Chapter 13

The ride to Eric’s house is silent, the car filled with sexual tension. Sookie’s heart is pounding in anticipation. Having Eric get her off in the bar, with someone watching, is not like her. She isn’t a virgin, but her experience is very limited. Intimacy is difficult when you can hear every thought running through your partner’s head. But what she lacks in experience, she more than makes up for in knowledge.

Eric stops the car at a red light. He turns his head to gaze at Sookie. His blue eyes are scorching in their intensity. “Tell me what you’re thinking Lover.”

She bites her lip shyly before she replies. “I want to taste you like you tasted me.”

Eric gives her a fangy grin. He reaches for her hand and places it on his groin. “Oh believe me Lover, you will. But first, why don’t you get acquainted with the most precious part of me while I drive?” The traffic light turns green, and Eric guns the engine.

Sookie feels his cock twitch and swell under her hand. Her eyes widen as she feels just how big he is. She shudders with delight; if he is that talented with his fingers, she can only imagine what he can do with his gracious plenty.

Sookie undoes the belt, button, and zipper of Eric’s pants, slowly easing the zipper down so as not to hurt him. His cock springs forward from its confines. She wraps her hand around as much of his length as she can. She marvels at the feel of him; smooth, soft skin over hardened steel. Her thumb brushes across the head, collecting a bead of his precum. She spreads it across her fingers, lubricating her hand so that she can glide up and down his shaft easily. She alternates her rhythm and pattern; soft, feathery touches that dance up and down his length . . . firm, deep strokes that end with a slight twist of her wrist. As she touches him, Eric thrusts his hips, forcing himself further in her hands. His foot pushes the gas pedal all the way down, so they make it to his house in no time.

They pull in the garage of Eric’s home. Eric vamps out of the car, pulls Sookie out, and lifts her over his shoulder. Her hair hangs down in her face. She pushes it out of the way to see she is eye level with his perfect ass. She gives it a playful smack; he smacks her ass in return causing her to yelp.

Eric's bathroom

Eric’s bathroom

Eric sets Sookie down in what appears to be the master bathroom. The floor and walls are marble tiles in shades of green, white, and black.  The vanity is a black cabinet with a marble top. There is a garden tub and shower stall, both of which could easily accommodate four people.

He reaches in the shower stall to turn the water on. Water cascades down from a rain shower head as well as personal shower heads along the sides. Then Eric turns to Sookie and a slow wicked grin spreads across his face. He pulls off his boots, dropping each one on the floor. Sookie matches his move by stepping out of her heels while unzipping her dress. She moves her hands to her shoulders, pushing the dress off her arms to slither down her body and bunch on the floor. She is left standing there in her matching red lace bra and thong. Eric drops his leather jacket to the floor. He grasps his t-shirt at the hem ripping it from his body before tossing it to the side. His pants fall to the ground and he steps out of them. Sookie moistens her lips at the sight of Eric’s naked body. Sculpted chest and arms…muscular thighs…light blonde hair scattered down his chest and stomach, leading to his impressive cock, which stands at attention. She moves to push her thong down her legs, but Eric stops her.

“Don’t.” Eric moves in front of Sookie. Rather than reach around her back to unclasp her bra, he rips it down the center and tosses it aside. He drops to one knee in front of her, his face level with her pussy and inhales deeply. He snaps the sides of her thong so it falls away from her body. He darts forward to give her slit a lick and she cries out in pleasure.

Eric stands up and growls, “Get in.”

Sookie moves in the shower stall, standing under the rain shower head. She lets the water cascade down her body, washing away the silver glitter. Eric stands outside the shower, watching her hungrily as his hand lazily strokes his cock. Sookie grabs the body wash and pours some in her hands, creating a thick lather. She slowly spreads the soap over her body, caressing her skin as she goes. She slides her hands up her sides to her breasts, cupping them in her hands. She rolls her nipples around between her thumbs and forefingers. Her cries of pleasure echo in the shower stall as she pinches her nipples. Her hands glide down her stomach to her core, one hand moving to play with her clit and the other hand sliding along her slit. She dips a finger in her opening and moans.

She offers her wet finger to Eric. “Wanna taste?”

Eric vamps in the shower stall and sucks Sookie’s finger in his mouth. He releases her finger and pushes her down on the shower bench. He spreads her knees wide before dropping down between them. Eric spreads her lower lips with his fingers then licks along her slit. His tongue swirls around her clit before he sucks it in his mouth. Two fingers plunge inside Sookie, scissoring them to spread her open for him. She is so tight; her walls clench around his fingers as her hips swivel against his face. Eric’s blue eyes watch Sookie intently. One hand grips his hair, and the other plays with her nipple. Eric hums in approval against Sookie’s clit causing her to cry out.

Eric pulls back from her center and blows cool air across her clit. He watches her lower body clench, seeking something to hold. He raises himself so that he can give Sookie a hard kiss, letting her taste herself on his tongue. He ends the kiss with a nip to her bottom lip. “Do not stop watching what I am doing to you,” he commands. He gives her a devilish grin before eagerly diving between her thighs again.

Sookie watches as Eric plunges three fingers inside of her the same instant he starts using vampire speed to flick his tongue back and forth across her clit. Her screams become hoarse as the pleasure builds inside her body. She feels as if she is going to explode. Eric feels her on the cusp of an orgasm, so he moves his face to her inner thigh, kissing and sucking lightly on her flesh to prepare her vein for his fangs. When his fangs slide inside her femoral artery, it is the push Sookie needs for her orgasm to detonate inside her body. Her back arches so that she is perfectly straight, her eyes are unfocused, and a silent scream forms on her lips.

Eric cannot remember tasting anything this sweet even as a human. Her blood is without equal. He drinks only two mouthfuls before sealing her wounds, knowing he will enjoy the taste of her blood throughout the night. Moving his mouth back to her pussy, he licks up the remnants of her orgasm. Just seconds ago, he thought her blood was without equal, but he found something better. The taste of her cum and blood in his mouth together almost send him over the edge.

Lifting Sookie from the shower bench, he wraps her legs around his waist and thrusts in her still quivering pussy. He hisses in both pleasure and pain as her walls squeeze him. Sookie wraps her arms around Eric’s neck and moves her body up and down his shaft slowly. Eric grips her ass, helping her slide further down his shaft as his pelvic bone rubs against her overstimulated clit. He lowers his head to drag a fang along Sookie’s upper breast, creating a shallow cut, allowing the blood to flow down towards her nipple. Eric licks all around her breast before sucking the nipple in his mouth. He bites slightly with his blunt teeth which makes Sookie gasp and runs her fingernails roughly down his back. Eric thrusts his hips faster, hitting her g-spot with the head of his cock.

Sookie knows her next orgasm is going to destroy her. She’s never experienced sensory overload like this. She wants to make sure Eric enjoys it as much as she does, so she yanks on his hair, pulling his head back, to expose his neck. She crashes her lips against his for a punishing kiss, cutting her lip against the tip of a fang. He snarls as he greedily sucks the blood from her lip. When he releases her lip, she places open-mouthed kisses along his jaw, down to the crook of his neck. She sucks and licks the skin there when the urge to bite him overtakes her.

Eric howls in ecstasy and pushes Sookie against the tile wall as he feels her teeth press against his skin. He moves at vamp speed thrusting in and out of her. Sookie cannot hold back any longer and lets the orgasm wash over her. Her entire body is shaking with the force of her release. Just as she lets go, Eric slides his fangs in her neck, triggering his own orgasm. The last thing Sookie remembers is hearing Eric cry out in Old Norse.

Eric and Sookie in bedSookie’s eyes flutter open to see she is lying on her side in a bed with cream-colored sheets. She stretches lazily, a satisfied purr vibrating in her throat. She feels a cool finger tracing along her spine. She rolls over to find Eric looking at her. His elbow is bent, and his head rests in the palm of his hand. His finger moves down her arm, tickling slightly along her elbow and wrist, before grabbing her hand to bring it up to his mouth for a kiss. She grins at him like a cat that ate the canary.

“Was I out long?”

Eric shakes his head no. He moves her thumb to his lips, nipping at the pad before soothing it with his tongue. A delicious shiver runs from Sookie’s hand to her lower body. As much as she would love to continue this all night, her body is not ready for the sex Olympics.

To distract Eric, she asks, “What are you thinking?”

Eric gazes at her intently, as if he is trying to see to her soul. “I was thinking you would make a wonderful vampire.”

Sookie deadpans, “I don’t feel right without a tan.”

Eric chuckles. “You’d adapt, like we all do. Trade the sun for the moon and stars.” He laces his fingers with hers and places soft kisses along her fingers.

Sookie moves her body closer to his and grins impishly before saying, “Not me, I want ’em all.”

Eric returns her grin. “Greedy . . . I love it.” He moves in to kiss her lips softly. He pulls back staring at her intently, “You have the right temperament for a vampire.”

Sookie arches an eyebrow at him, “Why? Because I’m bloodthirsty, high-maintenance, and old as dirt?”

He nods his head while replying, “Bloodthirsty, yes.”

Sookie smacks his shoulder lightly. “I am not!”

Eric leans in to kiss her again, deeper than before. His hand moves in her hair to hold her still as his lips slant across hers. His tongue probes her mouth, caressing her tongue, flicking against the roof of her mouth. Sookie moans raggedly and pulls his body down on top of hers. The feel of his cool hard body pressed against her soft warm body is indescribable. Eric moves his lips down her chin and neck, placing kisses along the top of her breasts and collar-bone. His erection presses against her thigh.

Eric rolls them over so that Sookie is on top of him. Their banter back and forth, as well as the administrations of Eric’s mouth have gotten Sookie wet. Eric lowers Sookie down on his cock, both of them groaning at the feeling of him stretching her and pushing deeply inside her. He holds her immobile, letting her body adjust to his size. He sits up so that his chest is against hers.  His hands frame her face, forcing her to look at him.

“This is the beginning.”

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11 Responses to Chapter 13

  1. kleannhouse says:

    these two are so far gone on each other… love it KY

  2. theladykt says:

    oooh Dayum Hawt hawt hawt. Did he not notice the slight Fae flavor? Ah well who cares. GP yummy yummy . Happy Lemon Dance for you.

    • Thank you very much! I thoroughly enjoyed that dance!

      It’s funny, but while you are reading this story, I feel the need to go back and reread parts of the chapter because I don’t remember what is in each chapter anymore. Thanks for giving me the trip down memory lane!

      • theladykt says:

        Yea I know I’m behind the power curve. hard to find time to read with a full time job for the military and a part time job working for TWCS. But you made it to the top of the list so I’m reading away.

      • Well thank you very much! I appreciate it. If you get a chance and are interested in all-human stories, you should try my story In His Honor. It uses the Army as the catalyst to bring Eric and Sookie together.

        Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

      • theladykt says:

        No big into AH eric and sookie, but the military part might push me into it. lol. I’m retired Air Force myself.

  3. georgiasuzy says:

    Thank you for that visit from the Gracious Plenty! Steamy. …

  4. vamplover669 says:

    That was hot it’ll make us need a cold shower but make us yearn for our own shower with Eric! *sigh* So did that count as their first exchange? I liked the pillow talk Sookie always said it was something she enjoyed very much afterwards. Their head over heels and don’t even know it yet! When Eric wants to claim Sookie as his will she have to tell him about Godric?

    • Hi!
      Thanks for all your comments. I do not have time to respond to them all, so I will try to address everything here. No, this was not the first exchange for a bond; that will happen later. I don’t want to answer your questions about Godric’s involvement because that will give things away in the story. I will say this, I believe all of your questions will be answered within the next 10 chapters.

      Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

      • vamplover669 says:

        I only asked about the possible exchange cause each writer is different about that. So thanks for clearing that up and I understand not wanting to give away spoilers I’m hooked on this story!

  5. itskiniki says:

    This is a much bolder Sookie than I’m used to. I Like!

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