Chapter 12

Sookie’s breath is knocked out of her as she is pressed roughly against the wall. She is dazed for a second before her instinct to fight kicks in. She punches and kicks to no avail . . . until she hears the deep chuckle of her attacker.

“Why, Miss Stackhouse,” Eric purrs, “I had no idea you liked it rough. Do you like to be the dominant or the submissive?”

Sookie gazes at Eric in astonishment. His fangs are not on display, his eyes are rich with humor, and he doesn’t look any pinker than normal. She’d left him in the office assuming he was going to feed and fuck at least one, if not all, of the humans. That is why she came out to the bar and poured herself a drink. She knows it is irrational, but the idea of him fucking someone else hurt her. She knows when a vampire is in blood lust, it is damn near impossible for them to react rationally.

She blurts out, “What are you doing out here?”

Eric looks at her intensely. He sounds uncomfortable as he says, “I wanted to make certain you were well. You were attacked doing a job for me; I failed in my duty to protect you.”

Sookie scoffs. “Believe me Cowboy, I’ve been protecting myself for years from vampires. It goes with the territory. My ways of protecting myself just aren’t obvious. Speaking of, you might want to set me down; I don’t want you to accidentally burn.”

Eric raises an eyebrow at her as he places her back on her feet and takes a step back. “Why was Long Shadow smoldering?”

Sookie smirks. “It’s a trick I learned years ago. Before I came here tonight, I sprayed every visible inch of my body with silver glitter. That’s why I took my jacket off in your office. I always make sure that I’m protected this way if I am working alone.”

Eric returns her smirk with one of his own. “Clever girl.” His eyes move boldly over Sookie’s body, taking in the black, knee-length, leather dress with a slit up the front of the left thigh. The dress is sleeveless with a deep v in the front, giving a peek of the red lace from the bra Sookie is wearing. The black high heels she wears put her just below Eric’s chin. He growls in approval and leans in to whisper near her ear. “But that still leaves plenty of other areas for me to touch and taste.”

A low moan escapes Sookie as a rush of lust sweeps through her body. She feels dampness in her panties. Eric smells her arousal and growls in response. He edges the bottom of her dress up her thighs, the feel of the soft supple leather incredibly erotic against Sookie’s overheated skin. He bunches the material up around her waist, completely exposing the lower half of her body. Eric uses his right hand to trace along the outline of Sookie’s red thong, his fingers moving agonizingly slow against the material. Sookie whimpers and parts her legs; giving him better access to the area she wants him to touch the most. He rubs one finger sensuously against her slit, causing more dampness to flood her panties. She moans again and thrusts against his finger seeking more friction.

Eric’s left hand moves along Sookie’s body to her breasts. Through the material of her dress, he cups her left breast, feeling the heavy weight of it in his hand. He rubs small, tight circles against her breast, causing the nipple to pucker and harden. He pinches the nipple hard, causing Sookie’s body to shudder and arch into his touch. He moves his hand to her other breast and repeats the procedure. Sookie’s whimpers and gasps fill the air as she struggles to stay upright.

Moving his hands back to Sookie’s waist, Eric leans his lower body into Sookie’s. His rock hard erection lines up with her panty-covered pussy. He thrusts against her as he says, “I just want to bite you, fuck you, and rub myself all over you.” Sookie’s only response is to moan shamelessly as her hands move towards Eric’s body.

Eric steps back from Sookie and she whimpers in protest. In a hard voice he commands, “Put your hands back on the wall Lover.” She does as he commands, and Eric moves closer to her again. “You were a naughty girl spraying yourself with silver. You will not have the pleasure of touching my body. You will be punished for it later.” Eric’s fangs snap down as he sees evidence of Sookie’s response to his words glisten along the tops of her inner thighs.

He purrs in excitement. “Does the idea of me punishing you excite you Lover?’

Sookie nods her head slowly. He moves his right hand back to her panties, dipping his fingers inside the waist to coat his fingers in her juices. Eric moves his hand up to his face, slowly licking the juices from each finger. He then sucks a finger in his mouth, dragging his teeth along the finger as it slides out of his mouth. Sookie’s breath catches as she watches Eric. She feels like she is going to explode from the tension in her body. Watching Eric lick and suck his fingers makes her lower body clench as she imagines him doing that to her.

Eric groans in ecstasy and the bulge in his pants becomes more noticeable. “You are so fucking sweet.” Eric plunges his fingers back inside Sookie’s panties. His fingers move deftly along her slit, covering him in her juices. The heel of Eric’s palm grinds against her clit as he moves two fingers inside her. Eric curls his finger inside of Sookie, moving them in and out at a slow, torturous pace.

Sookie’s hips thrust against his hand, seeking more friction. She pants out, “More.”

Eric slips a third finger inside her, sending her over the edge. Sookie screams as her orgasm overtakes her. Her body convulses as her release rips through her body. Her heart is pounding, her breathing is erratic, and her knees buckle. Her cum flows from her body like a river as it covers Eric’s right hand. Eric pinches one of her nipples with his left hand and it triggers a second orgasm. Sookie is gasping raggedly as Eric continues thrusting his fingers inside her through the aftershocks. When Sookie’s shoulders slump and her head rolls forward, Eric pulls his hand back out of her panties. He tugs on her hair gently to force her to look at him.

“Watch me Lover,” Eric whispers to her. She raises her head and her eyes try to focus on his face. Eric chuckles seeing the dazed expression on Sookie’s face. His tongue darts out to lick a drop of her cum that has fallen to his wrist. His eyes roll back in his head, and he proceeds to slowly lick, suck, and nibble Sookie’s juices off of his own hand. When he finishes, his body shudders with his release, his hips thrusting as his release soaks his pants.

When Eric lazily opens his eyes, Sookie grabs his head and crashes his lips to hers. Their mouths fuse together as they seek to explore every inch of each other. His tongue licks at the seam of her lips, and she opens for him. Tasting herself on his tongue causes her to moan and a fresh wave of desire sweeps along her body. She caresses each of his fangs with her tongue. Eric grabs her roughly by the upper arms and hisses in pain.

He steps back from Sookie, and looks down at his hands. They are pink and tender from touching the silver, but they are already healing. “You are a dangerous woman Miss Stackhouse.”

Sookie blushes. Her mind casts about thinking for something to say, but she is completely at a loss. Her mind is still on sensory overload.

Eric smirks at her, seeing she is unable to speak. His body is already responding to the sight of the blood rushing across her skin. He wants her, aches to sink his fangs in her, and feel her pussy quivering around his cock as he thrusts in her. Never has he been so obsessed with a human before. But then again, she isn’t entirely human; he just doesn’t know what she is.

Before either of them can say anything, a third voice calls out. “I don’t mind living dangerously. It keeps things interesting.” Pam leans against one of the walls with her arms crossed. Her fangs are out, and she gazes at Sookie hungrily.

“Off you go, Pam.” Eric says in a tone that is not to be argued with.

“Fine,” she huffs and the sound of her heels click down the hallway. The back door of the club opens and closes. Eric vamps to his office and returns with Sookie’s jacket and purse. He holds the jacket out to her and she slips her arms in it. Before she can say anything, he grabs her by the elbow and leads her outside to his car.

“Where are we going?”

“My home; I’m not finished with you yet.”

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6 Responses to Chapter 12

  1. kleannhouse says:

    oh it was Eric and damn if that wasn’t hot…. KY

  2. theladykt says:

    oooh Sookie the dangerous girl. Get you man girlie.

  3. georgiasuzy says:

    That was pretty hot, especially when Eric had his happy moment just from Sookie’s taste on his fingers. Oh, how I wish I had that power LOL!

  4. vamplover669 says:

    I just love Eric going all alpha did she still manage to stay a virgin it hasn’t been mentioned?! This is weird but can Godric feel her arousal if the bond is still there? xD

  5. msbuffy says:

    Oh my. That was quite the “thank you” for a job well done.

  6. itskiniki says:

    I think when she ordered the screaming orgasm Eric misunderstood! LOL

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