Chapter 22

Jason and Sookie return to the Hotel Carmilla in silence. For Sookie, it had been a long, frustrating afternoon in which she learned nothing that would help uncover how Godric was taken. The donors in the mansion knew nothing about Godric, other than he was very kind to them, but aloof at the same time. He typically did not feed from Stan’s donor pool. As for the staff in the mansion, they answered every question Sookie and Jason asked. Sookie did not learn anything from their minds that was useful. In all honesty, Sookie had not expected to find anything. She knew that Stan ran a very vigorous background check on all his staff and donors. In addition to the required medical exams, Stan glamoured each candidate during the interview process to find if there were any security issues. Sookie had sat in on many of the interviews, listening to the thoughts of the candidates. She had posed as Stan’s secretary and took notes on everything she heard from the candidates’ minds.

As for Godric’s staff, his housekeeper, Mrs. Ruiz, and his daytime person, David, had been with him for many years. Sookie knew each of them personally, and knew they were as loyal to Godric as she was. Sookie planned to call Mrs. Ruiz to find out of there were any new staff or donors that she needed to check out.

The car stops in front of the hotel and a valet opens the rear door. Jason exits the vehicle and turns back to help Sookie exit. She’s exhausted and her head is pounding. Jason keeps his arm around her as they make their way through the lobby. He tries to lead her to the restaurant so that they can eat something.

Sookie pulls back. “Jase, I’m not hungry. I’m just gonna go upstairs. I’ll take a nap and a shower, and then we’ll go back to the mansion.”

Jason looks at his sister with concern. “Are you sure Sook? I can come upstairs with ya. We can order room service.”

She smiles weakly at him. “No, you go eat. I really just want some silence for a bit.”

He nods. “Ok, Sis. I’ll bring you something back.”

Sookie moves to the elevator and swipes her keycard so that she can reach her floor. She leans against the elevator wall and closes her eyes. The elevator stops at her floor. She opens her eyes as the elevator door opens. An irate Viking vampire blocks her path.

Eric’s hands are holding open the elevator doors so they cannot close. His eyes are an icy blue, and he is scowling at Sookie. “Tell me Miss Stackhouse, did you plan to tell me that you belong to my maker?” he says in a furious voice.

Sookie looks at Eric in defeat. Her eyes close in pain as she says, “It’s not what you think.”

He snarls in anger. “And what precisely is it? You lived with my maker. You have had his blood. He has had yours. In my world, that means you are his!”

Sookie snaps her eyes open. She moves forward and stops in front of Eric. “Let me by,” she hisses at him.

Eric moves to the side, allowing Sookie to get out of the elevator. She stalks down the hallway to her room. She opens the door and walks in, moving to slam the door shut but Eric vamps in the way.

“I want answers Miss Stackhouse. You lied to me!”

Sookie turns on Eric in fury. “What exactly did I lie about Eric? I said there were things about me I needed to tell you, but you didn’t want to hear it at the time. Godric is the only father I remember having! I love him and I would do ANYTHING for him! That is all you need to know! Now get out!” Sookie turns on her heel to go to her bedroom, but Eric’s hand on her arm stops her.

She says in a deadly voice, “You don’t want to test me Viking. You have no idea what I’m capable of.”

“Sookie,” Eric says with confusion. “Why do you call him your father?”

She sighs raggedly. “Because he is.” Sookie swallows uncomfortably trying to fight the lump in her throat.

Eric pulls her in his arms and holds her. Sookie sobs against his chest as days of pent-up emotion find release. Eric strokes her hair and murmurs, “I hate to see your tears, Lover. They make me feel disturbingly human.”

When her tears stop, Sookie pulls back from Eric’s chest. She looks up at him with a sheepish smile. “I’ve ruined your shirt.”

“It died a noble death, sacrificed to a beautiful damsel in distress,” he teases her. His hands cup her face tenderly. “Will you tell me how you came to know Godric?”

She places her own hands over his. “I will, but I’m so tired now. I didn’t find anything today. I wanted to take a nap before we go back to the mansion.” She looks at Eric and notices a trickle of blood flowing from his nose. “Come with me, you need to rest. You have the bleeds.” Together they make their way to Sookie’s room. She locks the door behind them. Eric climbs on the bed. She lies down next to him and puts her head on his chest. Sookie is asleep within moments.

Eric however fights the pull of his daytime rest. He has not rested well while Godric has been missing. He feels helpless. A vampire as old and intelligent as Godric taken, means that no one is safe.

Sookie shifts against his body. She rubs her cheek against his chest and her leg moves over his. Eric moves his arm to hold Sookie closer to him. He wants to know everything about her. How did a small human child end up living with a two thousand year old vampire? Why did Godric keep Sookie from him? Part of him is angry at his maker for keeping secrets. Part of him is angry at Sookie for not telling him everything as soon as they met. Another part of him is jealous; he knows it is irrational. He spent centuries with Godric, just the two of them. He has no reason to be jealous of the twenty years Sookie spent with Godric, but he senses that the relationship between the two of them is something that he can never have with either of them.

Eric sighs as he feels Sookie’s breath fanning across his chest. He can feel her heartbeat pulsing inside her body. In the silence, it feels like as if his heart is beating. How has this one human woman come to mean so much to him in such a short time? He finds himself thinking about Sookie at random moments throughout the night. He has not been with anyone since he met her, nor has he been tempted to drink from any of the fangbangers at Fangtasia or any of the donors at the king’s compound. All he wants is Sookie. That is what angered Eric the most about Sookie and Godric having a relationship. He thought Sookie belonged to another; and not just any vampire, his maker, the one vampire he would give everything up for.

Looking at the clock on the bedside table, Eric sighs. There are still two hours until sunset. He slips in downtime until it is time for them to return to Stan’s mansion.

Sookie wakes up disoriented. She is alone in the bed. The imprint of his head on the pillow is the only sign that Eric had been in the bed with her. She sighs in frustration. She needs to focus on finding Godric; she can sort out her relationship with Eric later on.

“Are you alright Lover?” Eric nudges the bedroom door open with his foot as he carries a tray of food for Sookie. She sits up on the bed as Eric sets the tray on the bedside table. He shakes out the napkin and places it across her lap.

“What is all this?”

“I haven’t seen you eat in the past two days,” Eric says as he uncovers the plate of food on the tray. It is filet mignon, a baked potato, and steamed green beans. Sookie reaches for the food eagerly and cuts the steak. She takes the first bite and moans in appreciation. She eats quickly, little moans escaping her as she savors the food.

“You are doing that on purpose,” Eric says as he shifts uncomfortably on the bed.

She asks between bites, “Doing what?”

“Moaning; it reminds me of the sounds you make when…” Sookie places her hand over Eric’s mouth so he can’t finish his sentence. He raises an eyebrow at her and his tongue flicks out to lick her palm. She pulls her hand away giggling, and turns her attention back to her food.

Eric watches her with a small smile on his face. When she finishes, he sets the plate back on the tray. He takes the napkin from her lap and wipes her mouth gently. “I like doing this,” he says as sets the napkin on the tray.

“Doing what?”

“Taking care of you,” Eric says while he leans in to give her a quick kiss. “We need to leave soon. Hurry up.” Eric moves out of the bedroom. Sookie stares after him, a smile on her face. She rushes to the bathroom to freshen up.

Sookie, Eric, and Jason walk in Stan’s house later to find Isabel and Stan in the living room with two guests. The one is a human man in his late thirties. He is physically fit, but not brawny, and is wearing a suit. He has close-cropped brown hair, brown eyes, and appears detached. However, Sookie can tell from his thoughts that he is very hostile. The other is a Were. She is an older woman with salt and pepper hair pulled loosely up on her head. Despite her age, she is very energetic and her mind is peaceful. Sookie runs to the woman and embraces Godric’s housekeeper.  Mrs. Ruiz rocks Sookie back and forth as they embrace.

“Mi bonita, I have missed you! You have been gone too long this time! Have you lost weight? You know you need to eat,” Mrs. Ruiz scolds as she pulls back from Sookie with a small grin on her face.

“Eric made sure I ate before we came here,” Sookie says as she glances over her shoulder at Eric. Eric is leaning against the wall, watching the scene before him. Mrs. Ruiz moves towards Eric. She looks him up and down.

“Mr. Northman, I feel like I already know you because of how much Godric speaks about you. It is an honor to finally meet you,” Mrs. Ruiz inclines her head towards Eric. He returns the gesture.

Isabel moves to hug Sookie. She whispers in Sookie’s ear, “You look better mi sol. I trust everything went well at the hotel.”

Sookie kisses Isabel’s cheek. “Yes, they did.”

Who the hell is this bitch? She thinks she’s something special because all these vamps are paying attention to her. All I know is she’d better get her hands off Isabel.

Sookie looks at the man as she listens to his thoughts. She moves toward him with a smile on her face, “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Sookie,” she sticks her hand out to shake his.

He looks down his nose at her. He does not shake her hand. “I’m Hugo. I’m Isabel’s.”

Isabel rushes forward, “Hugo! Behave yourself.” She turns to Sookie. “Forgive him Sookie. He’s been under a lot of stress lately.”

“It’s alright, Isabel. This is a tough situation for all of us. Hugo, it’s so nice to finally meet you. Isabel has told me lots about you,” Sookie says as she moves to sit on a couch across from Isabel and Hugo. Jason and Mrs. Ruiz sit on either side of Sookie. Eric and Stan remain standing.

Stan questions Sookie. “Did you learn anything today while you were here?”

“Unfortunately no Your Majesty. Your staff and donors are very loyal to you” Sookie says sadly.

I’m not surprised she didn’t learn anything. She looks like an idiot. Besides what did she expect to learn that the fangers couldn’t learn through glamour?

Hugo’s thoughts give Sookie pause. He has a lot of hostility towards her, and she can’t understand why. Also for someone involved with a vampire, he seems to have hostility towards vampires and their associates.

Everyone begins discussing ways to extract Godric from the Fellowship of the Sun’s clutches. Stan and Eric are in favor of a direct assault, but Isabel worries about backlash from humans as well as The Authority. Sookie is not really paying attention to the conversation around her; she focuses on listening to Hugo’s thoughts.

“Eric, are you sure of Godric’s location? Would you be able to lead us to him” Stan asks.

“Yes. He appears to be at the Fellowship of the Sun’s compound. I scouted the site last night after we concluded our meeting. From what I can tell through the bond, he is unharmed.”

Not for long.

Sookie remains calm. She needs to know more about what Hugo knows. Eric moves behind Sookie because he can feel her distress. He places his hand on her shoulder in comfort.

“I have a plan. What if Jason and I infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun? We can pose as siblings that lost our other sibling to a vampire. We can go in, get the lay of the land, and find out if they have any security in place,” Sookie offers. Stan and Eric look intrigued by her idea, but Isabel is outraged.

“Sookie you cannot risk yourself like this! Godric would not want you to put yourself or Jason in harm’s way. I forbid it! Eric, you cannot seriously be considering putting Sookie at risk!”

What the fuck?! Isabel acts like she loves that fangbanger. She’s supposed to love me! I knew she didn’t love me; I knew I wasn’t anything special to her. I gave up EVERYTHING for Isabel, and she doesn’t care! I need to tell Gabe and Reverend Newlin everything. They have the weapons needed to take care of the vamps. And I’m sure Gabe would enjoy helping the fangbanging whore see the error of her ways.

Bingo, Sookie thinks to herself.

“Have any of you seen The Godfather Trilogy?” Sookie asks brightly. Everyone in the room looks at her puzzled, and she continues you on. “You know it’s the story of a Mafioso family in America. The Godfather Part II was actually my favorite of the three movies. It was just heartbreaking because the leader of the family, Michael Corleone, is betrayed by someone close to him; his brother Fredo. The movie reminds me of this situation. We’ve been betrayed by someone close to us,” Sookie finishes in a deadly voice as she stares at Hugo.

How does she know?

Sookie clucks her tongue, “Hugo, Hugo, Hugo. I know everything!”

“You bitch!” Hugo screams as he lunges at Sookie.

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8 Responses to Chapter 22

  1. kleannhouse says:

    it was sweet of Eric to take care of Sookie, even with the bleeds…. and Hugo you are soooo in trouble.. KY

  2. theladykt says:

    Glad She and Eric sorta talked things out. Woo Hoo for figuring out Hugo before she got caught up with Gabe the rapist.

  3. georgiasuzy says:

    I love that Eric likes to take care of Sookie and isn’t mad at her now even tho he still doesn’t know the Godric and Sookie Story. Thank you for busting Hugo right now instead of the FOTS Basement.

  4. vamplover669 says:

    I’m glad that Eric was able to feel Cookie through the blood to tell that she was being truthful about her relationship with Godric. I liked the Godfather comparison to their situation wonder what Hugo’s fate will be?

  5. msbuffy says:

    Good that things were sort of settled between & Eric. I like how tweaked Sookie’s discovery of Hugo’s betrayal before she made her self a sitting duck for the FoTS; no beating or near rape by Gabe. Ugh. Such an ugly scene. I also like the Godfather comparison (two of my favs, not #3), good analogy. Hope his fate is worse too. Onto more! See how much more can I get in before I have to grandkidsit.

  6. itskiniki says:

    Hugo’s gonna get it!

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