoughtfully.  “I think it would be in your best interests if you come with me.  It’s for your own safety.  Something tells me Sophie-Anne will not be thrilled when you cannot deliver Sookie Stackhouse.”  The vampire lifts Bill and vamps out of the house to the waiting car, throwing Bill in the trunk before climbing in the backseat.


The next afternoon, Sookie and Jason enter the lobby of the Hotel Carmilla.  Jason is wearing a red, white, and blue plaid shirt, khaki pants, and brown loafers; it is a far cry from his usual jeans and t-shirt look.  His hair is actually combed and not his normal tousled look; he is clean-shaven, not his usual stubble.  As for Sookie, she is unrecognizable.  Her blonde hair is covered by an auburn colored wig that is chin length.  Her normally blue eyes are covered with green contacts.  She is wearing a short-sleeved long navy button down dress with small pink flowers on it.  She has white sandals and carries a white cardigan with her.  Her purse is a little straw clutch.

The two siblings quickly exit the hotel and enter a Ford Fusion that is waiting for them.  The car is a loaner from Stan’s car dealership.  Jason drives them to the Fellowship of the Sun compound.  The two siblings do not speak, but the car is filled with music from a local contemporary Christian music station.

The drive to the Fellowship compound is a long one; Jason drove around Dallas for a bit to make sure they were not followed.  They pull in the parking lot of the church.  Before getting out of the car, Jason squeezes Sookie’s hand.

It’s gonna be alright Sook.  We’re gonna get Godric.

Sookie smiles at Jason and they get out of the car.  Sookie walks with her head bowed slightly, her eyes focused on the ground.  Jason walks beside her with his hand around her arm, guiding her to the church.  Jason gasps softly when they get closer to the church, and Sookie looks up.  She too is dazzled by the opulence she sees.  There is a large stained glass window above the entrance to the church; it is a scene of Jesus in sunlight surrounded by his followers.  There are many other stained glass windows in the church.  There are also several large statues of Jesus and the sun in the courtyard area in front of the church.  The two siblings stand gaping like two fish.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Jason and Sookie turn around to find Reverend and Mrs. Newlin standing behind them.

Jason grins, “I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s an honor to meet you Reverend Newlin, ma’am.  I’m Jason, and this here is my cousin Hadley,” Jason says pointing to Sookie.  “We just moved here from Shreveport because we wanted to join your church.”

Reverend Newlin shakes hands with both.  Mrs. Newlin nods at both, but her eyes are glued to Jason.  She is gazing at him as if he were a prime cut of meat.  She licks her lips before asking, “What makes you want to join our church?”

Jason speaks up. “Well, my sister, she got herself involved with them vampers.  We don’t see her anymore ‘cause she sleeps all day so she can be up with those fangers at night.  There’s no tellin’ what disgustin’ things she lets them do to her,” Jason spits out with revulsion in his voice.  “We were hopin’ that your church could help us find a way to bring her back from her evil ways.”

Reverend and Mrs. Newlin look sympathetically at Jason and Sookie.  “Why don’t you two come inside and we can discuss everything?” Reverend Newlin gestures for Jason and Sookie to enter the church.  Once inside, they pause by the back doors.  The inside of the church is huge; two stories with pews on both levels for the congregation to sit in.  There is another stained glass window of Jesus in the sun by the pulpit.  Numerous windows allow the afternoon sun to flood the church; it is blinding in its brightness.  By the rear of the church is a picture of Reverend Newlin’s parents.  Underneath the picture is a memorial plaque stating the names of his parents, their birth dates, and the day they died.  Sookie looks at the picture with interest.  She realizes that Theodore Newlin was the man who led the protestors at The Red Room the night of the Great Revelation.  She glances again at Steve Newlin; he looks older than he did then, but his face is still boyish.

Seeing her interest, Reverend Newlin steps forward. “My father was a great man!  He started this church the night those creatures of Satan announced themselves to the world.  He was murdered by those unholy things because he spoke out against them!  But I know he is in God’s arms and they are smiling down at us as we continue their fight.”  Sookie smiles at Reverend Newlin in agreement, but inside she feels sick.  Reverend and Mrs. Newlin are fanatics using religion to push their prejudiced views on the world.

Throughout the afternoon, Reverend and Mrs. Newlin show Sookie and Jason around the church and the compound.  Mrs. Newlin finds ways to touch Jason all afternoon.  Sookie can tell from Jason’s thoughts that he is extremely uncomfortable, both with what is being said about vampires and their supporters and with Mrs. Newlin’s seemingly innocent touches.  The Newlins spend a lot of time with them on the training course for the Light of Day soldiers.  The training activity today is how to kill a vampire.  Using a dummy, the instructor is showing the ways a vampire can be killed; staked through the heart, decapitated, or exsanguinated.  Sookie, feeling nauseous by the narrow-minded thoughts of the people in attendance and how the instructor is thinking about the vampires he has previously killed, falls against Jason, acting like she is feeling faint.  Reverend and Mrs. Newlin rush them back inside the church to the office area.  Jason lays Sookie down on one of the couches in the office and begins fanning her face with one of the pamphlets lying around.  Mrs. Newlin leaves the office to get Sookie some water.  A knock sounds at the door, and an older man enters the room.

Reverend Newlin nods his head at the man and turns to Jason.  “Excuse me for a minute.  I need to speak with Gabe.  There is something I need to take care of.  I hope your cousin feels better soon.”  Reverend Newlin and Gabe walk out of the office.

With just the two of them in the office, Sookie pushes Jason’s hand away and sits up.  “Jason, I can feel him,” Sookie whispers.  “He’s close by.  I have to go to him.”  She pushes up from the couch and rushes to the door.

Jason grabs her arm. “Sook, wait!  We can’t just leave the office.  That woman is coming back with water for you.  And I’m not gonna let you go off by yourself!”

“Jason, I’ll be fine.  I need you to stay here and distract Mrs. Newlin.  Tell her I went to the ladies’ room.”  Sookie slips out of the office before Jason can stop her.  She moves quickly down the hallway, not detecting any human minds as she moves.  She can sense that Godric is underneath her.  She starts opening doors trying to find a staircase to the level below her.  She reaches the last door in the hallway and opens it.  Unfortunately, she comes face to face with Gabe.

“Oh I’m so sorry!  I was looking for the ladies room.  I’ll just be on my way…” Sookie tries to move away from the man, but he grabs her arm tightly.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Gabe says to her roughly.  As Sookie tugs her arm away, she falls to the ground.  During the fall, her wig slips off her head, allowing her blonde hair to come spilling out.

The elder man’s eyes widen in surprise.  “Who are you?  Why are you here?  Why are you trying to find Godric?”  Hearing Godric’s name, all the color drains from Sookie’s face.  The elder man’s face twists with rage.

“You’re the blonde fangbanger that is coming to rescue Godric!  You stupid bitch!”

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  1. Loftin says:

    Great chapter! I’m wondering why Sookie didn’t stick to the plan. I’m also wondering why she isn’t really fighting back and using the training Godric and Fintan taught her. We know she can fight so I’m hoping this is part of the act so she can get thrown in with Godric and maybe use her other fae powers to help him. Can’t wait for more.

    • Thanks! As of right now, we only know about Sookie having telepathy. But she may get more powers as we go along….

      As for not sticking to the plan, you’ll find out why.

      Thanks for reading and reviewing!

  2. kleannhouse says:

    damn, Sookie can be so naive in that she thinks she can save Godric by herself, great chapter…. KY

  3. theladykt says:

    Silly Sookie. Should have stuck to the plan.

  4. georgiasuzy says:

    No! Not Gabe! I don’t know why Sookie didn’t stick to the plan. Godric can’t leave til sunset anyway.

  5. vamplover669 says:

    Sookie still acts rashly at times when it comes to friends or family in danger! Just hate when her telepathy fails her and she misses one mind. She hinted at being more than capable of protecting herself does she have hidden powers?

  6. msbuffy says:

    Ha! How great is it that Lorena showed up and kidnapped Bill for not kidnapping Sookie? I love the irony! He’s such a moron. Gotta give kudos to CH for creating such a despicable character who’s so much fun to hate. I can see why Sookie would act the way she did; Godric’s her father, rational thoughts have escaped her, and all she wants to do get him to safety even if it’s still daylight. It’s rash, but I get it.

  7. itskiniki says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat! On to the next chapter!

  8. Melissa Moore says:

    Soooooo, guessing she couldn’t send Gabe’s mind this time lol. Great story

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