Chapter 15

Eric’s eyes snap open an hour before sunset. He inhales deeply. The scent of sex and Sookie cling to everything. His cock hardens and his fangs ache; he wants more.

The previous evening after staking Long Shadow, bloodlust pumped through his veins, triggering the instincts to feed and fuck. He would have advanced on Sookie, but she left the office and sent the waitresses to him and Pam. Seeing the two pathetic creatures on their knees in front of him did nothing for him; in fact, they repulsed him. He left the fangbangers for Pam and went in search of Sookie. He worried about her reaction to what had transpired with Long Shadow.

He found Sookie pouring herself shots at the bar. When he pinned her against the wall, it took all of his self-control to resist sinking his fangs in her then. She smelled incredible; sweet like honey, hints of coconut and sunshine lingering on her skin from her time outdoors, but the strongest smell was of her arousal. He would have fucked her against the bar if it hadn’t been for the silver on her skin.

Eric chuckles remembering both the appreciation and irritation he felt at hearing she was covered in silver. He appreciated her intelligence and strategy in keeping herself safe; he was irritated that he couldn’t have his way with her. But, he is a clever vampire, and still found a way to get what he wanted. The jolts of lust he felt from Sookie when he said he would punish her and when he commanded her excited him. He wanted to see how far he could push her, wanted to have her completely at his mercy.

His anger at Pam’s interruption was unprecedented. He had fucked thousands of women in front of Pam, and many times he had fucked women together with Pam. But Sookie is different; he has no intentions of sharing her. He almost attacked his own child for staring at Sookie hungrily. Never before has he felt possessive of a human, including Pam.

Eric sighs unnecessarily and makes his way to the shower to wash the scent of Sookie off him. Again, he has broken precedent by bringing Sookie to his home; his feed and fucks were usually in his office or the basement of Fangtasia. Occasionally he would take them to an apartment he kept close to the club. But never had he taken a human to his home and let them spend the night with him. While in the shower, images from the previous night play like a slow motion movie in his mind. His hand moves to his cock and he squeezes while remembering how Sookie pleasured herself in the shower. He begins stroking himself as he remembers the moans and cries of pleasure as he sucked at her breasts, the way her walls clenched around him, the feel of her fingernails digging in his skin, the sight of her on her knees in front of him sucking his cock, the way she had bitten him. Remembering her bite causes Eric to groan and shoot his cum all over the shower wall. He shakes his head and smiles wryly as he hurriedly washes himself. What the hell is wrong with him that he would rather masturbate to memories of Sookie than search for someone to entertain him for the night?

Eric dries off, moves to his closet and dresses in his uniform for Fangtasia: boots, black pants, black t-shirt, and leather jacket. He checks his email and voice mail, making note of the issues he wants Pam to handle. He logs in his computer to check the status of his other businesses. At 11:00 pm, he leaves for Fangtasia. Rather than take his car, Eric flies to the club at a leisurely pace. While in the air, he debates heading to Bon Temps to find Sookie. The urge to be with her is overpowering. Trying to ignore his urge, he lands in front of the bar. The vermin waiting in line for entrance to the club start screaming when they see him. Ignoring them, he nods at the vampire working the door, and walks in the club. Pam sits on the throne, and he nods at her as he makes his way to his office. He is handling invoices and placing orders when his cell phone rings.

“Northman,” Eric states brusquely.

“Eric, its Isabel.”


Sookie is in her bedroom with the files of the murdered women spread out on her bed. The image of the murdered woman does not match any of the victims in the files. She replays the image of the woman again, focusing on the details. The woman is about Sookie’s age, dark hair, brown eyes, pretty. She looked to be wearing a waitress uniform with a name tag on it. The name tag said Cindy and Big Patty’s Pie House.

Sookie grabs her laptop and searches Big Patty’s Pie House. She finds it in Bunkie. Using her skills, she hacks into both the state and local police departments to search for Cindy’s case file with the limited information she has.

While the search through the database is going, Sookie calls Godric. She needs his advice in more ways than one. His phone rings and rings, but he does not answer. She leaves him a message, asking him to call her as soon as possible. The only times he doesn’t answer when she calls is when he is in the middle of vampire business.

While on the phone, her search comes back with a name: Cindy Marshall. Sookie downloaded all the information to her computer. Skimming through the case file, she sees that this crime is almost two years old and it is a cold case. There is no evidence to help them find who committed the murder. The investigating officer had circled the name of the victim’s brother, Drew Marshall, and written a question mark next to it. Sookie searches the system for Drew Marshall, but nothing pops up.

Glancing at the clock in the corner of the laptop, she sees that it is almost three in the morning. She tries calling Godric again and it goes straight to voicemail.

“I need you to call me as soon as you can. I need your help. I think I’m in over my head and I think I made myself a target tonight. Please, call me,” Sookie pleads into the phone. Hanging up, she starts dialing another number.

“Fangtasia, the bar with bite,” a bored female voice says.

“Pam? It’s Sookie.”

Pam’s voice changes to one of appreciation. “Hmmm, Sookie, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call? Perhaps a repeat of your performance last night? Except of course, I will be taking the place of Eric,” Pam purrs into the phone.

“I don’t have time for your lesbian weirdness Pam. Where’s Eric?” Sookie’s voice is exasperated as she deals with the blonde female vampire.

“He’s enthralling the vermin. Hold on,” she pouts. Sookie hears Pam walking through the bar. Sookie hears Pam say, “Back off blood bag” and then the sound of someone toppling into a table. Pam returns to the phone, “Sorry about that; sometimes the vermin don’t know what their rightful place is around here. Here’s Eric.”

“Miss Stackhouse, what can I do for you this evening? Or rather, what can I do to you?” Eric’s voice vibrates through the phone. Sookie shivers as the sound of his voice temporarily makes her forget the reason for her call. All she can think about is the feel of his body against hers.

“There you go again making promises you can’t keep. It’s too late tonight for you to be able to do the things I’m thinking about,” Sookie says huskily. She hears Eric growl in response. Before the conversation can get too out of hand, Sookie returns the conversation to the reason for her call. “I was actually calling you about business.” Sookie proceeds to tell Eric everything that had transpired tonight at Merlotte’s, her conversation with Bill, and her research involving Cindy Marshall.

“You have had a busy evening Lover. Do not try to confront the killer alone; I have no wish for you to end up his next victim,” Eric states authoritatively. “Do you think the same people will be at the Shifter’s bar tomorrow night?”

Sookie shrugs even though he can’t see it. “I guess so. It’s not like there is anything else to do around this town.”

“Good,” he replies. “You and I will put on a little show for them tomorrow night. It may help you be able to pinpoint who the killer is.”

“I can do that. What do you suggest?” Sookie asks with interest.

“Oh I’m sure it will come to me,” Eric says emphasizing the word ‘come’ and Sookie giggles.

His tone changes as he begins speaking again. “I do not like it that Compton is seeking you out. I like it even less that you got in a car with him and took him to your home,” Eric states coldly.

“Oh for Gods’ sake, it’s not like I invited him in!” Sookie states in exasperation. “He wanted to talk to me about Jessica. I think he’s overwhelmed. If he didn’t think he could handle being a maker, why did he turn her to begin with?”

“Because it was either turn her or meet the True Death.”

“Oh,” Sookie says softly. Never before has she heard of this type of punishment. Whatever Bill had done, he must have pissed off someone high up in the vampire hierarchy.

“Still,” Eric says changing the subject, “I do not want you to encourage Compton. He’s always been a sneaky bastard that has his own agenda. He should not have even approached you to begin with!” Eric replies angrily.

“And why is that?” Sookie bristles hearing Eric’s hostile tone.  She’s never been one to take orders and demands.  Even Godric does not command her unless it is a safety concern.

“Because you are MINE!”

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10 Responses to Chapter 15

  1. kleannhouse says:

    so Godric isn’t answering and Isabell called Eric , so this is how Eric finds out Godric is her Papa… and that MINE word came out… KY

  2. theladykt says:

    oh no Godric!!! Ack. Glad Sookie called Eric about the murderer possibility. glad isabel called eric. Hope she gets a chance to talk to him like Fintan says before Eric finds out on his own and gets updet at her. I agree with Eric. Stay away from Scumbill.

  3. gyllene says:

    Is Eric going to find out about Sookie’s relationship with Godric and that she’s a fairy? I hope this Sookie takes being called mine better than TB or SVM Sookie.

  4. georgiasuzy says:

    Mine! I love it when that word arises. I would’ve thought that Bill could smell Eric on Sookie just as Sam did. Curious to see if he did and ignored it.

  5. vamplover669 says:

    Eric has all these new feelings to figure out plus Godric is gone now? I hope E/S can get the killer fast they have more things that need to be done. I wonder what Isabel said & will she call Sookie or will Eric ask for her help first? So it starts with the MINE business but she’s grown up being Godric’s so it may not anger her who knows?!

  6. msbuffy says:

    I always end giggling at all the “Mine!” stuff. It reminds of toddlers…”Mine! Mine! Mine!” Sook needs to let Eric know about her heritage asap, and hopefully Godric’s not been kidnapped by the FoTS. And they’ve a serial killer to find! Bill’s a loser & the least the worries, just a pain in the ass. Gotta read more!

  7. Iluvtheviking says:

    “But Sookie is different; he has no intentions of sharing her.” Ruh row. Poor Eric don’t know he’s already sharing Sookie 😦
    Glad she told Eric about Bill. Sookie shoulda know Bill could smell Eric on her like the shifter did and with her all educated on Supe ways and politics she know Bill overstepped big time and disrespected his sheriff. Hope she don’t go psycho-bookSookie over the Mine stuff. She heard it from Godric, so her knickers shouldn’t get bunched. On the bright side, if she’s his, then HE is HERS 😉

  8. itskiniki says:

    Love possessive Eric!

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