Chapter 42

Same night, but a different perspective…

Feeling Sookie’s pain pushes Eric beyond any bloodlust he has ever felt before. He meant every word he said earlier; he will kill every last one of those that have injured his mate. His desire for vengeance is so great that he can feel his mood affecting his maker as well. Pausing outside the entrance of the house, he uses his senses to find the location of his adversaries. Godric and Fintan quickly reach his side. Eric can hear three hearts beating from where he stands; two heartbeats are at a normal level, one is going nearly as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. Eric growls in anger as he hears Sookie’s screams of pain.  With a roar, he crashes through the door and vamps up the stairs, intending to get to his mate. Godric and Fintan are not far behind. As Eric blurs up the stairs, he stops with his fangs extended. Down the hallway is none other than Bill Compton.

If it were possible for a vampire to defecate, Bill would have. His eyes are wide as saucers; his mouth hangs open in shock. Bill recovers from his shock to run down the hallway, trying to get away from the elder vampire. Deciding he wants to toy with his prey, Eric takes off after Bill at a human’s pace. He can tell that Bill has run out of the house into the surrounding woods, so he rises into the air to search for Bill. He can see him blurring through the woods. Eric grins in delight; it has been a long time since he has hunted. He floats to the ground and immediately takes off. He uses his vampire senses to track Bill, though he does not need to. He is at least five times older and stronger than the antebellum vampire; he will catch up to him in no time. Eric runs at full speed through the woods, gaining on Bill. He is about to overtake the younger vampire when a piece of wood flies through the air like a missile, aimed for his non-beating heart.


It’s after 3:00 am, Pam and Jessica are escorting Jason home from their evening at Fangtasia. The evening had been uneventful. Pam knows something is going on between the human and the baby vampire. Pam’s eyes drift towards Jessica, who is pouting in the passenger seat of the mini-van. Pam had teased the red-haired vampire about it several times through the evening as the fangbangers swarmed around Jason like he was fresh meat. Even though Jason’s skin is a nice bronze from all his time in the sun, the fangbangers thought he was a new vampire in the area. Jessica was jealous of the attention Jason received, thinking he was going to take one of them up on their offer. Jason being Jason was completely oblivious about why all the fangbangers were talking to him. Since he knew he was in a vampire bar, he knew all the humans here wanted a vampire. So if they were talking to him, they were just being nice.

So now Jason sits in the middle row of the mini-van wondering why Jessica is mad at him. It’s not like he had done anything wrong tonight. Hell, he should be mad at her since he knew she disappeared with two guys earlier in the evening. She prolly fucked ‘em. That didn’t sit well with him. Since the night he’d been with Pam and Jessica, he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the red-haired beauty. It’s not like that had been the first threesome he’d had, though it was definitely the hottest since Pam and Jessica have no inhibitions. They had done things to him and each other that…Jason shifted uncomfortably on the seat. Thinking like that wasn’t the best idea since he was wearing a tailored suit that didn’t leave much room for growth.

Pam pulls the vehicle to a stop outside of Jason’s house. She rolls her eyes at the other occupants of her car, getting out of the car in a huff. “I’m going to check the area to make sure nothing is out there. Are you fucktards going to sulk in my car all night, or are you actually going to fuck?” Looking at the blank stares from Jessica and Jason, Pam throws her hands up in the air. “Save me from fucking feelings!” She vamps off into the night to check the woods surrounding Jason’s home.

Jason looks in the direction Pam left in, “What the hell’s she talkin’ ‘bout, Jess?”

Jessica gets out of the van chuckling. She opens the door for Jason and he hops out. “Come on, let’s talk inside.”

Once inside, Jason moves quickly to his bedroom to change out of his suit. He stands in the hallway wearing his jeans and nothing else. Jessica’s mouth pops into an O. Jason has his arms up, his hands holding on the door frame that leads to the hallway. Each and every one of his muscles is on display for Jessica’s viewing pleasure. Her fangs slide down as her arousal grows. She puts her hand up to hide her fangs, embarrassed that she couldn’t control her reaction to his body.

“Don’t hide ‘em, Jess,” Jason admonishes Jessica as he walks towards her. He grabs her arm, gently lowering it to her side. “They’re part of who you are. Never be ashamed of who you are.” He looks at her shyly and mumbles, “You’re beautiful.”

Jessica drops her eyes shyly and shifts nervously on her feet. “You think I’m beautiful?”

Jason nods his head and nervously runs his hand through his hair. “Well, look at ya. All the fangbangers wanted ya. I was kinda jealous,” he says sheepishly.
Jessica moves closer to Jason, “You were?” She runs her finger down the center of Jason’s chest to the waist of his jeans. “I was jealous too.”

They lean into each other, their lips almost touching, when the door flings open, and they jump apart. Pam is standing in the doorway with a struggling vampire in her arms. “Friend of yours?”

Jason’s eyes widen when he takes in the vampire in Pam’s arms.  “Hadley?!?!?!?!?!”

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  2. askarsgirl says:

    I pray you update this soon!

  3. kleannhouse says:

    great chapter, wonderfullllllll cliffiessss….. duck and cover KY

  4. lostinspace33 says:

    Not a cliffie!!!!!!!!!

  5. tbfanengirl says:

    Evil evil mistress leaving us with a double cliffhanger. But I love it!!! Keep up the wonderful writing!!!

  6. Nia says:

    Oh the cliffy great chapter can’t wait for te next one

  7. murgatroid98 says:

    Yikes! Who threw a piece of wood at Eric? I’m believing Eric is fast enough to dodge it. And Hadley’s there? Jason and Jess are sweet together.

  8. loretta412 says:

    wow now I be checking my email 100 times a day looking for updates!

  9. Loftin says:

    You really are evil! Lol I love it. Can’t wait for more.

  10. gyllene says:

    A double cliffie! I hope we don’t have to wait long for the next chapter.

  11. georgiasuzy says:

    This is getting better and better! I hope the next chapter is EPOV killing Lorena!

  12. msbuffy says:

    Oh man. I’ll be impatiently awaiting the update! Breathtaking suspense & excitement!

  13. gwynwyvar says:

    Bill, Hadley. Talk about a double cliffy! You have yet again proven your evilness, congratulations are in order… I think however that I need yo hunt down my frying pan… Wonder how those ADD could defeat the mighty pan? Mwahahahahaha ;P

  14. vamplover669 says:

    Wow, was that the plan for Bill to bait Eric and Lorena try to take him out or is it someone else? I know QSA wanted Hadley to go after Sookie I wonder what she’ll have to say for herself? Will Pam lock her up in Fangtasia’s basement?

  15. theladykt says:

    Lol for jealous Jessica. Ack for wood missile

  16. itskiniki says:

    Bill was probably running to his vampire Mommie…he’s such a tool. And Hadley better have a damn good reason for being there unless she’s following her makers orders.I think they should kick her ass then ask questions! BLOODLUST!

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