Chapter 17

Eric and Sookie are driving to Merlotte’s slower than normal since Eric worries about the gravel roads damaging his “baby”. During the car ride, Sookie brings Eric up to speed about the latest victim and how the police suspect her brother because he dated both Maudette and Dawn.

“Was Dawn at Merlotte’s the night we met?” Sookie shakes her head yes at Eric’s question. “I thought so.  She was at Fangtasia last night. She was drinking heavily and throwing herself at anything with fangs,” Eric says disdainfully.

“Including you?” Sookie’s jealously gets the better of her and she asks that without thinking.

“Especially me,” Eric says with a smirk. Sookie huffs and crosses her arms over her chest. Eric chuckles at her reaction. He pulls over to a private road, cuts the engine, and turns to Sookie.

Eric gently tugs at Sookie’s left arm so that he can grasp her hand. He brings it up to his lips and places a gentle kiss on her wrist. “I found her too pathetic for my attentions. She was there because she had fought with your brother, and she wanted to get back at him. Besides, there is only one woman I wish to be with,” Eric says while kissing her fingers.

Sookie melts at Eric’s words, feeling part of her confusion slipping away. Because she wants to hear him say it, she teases him. “Anyone I know? I could put in a good word for you.”

Eric vamps out of the car, opens the passenger door, and pulls Sookie out of the car. He traps her body against the car with his own. His lips are at her ear and his hands encircle her waist. “Minx. You know who. It’s the woman who has invaded my every waking thought. It is the woman who makes me wish I could dream during my daytime rest so that I could be with her even then. It is the woman who stands up to human and vampire alike. It is the woman whose passion and fire have ruined me for anyone else. It is the woman I now hold in my arms. It is you, Sookie Stackhouse,” Eric finishes as he pulls his face back to look at Sookie. His blue eyes look like electric flames they are burning so brightly.

Sookie’s breath catches in her throat and she stares at him in wonder. Her heart is pounding and she begins to babble, “Eric, there are things you don’t know about me. Things I need to tell you, and they may change how you feel. You need to know about… ” Eric cuts her off by placing his mouth over hers. The kiss is gentle, worshipful even, as Eric shows Sookie how he feels about her.

Eric pulls back from the kiss and places his forehead against hers. “We have all the time in the world to get to know one another. But this isn’t the time or the place,” he says regretfully. He straightens up and says briskly, “We need to get to the Shifter’s bar so we can put on our little performance. I have called Jessica so that she can bring her human. It will appear as if we are on a double date. But I think we should up our game so to speak,” he says with his eyes focused on her neck.

All Sookie can do is nod. She wants to tell him about Godric and the true story of her life. She feels guilty for keeping this from him. The longer she keeps this from him, the more she fears his reaction.

Eric leans down to Sookie’s neck. He kisses and sucks lightly at the spot he chose. His tongue slides along the skin, and she breaks out in goosebumps. Her nipples harden at the sensation of his mouth on her skin, and a rush of wetness floods her panties. Eric slides his fangs in her skin and sucks lightly on the wound, causing Sookie to groan. He pulls back after only a mouthful and slides his tongue over the wounds to stop the bleeding. Sookie is panting with desire as Eric stands up straight. She can feel the bulge in his pants pressing against her stomach.

Eric’s eyes glow possessively as he takes in his mark on Sookie’s neck. “Mine,” he growls and his lips crash down on hers. This kiss is fierce; their lips, tongue, and teeth clashing to fight for dominance. Eric breaks the kiss and steps back from Sookie. He is panting and his fists are clenched. “Get in the car, Sookie. If we don’t leave now, I’m going to spend all night fucking you where you stand!” Sookie quickly climbs back in the car. Eric takes several moments to calm down before he too climbs into the car. They finish the drive to Merlotte’s in silence.

The parking lot of Merlotte’s is again packed. Sookie scans the parking lot and sees Hoyt’s truck, so she knows they are inside. Sookie pauses as they get closer to the bar and looks as if she is going to be sick.

“What is wrong?” Eric stops walking and grasps her hand.

Sookie gestures to the bar. “Most of them think Jason did it. Most of them are thinking Maudette and Dawn deserved to die for being fangbangers. Some of them are wondering if sex with a vampire is really as good they say.” She gasps before whispering the next part. “Some of them are wondering if I’m next.”

Eric cups Sookie’s face in his hand. “You have nothing to fear Lover. I will keep you safe.” He places a gentle kiss on her forehead, clasps her hand, and leads her into the bar.

All conversations halt. People stop what they are doing in mid action. Every single patron in the bar is staring at Sookie and Eric. Sookie quickly walks over to the bar towards Sam, who gazes warily at her and Eric.

“Hey Sam, can we talk in your office for a minute?” Sookie says brightly as if she is unaware of all the attention she is receiving. Sam nods and leads the way for Sookie to his office. Eric trails after them but he waits outside while Sookie talks to Sam inside.

“You heard about Dawn?” Sam nods his head and Sookie continues. “You heard about my brother?” Again Sam nods. “He didn’t do it. Dawn and Maudette were just two of the latest victims, but these crimes have occurred all over the state. I heard the killer’s thoughts the other night. It’s someone here in Bon Temps. Eric and I are here to put on a show for the killer.”

Sam paces his office in agitation. “You’re making yourself a target Sookie! You’re gonna get yourself killed, either by the killer or by getting mixed up with vampires! You need to stay away from all this!”

Sookie raises an eyebrow. “Sam, I know more about the vampire world then you could ever imagine. It’s part of my job; I came home to investigate Maudette’s murder. And now I have to clear my brother. I know you don’t trust vampires because of what you are, but I have no reason not to trust Eric.”

Sam pales. “You know what I am?”

Sookie taps the side of her head. “I’ve always known Sam. It doesn’t mean I thought any differently about you. We all have our secrets; I know that better than anyone.” She glances at the door, sensing that Eric is getting impatient.

Sam sighs. “I never told you because I was afraid.” He moves towards Sookie and sees the bite mark on her neck. He stiffens but shows no other reaction. He grabs her hand and squeezes. “I got your back out there. I’ll keep an eye out to see if I find anything.”

Sookie smiles at Sam in thanks and heads out the door. She finds Eric leaning against the wall. She smiles at him and tugs his arm to lead him to the bar. They find Jessica and Hoyt sitting at a booth. They walk over to them and slide in the other side of the booth.

Arlene comes over to the table and asks nervously, “What can I get y’all?”

“I’ll have a beer,” Hoyt says and looks at Jessica.

“I’ll have a True Blood, A negative.”

“I’ll have a gin and tonic,” Sookie says to Arlene with a smile on her face.

“Nothing for me,” Eric says. His fingers are brushing lightly along Sookie’s neck where his bite marks are. “I’ve already ate.” Arlene blanches and scurries away from the table heading to the bar.

The vampires and humans make small talk until Arlene returns with their drinks. During the conversation, Eric pulls Sookie closer to him and begins nuzzling the side of her neck. When he pulls back, his fangs are out. Sookie can hear the thoughts of everyone. People are both repelled and excited by Eric. Sookie turns to kiss along Eric’s neck and whispers in his ear.

“Let’s move over to the pool table,” she says and nips his ear. He growls at her and pushes her gently out of the booth. Sookie sashays over to the pool table, making sure her hips swing as she walks. Eric smacks her ass as he catches up to her. Hoyt and Jessica move over to the table, as well, and Hoyt racks the balls.

Hoyt asks, “Who wants to break?”

Eric gestures for Hoyt to do it. He sits down on a stool and spreads his legs. He pulls Sookie between his legs, rubbing his erection against her backside. She moans softly and leans back to kiss him.

As Hoyt breaks, Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara walk in. Tara stops at the bar to order a round of drinks, while Jesus and Lafayette move over to the pool table. Jesus is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but Lafayette has really outdone himself tonight. He is wearing a purple scarf wrapped around his head like a turban. His makeup tonight consists of purple glittery eye shadow, fake lashes, and purple lipstick. His outfit is a sheer mesh purple tank top with black camo pants. He is also wearing purple snake-skin boots.

Sookie jumps up to give her friends a hug. While hugging Lafayette, he directs his thoughts to her. Sam called us and said you needed some backup. Whatever you need baby girl, we be witcha. Sookie kisses Lafayette on the check.

Tara comes over with a round of drinks, and Sookie introduces Eric to her friends. Lafayette looks at Eric and licks his lips. “Sook, are you willing to share?”

Sookie shrugs her shoulders. “You’d have to ask him,” she says gesturing to Eric.

Eric leers at Lafayette in return. “You certainly look like you know how to handle a pole. Maybe we can come up with some sort of arrangement.” Several of the bar patrons get up to leave, offended by the conversation and occupants.

Hoyt calls out, “Eric, you’re up!”

Eric moves Sookie to the side and stands. Sookie sniggers into her hand as Eric makes a show of adjusting the front of his pants. “In more ways than one,” she snorts. Lafayette gives her a high-five as Eric takes a cue off the wall.

Jessica moves over to sit next to Sookie. She looks uncomfortable with how the events of the evening are unfolding. “Sookie, can I talk to you?”

Eric nods his head once, letting Sookie know it is OK to tell her the plan. Sookie grabs Jessica’s hand and drags her to the bathroom. She checks the stalls to make sure no one else is in there. She locks the door behind them. Sookie pulls Jessica in her arms and whispers everything in her ear. She explains about all the murders, hearing the killer’s thoughts, and how tonight is supposed to help draw the killer out. Sookie releases Jessica and sees that her eyes are wide with fear.

“Is there anything you need me to do? You know I’ll help any way I can,” Jessica says earnestly when Sookie finishes.

“Just keep Hoyt safe.”

Sookie moves to unlock the door, but Jessica stops her. Sookie looks at her quizzically. Jessica says, “You said it’s all a show tonight, right?” Sookie nods. Jessica continues hurriedly, “So it might help if your lipstick is smudged and our clothes are a little messed up. He might think we, you know, did it in here,” Jessica finishes uncomfortably. Sookie is certain that if Jessica could still blush, her face would be the same shade as her hair.

Sookie takes her hair out of the ponytail and shakes it out, giving it a tousled look. Jessica undoes a couple of buttons on her shirt, exposing her bra slightly. Sookie leans forward and places a kiss on the side of Jessica’s neck and then places another one on the swell of her breast. Jessica’s fangs snap down and Sookie looks at her with an eyebrow raised.

Jessica’s hand flies to her mouth. “Sorry!”

Sookie chuckles, “Don’t be; it adds to the effect.” Sookie rubs her lipstick off with a paper towel and throws it in the trash. She grabs Jessica’s hand, unlocks the door, and they walk to the bar together.

Jessica goes over to Hoyt and kisses him passionately. Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara all start cheering and whistling. Sookie, meanwhile, moves over to Eric. He takes in the change of her appearance, and raises an eyebrow. “Did you girls have fun in the bathroom?”

Sookie grins at him brazenly. “Can I play with her some more later?”

Eric gives her a fangy grin. “As long as I get to watch.”

Sookie rubs her body against Eric’s. “You only want to watch?” He hisses as she slides her hand down between their bodies to stroke him through his pants. Eric smacks her ass again, and Sookie moans against his chest.

Lafayette shouts from the other side of the pool table, interrupting their fun. “Hooka, it’s your turn!”

Tearing herself away from Eric, Sookie moves over to the pool table. She grabs the stick that Lafayette offers her with a wink. She studies the table trying to figure out her shot. The only shot she has is to sink the nine ball, but the cue ball is at the other end of the table.

Tara laughs at the look on Sookie’s face. “Bitch, you done been making out with not one, but TWO vampires tonight in front of all these people without a care in the world, and now you’re worried about flashing your underwear when you take this shot!” Everyone laughs at Sookie’s dilemma as she pouts.

Eric moves behind Sookie. “Allow me to help you Lover.” He bends Sookie over the table so that she can take her shot. However, he remains standing; bending slightly so that his erection can slide along her folds.

Sookie moans at the feeling, another shot of arousal soaking her already drenched panties. All of the teasing tonight has taken its toll on her. She turns her head to joke, “You know, this isn’t how I envisioned you bending me over a table for the first time.” Eric’s response is to thrust his hips against her so she can feel his arousal.

Sookie returns her attention to the pool table. Just as she is lining up the shot, she hears what she has looked for all night. The killer’s thoughts are snarly, red and black swirls. She sees images flash through his mind of all the women he has killed. The last image is what causes her to go white as a ghost and her mouth drops open in horror. The killer is thinking about her. He plans to rape her, beat her, and then use his belt to strangle the life out of her. Sookie whimpers slightly and takes her shot. She misses the nine ball. She quickly stands up and turns to Eric. His arms go around her sensing her distress.

“I know who the killer is,” she whispers.

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9 Responses to Chapter 17

  1. kleannhouse says:

    now that they have worked each other up, she now knows who the killer is, she doesn’t have to worry about a cold shower to calm down… KY ,

  2. theladykt says:

    ok the Jessica part is a little over the top but I guess it worked.

  3. georgiasuzy says:

    Wow, still having a hard time picturing our Sookie with a PDA this blatant!

  4. vamplover669 says:

    That was quite the elaborate show! I can’t be too shocked though cause she was raised by vampires and doesn’t mind designer clothes! xD

  5. msbuffy says:

    I love Lafayette. He was doing his homage to Prince!

  6. itskiniki says:

    That was entertaining!

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