Chapter 11

Flashback to the night of The Great Revelation

Secrecy is the code by which by a vampire exists. For millennia, vampires moved about in the shadows. In the beginning, it was difficult for vampires because humans were scarce, so a missing human would be very noticeable. That is why glamour was by far their greatest weapon; it gave them complete and utter control over any human. A vampire could rob a human of home, wealth, blood, and ultimately their life, and the human would have no idea what was happening. As humans advanced and improved their quality of life, improvements were also made for vampires. Cities sprang up, inventions were created, and the human population grew exponentially. But evolution came with a price; the more advanced humans became, the harder it was for vampires to keep their existence quiet.

For many centuries, there were some that were pushing for vampires, as well as other supernaturals to show themselves to the humans. Most of those creatures ultimately met their True Death at the hands of those who wished to stay in secret. However, all of this changed at the end of World War II. Human innovation was growing by leaps and bounds; many among the leaders in vampire society knew that human innovation would ultimately force them to reveal themselves. It was because of this that money was funneled to research developing synthetic blood; humans were told it was because of the lack of available blood to treat soldiers during the war. The leaders of vampire society knew that to show themselves, they must have a non-threatening food source.

After many years, a Japanese company was finally able to create synthetic blood. With this invention, vampires could finally show themselves to humans. Protocols had been in place for decades to orchestrate how the Great Revelation would be handled. In order to make the transition as painless as possible, the Authority, a branch of the Supernatural Council, made their presence known to the most progressive human governments around the world, mainly Europe, North America, and the Orient. Of course, many supernaturals were involved in human politics to protect their own interests, so the shock of the revelation was not as great as it could have been. These government leaders were glamoured so that they could not speak about vampires existing outside of the policy sessions. Vampires worked with the humans to create policies to both protect and regulate vampire society; of course, the vampires knew it was just for show. Vampires would continue to run as they always had, but they would need to exercise extreme caution to make sure there was no negative backlash. The internet was a blessing and a curse.

With everything in place, it was time for the announcement that would forever alter the course of human/vampire relations. Because of the risks associated with the announcement, Godric had called Sookie home to Dallas. She was attending school at the University of Mississippi. He knew she would be safe there because of the guards she had in place, but he wanted her home for his own peace of mind where she would be under his watchful eye.

The announcement would be broadcast simultaneously around the world; showing on MSNBC, CNN, BBC, Fox News, as well as streaming live. Sookie, Godric, and Isabel are gathered at the home of the King of Texas, Stan Davis, to watch the telecast. Isabel and Sookie sit together on a black leather couch directly across from the television, Stan sits to the side in a white leather chair, and Godric stands behind the two women. The telecast is beginning and Nan Flanagan appears on the screen dressed to look as non-threatening as possible; a navy pinstripe skirt suit, light blue shell, pearls at her neck and ears, and minimal make-up.

Isabel grimaces at the TV. “Thousands of vampires on the planet, and they chose Nan Flanagan to represent us. Whose decision was that? I thought the point was to make us look approachable and human. She’s so uptight and harsh; I think the humans would have appreciated an alligator as our spokesperson instead of her.” Everyone in the room laughs.

The room silences when the television host shifts the focus to Nan. She begins the prepared speech about the existence of vampires. To emphasize that she is a vampire, Nan drops her fangs. At the sight of her fangs, the news host visibly shrinks in their chair and you hear the crew murmuring in panic. Nan retracts her fangs and then assures everyone that they are safe. She explains about True Blood and finishes up by promoting the website set up by the Authority to answer any questions humans may have. When the telecast is over, Stan turns off the TV.

The four occupants of the room sit in silence and look at each other. It is Stan that finally speaks, “It is time for us to go. I want to see how the public is reacting to the news of vampires. Let’s go to the Red Room.” The Red Room is a multilevel club Stan owns in Dallas. Supes and humans work at the club, so Stan felt it would be one of the safest locations for them to go to. Stan drives everyone to the club in his blank Range Rover; the SUV has bullet-proof armor and glass. Sookie refers to it as “The Tank”.

Thirty minutes later, the Range Rover pulls up to the VIP valet area for the Red Room. A valet appears to take the vehicle, and the four occupants exit the vehicle and take in the scene of pandemonium that greets them. The Dallas law enforcement had set up barricades on both sides of the street around the club due to the volume of people in the area. On one side of the barricade are people protesting vampires; on the other are people supporting vampires. Leading the protestors is an elderly reverend; he has a pulpit and is preaching about eternal damnation and how vampires are an abomination. As for the supporters, they are cheering, waving signs saying “Bite me”, “Suck on this”, and other more vulgar expressions offering themselves to the vampires.

Isabel looks at the scene in wonder. “How did they know to come here to demonstrate?”

Stan looks disgusted as he gestures for everyone to enter the club. “The Authority felt it necessary to include on the website the list of vampire monarchs. They felt disclosing some of our political structure will soothe the humans. I own the club under the name Stan Davis.”

Inside the club is bedlam; it is like New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Mardi Gras, and Carnival all rolled in one. The first level of the club is a dance floor with two bars at the north and south ends of the room. The dance floor is packed and the bars have crowds three and four deep. Spiral staircases lead up to the second level which has a perimeter of booths and tables that overlook the dance floor. The Dj is suspended on a platform over the dance floor. The third level consists of VIP rooms with private entrances; the VIP rooms are usually used by vampires for feed and fucks.

Stan leads the others up to his VIP room. The VIP rooms look down on all the activity in the club, but no one can look in. The windows are soundproofed; even supernaturals cannot hear clearly what is occurring in each room. Everyone in the room settles on the plush couches to watch the activities below. A waitress enters the room; Stan orders bottles of Royalty and True Blood. In preparation for today, cases of all types of synthetic blood were delivered to the club; True Blood is the synthetic blood developed by the Japanese company and Royalty is from the company in Europe. There are several other brands of synthetic blood in development, but these were the two that committed to being available in time for The Great Revelation.

Sookie watches the scene below with interest as the vampires continue to discuss the reactions to tonight. She is tuning out their conversation and focuses on the dancers below. It looks like an orgy with the way people are writhing against one another. Looking at the booths on the second floor, Sookie can tell there are vampires in the booths feeding and fucking on willing humans.

The waitress returns with the drinks. She smiles at Stan, dipping lower than necessary to display her cleavage, and Stan’s fangs run out. She presents Stan with his glass of Royalty and hands glasses to Isabel and Godric. She hands Sookie a glass of blood too; Sookie rolls her eyes and sets the glass down. Sookie’s head instantly snaps towards the waitress; Godric seeing Sookie’s reaction instantly pins the waitress to the wall.

What is it Little One?”

She thinks vampires are an abomination and should be destroyed. She has a stake in her boot that she plans to use on a vampire tonight,” Sookie replies in disgust. The sounds of three sets of fangs are heard in the room. Sookie moves to Godric’s side. “You have to glamour her. You can’t retaliate for what she attempted to do; it would only lead to more aggression.” Godric looks to Stan to see if he agrees with Sookie’s assessment. Stan nods once. Godric glamours the waitress so that she forgets she came to work that evening. She is to leave immediately and return home. Tomorrow she is to quit her job. Once finished, Godric releases the waitress and she quickly leaves the room.

Stan looks at Sookie shrewdly. “You have done me a great service this evening; thank you. Your ability will make you very valuable in the days to come. You need protection, far more than what you currently have.”

End flashback

The night of the Great Revelation was another drastic change in Sookie’s life; that was officially the night she announced her ability as a telepath to the supernatural community. Those closest to her have always known, but kept it secret for Sookie’s protection. Godric’s lawyer created a contract that stated Sookie was his asset. The lawyer created a second contract stating the King of Texas would protect Sookie in exchange for use of her telepathic services.

Godric’s lawyer also drew up a similar contract for Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi. When Sookie decided to go to Ole Miss, Godric contacted Russell and called in a favor to have Russell protect Sookie while she resided in his state because of her ability. In exchange for his protection, Sookie worked for Russell when he needed. Sookie had proven useful on several occasions, the most important of which had been when she protected Betty Jo Pickard, Russell’s second, from being staked in a local club.

Sookie was protected by three of the oldest vampires in America, two of which were monarchs. She worked for Stan and Russell throughout college. Once she graduated from Ole Miss, she expanded her client list to include those monarchs that were either friends or allies of Godric, Stan, or Russell. Once the Authority found out about Sookie, they offered her a contract as well. It was through the Authority that she had learned of the murders of vampire-friendly women in Louisiana.

As Sookie pulls in the employee parking lot of Fangtasia, she finds Eric waiting for her beside the employee entrance. His hands are in the pockets of his leather jacket, and one foot is leaning against the wall of the building. She turns the car off, takes a deep breath to collect herself, and then vacates the car to walk towards Eric. He does not say anything to her, but turns to open the door and walk inside. Sookie follows after him, her eyes enjoying the view from the rear almost as much as she enjoys the view from the front.

Eric leads her to his office where two other vampires are waiting. He gestures to the two vampires as he sits down at his desk. “Sookie, these are the co-owners of Fangtasia: Pam and Long Shadow.” Sookie inclines her head towards each vampire as is proper protocol; they merely blink in return.

Sookie takes off her jacket and places it on the back of the chair she chose before sitting down. She turns to face Eric and says in a brisk, no-nonsense tone. “If I find that any humans are responsible for the theft of the money from your club, you will turn them over to human law enforcement.”

Pam scoffs, “Like hell we will.”

Sookie does not acknowledge the outburst. She keeps her eyes trained on Eric. “Those are my terms, take it or leave it. I will not be a participant in something that could land me in jail.”

Eric regards her coolly. “And if I don’t accept?”

Sookie shrugs. “Then I walk, and you’re still out $60,000.”

His fangs snap down in anger. “I could stop you.”

She smiles in response. “I’ve got skills you can’t even dream about, Cowboy. I know you have four humans in the bar area; one male, three female. The male is your accountant and he fears for his life because he found the mistake. He didn’t do it, but he is having an affair on his wife with his secretary. One of your waitresses has been so heavily glamoured her mind is like Swiss cheese, full of holes. The other two waitresses are hoping they are here to privately entertain “the Master”. In addition to that, you have two vampires in the basement.” Sookie sits back in her chair in triumph.

“Color me impressed,” Pam says evenly. “Do you know if any of the waitresses stole the money?”

“They’ve been glamoured. I can look through the glamour, and contact makes that easier. But I don’t think I need to do that, she says cryptically. Before Eric or Pam can react, Long Shadow vamps to Sookie’s side with his fangs extended, ready to attack. His hands grab her and his mouth lowers to her neck. Before Long Shadow can bite, he screams and backs away from Sookie. His hands and face are both smoldering with burn marks. Long Shadow growls and moves to attack again, but Eric plunges a stake in his back. The vampire explodes into a pile of goo. Eric drops the stake and it rattles on the floor. Parts of his body are splattered with Long Shadow’s blood and his fangs are out. Pam’s fangs are out as well. Both vampires look at Sookie, who is also covered in Long Shadow’s blood, with naked hunger on their faces.

Sookie slowly backs away from Eric and moves to the office door. She opens the door to let some fresh air in. Still seeing the bloodlust on the faces of both Pam and Eric, Sookie calls for the waitresses to come back to the office, saying that their master needs them. The three women sashay through the door, trying to appear as alluring as possible to the vampires. Two of the women move towards Eric, dropping to their knees in front of him and offering their necks; the other woman moves towards Pam, tilting her head to the side. Sookie moves away from the office before she can see what happens, and quickly walks to the bar.

In the bar, she finds Bruce, the accountant, still sitting at a table, his fear spikes when he sees the blood on Sookie. She tells him that he is free to go, the culprit has been found. Bruce scurries out of the club without a backwards glance. Sookie moves to the bar, grabbing a bottle of tequila and a shot glass. She pours the tequila and hurriedly pounds the shot. She pours another one, but before she can toss the drink back, a vampire has her pinned against the wall.

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  1. kleannhouse says:

    oh this was going good until she gets pinned, i wonder who it is… KY

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    I so love book russell. I prefer him as a good guy. Buh Bye Longshadow.

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    Oh, hell no, you don’t mess with Sookie on a straight tequila night! I love this story 🙂

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    She was pretty impressive so you let her keep the microwave fingers cool?! Yikes, I wonder who’s pinned Sookie I thought Pam & Eric would be engaged for quite a while unless it’s a fairy?!

  5. itskiniki says:

    Its amazing how she managed to stay calm through all of that!

  6. fffbone says:

    What kind of Bond does Godric have with Sookie? Is it a blood one?

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