Chapter 16

The next day, Sookie is a bundle of confusion. Her call with Eric ended quickly after his declaration about her being his. She is unsure of what Eric meant by “mine”. She knows that vampires were possessive; if you looked possessive up in a dictionary it should show you a picture of a vampire. But what she didn’t know was the connotation in which he was using the word mine. While she was in Mississippi, Russell had claimed her as “mine” to protect her. Godric and Isabel both had claimed her as “mine” to keep her safe and because they loved her. There were some vampires she had met who claimed humans as theirs simply because the human provided a special service or talent to the vampire. There were some vampires who just didn’t play well with others and couldn’t share. But there were special instances like Isabel and Hugo, where a vampire claimed a human because they genuinely loved the human.

Flashback to 18-year-old Sookie

It is mid-August in Texas; the nights are short, and the days are hot. Sookie typically enjoys summer; it means she spends as much time as possible in the sun working on her tan. But this summer, she has been miserable. It is the summer before she leaves to attend the University of Mississippi. She had spent a month with her grandparents in Louisiana, but she asked to return to Dallas so she could spend time with Godric and Isabel before she reported to Ole Miss.

Sookie had opted to attend school in Texas, but it was Godric that had pushed her to leave the state. While Godric wanted to keep her close to him, he knew that Sookie needed to experience life for herself. She needed to be independent and see what the world had to offer.

Sookie is sitting outside dangling her legs in the pool, swirling them through the water absentmindedly. Night had fallen and she knows Godric will come find her soon; tomorrow they will be leaving for Mississippi. They had to meet with Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi, to complete the arrangement between him and Godric about Sookie’s protection. She is so lost in her thoughts she doesn’t notice Godric’s void closing in on her.

Godric sits down next to Sookie and put his legs in the pool. He is wearing black swim trunks and a light blue t-shirt. He had offered to make Sookie’s last night in Dallas a grand affair, but Sookie merely wanted to spend the evening with him at home alone. The previous evening she spent shopping with Isabel for everything she would need in Mississippi. Over the years, the relationship between Sookie and Isabel and morphed from mother/daughter to sisters. Isabel assured Sookie they would continue to communicate via telephone and email. Each woman shed tears while saying good-bye, but Sookie had not seemed despondent at leaving Isabel.

Godric bumps Sookie’s shoulder with his own. “Are you going to spend your last night with me moping?” Godric tries to tease her, but his heart isn’t in it. The thought of being without Sookie is tearing him apart, but he does not want her to know that.

Sookie shrugs her shoulders and continues swirling her legs in the water. She is afraid to speak because she is afraid she will break down in sobs.

Little One, look at me.” Godric places his hand under Sookie’s chin and pulls her face around to look at him. Her eyes are swirling with emotion, and tears are waiting to fall. “You have spent time away from me before. What makes this so different?”

Sookie blinks her eyes, letting the tears fall. She sucks in a breath before whispering, “I feel like I’m never coming back.” Tears begin to fall in earnest down her face, and she buries her face in her hands, sobbing openly.

Godric pulls Sookie in his arms, rubbing his hands up and down her back and softly humming. When she starts to hiccup, he sets her back from him. He looks in her eyes and says earnestly, “My Sookie, this will always be your home. I will always find you and bring you back home if it is what you want.”

She whispers, “How will you find me?”

If I give you my blood, it will allow me to find you. The more blood you have, the further away I can sense you. I will also be able to sense your emotions. So I will know when you need me. I will always be with you,” Godric says as he brushes the tears off her face.

Does that mean if you have my blood, I will feel you?” Sookie looks hopeful; she knows a vampire’s blood is sacred and is rarely given to humans.  According to Godric, he has never given his blood to any other than his progeny or maker.  

No Little One, I will not drink your blood,” Godric says gently. He cups her face in his hand so she cannot avoid his gaze. “What you speak of is a blood bond. It is when a vampire and human share blood simultaneously, and is permanent after three exchanges. A blood bond is a special bond that should not be entered into lightly. It is a promise of two individuals that wish to spend eternity together, for one cannot survive without the other.”

End flashback

Godric’s words haunt Sookie. Sookie had Godric’s blood several times over the years to make sure that he would always be able to find her. The most recent blood exchange had been about six months ago, so she knew their connection was faint. She really wishes Godric had called her back last night so she could talk everything over with him. If anyone would understand Eric, it would be his maker.

Gran hollers from the kitchen. “Sookie come down here!”

Sookie rushes downstairs, worried Gran has hurt herself. She runs to the room and finds Gran slumped in chair by the phone. Sookie kneels in front of Gran, checking her over for illness or injury.

“Gran, are you alright? What happened?” Sookie tries to check the older woman’s pulse, knowing she’s had heart issues in recent years.

Gran flutters her hands at Sookie to wave her away. “I’m fine, child. I just got off the phone with Maxine Fortenberry. She said another girl’s been found murdered,” Gran says weakly.

Sookie sits back on her heals and stares at Gran. “Who?” There is a sick feeling forming in the pit of her stomach.

“Dawn Green.”

Fuck, Sookie thinks. Another girlfriend of Jason’s. “Does Jason know?”

Gran nods her head. Her chin quivers as she replies. “He was the one who found her this morning.”

Double fuck! “Gran, where is he?”

Tears are running down the older woman’s face. “Bud and Andy took him in for questioning this morning,” she sobs.

Sookie grabs her purse and keys, running to her car without a second thought. She starts the car and guns the engine out of the driveway. She breaks every speed limit as she drives to the Bon Temps Police Department. The car screeches to a halt as she swings the car in a parking spot. She runs inside to find Kenya sitting at a desk.

“Where’s my brother?” Sookie shouts and slams her hands down on the countertop.

“Don’t you take that tone of voice with me Sookie Stackhouse! I’ll throw you in a cell for assaulting a police officer. Now calm down,” Kenya retorts angrily.

“Kenya, where is my brother?” Sookie repeats grinding each word out between her clenched teeth.

Kenya sighs and crosses her arms over her chest. “He is in an interrogation room with Sheriff Dearborn and Detective Bellefleur.”

“I want to see him,” Sookie demands.

“He is a suspect; you can’t see him.”

“Has he been allowed his phone call? Is our lawyer present? Have they even read him his Miranda rights?” Sookie’s questions sound like gunfire as she fires them off rapidly, and her voice rises as she gets each question out.

Kenya blanches. Sookie hears from her thoughts that none of those things had happened. Now it is Sookie’s turn to cross her arms across her chest. “Kenya Jones, if you don’t go get my brother now, I’ll have all of you fired for abusing your position. None of you would even be able to get a job guarding a dumpster! Now, go get my brother!”

Kenya walks away tight-lipped. She opens the door to the interrogation room and explains everything to Bud and Andy. Detected Bellefleur storms out of the room to face Sookie.

“He’s a suspect; he ain’t goin’ nowhere with you!” Andy’s face flushes in anger as he gets in Sookie’s face to yell at her.

“Andy Bellefleur you back down right now! You have no evidence to corroborate that Jason had anything to do with these murders. The only thing you have is that Jason slept with both Maudette and Dawn. You’ve always been jealous of my brother and you see this as your opportunity to drag him down!”

Before Andy can reply, Sheriff Dearborn grabs Andy’s arm and pulls him away from Sookie. “Andy, you have to calm down,” Bud admonishes the detective.

As this scene unfolds, a middle-aged portly man in a three-piece suit walks in carrying a briefcase. He walks up to the people, stopping next to Sookie.

“I’m here for my client, Jason Stackhouse. I’m his attorney, Desmond Cataliades,” the man states with authority. Sookie can’t help smiling cockily at the local law enforcement.

“Aww hell,” says Sheriff Dearborn. He goes in the interrogation room and pulls Jason out. Sookie runs to Jason’s side and hugs him tightly. They walk quickly out of the police station.

Mr. Cataliades turns to the police officers with a harsh expression on his face. “From this point forward, if you want to speak to my client, you will go through me. Trust me; you won’t like it if I’m angry.” With that, Mr. Cataliades moves outside to speak with the Stackhouse siblings.

“Uncle Des, thank you for coming so quickly!” Sookie cries as she hugs the lawyer.

Desmond returns the hug to Sookie and then shakes Jason’s hand. “I came as fast as I could. Fintan called me this morning to let me know you were in trouble. Jason, you are not to speak to the police without me present. You should have called me the first time they questioned you,” Desmond admonishes.

“I know, I know. I just didn’t think this was real Uncle Des; it all seemed like a horrible dream.” Jason is running his hands over his face wearily.

“From now on, I want you both staying at your grandparents’ house. Jason, I don’t want the Bon Temps police to have any more cause to look your way.” Jason nods his head in understanding. “Sookie, how’s the investigation going?” Des asks quietly.

“I found another victim, Cindy Marshall. I can send you the police file. The lead investigator had her brother’s name circled in his notes. They were never able to find him. The theories were split thinking he had either been murdered or he had been the murderer. His name is Drew Marshall.”

Desmond nods. “Send me the file. I have other ways to find out about this Drew Marshall.”


Later that evening, Sookie waits on the front porch for Eric to arrive. She explained the plan she and Eric had come up with to her grandparents and Jason. Her brother wanted to go with her, but Sookie and Fintan both told him no. Desmond was right; Jason needed to keep a low profile so the police had no further reason to suspect him. Adele was not exactly happy that Sookie was setting herself up as bait, but Fintan assured Adele that Eric Northman would protect Sookie. As a precaution, Fintan was going to stay concealed in the woods outside of Merlotte’s; only interfering if needed.

Eric’s Corvette comes roaring down the driveway. The vanity plate says “BLOODSKR”. Sookie rolls her eyes. If she didn’t know better, she would think Eric was trying to compensate for something.

The Viking gets out of the car. He slowly walks to her and stops at the bottom of the porch steps. His fangs slide out and he hums in approval as he takes in Sookie’s appearance. She is wearing purple suede pumps, a denim miniskirt, and a purple corset top that cinches her waist while pushing her breasts up. Her hair is up in a high ponytail and hung in curls down her back. Her makeup is heavier than normal to give her eyes a smokier look. Bright red lipstick paints her lips.

“You look good enough to eat,” Eric says as he slowly walks up the steps. He stops two steps below Sookie so that they are eye level. He leans in to inhale her scent, running his fangs lightly along her skin.

Sookie shivers but puts her hands on his shoulders and pushes him lightly away from her. “Down boy,” she teases. “If you’re a good boy, you can have dessert later.”

Eric growls again, but moves down one step and gestures to the car. “Come.”

Sookie winks at him as she walks by him. “Oh, I intend to later.” Eric hisses in frustration as Sookie laughs quietly while getting in the car.

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