A New Day

This is a picture of the image last night from Baltimore City. At least 15 structures, not to mention over 100 vehicles, were burned to the ground due to rioters.


But today there is a much different picture of the city.

11198768_648589315275819_1384659111_n 11208939_648590368609047_1596855349_nThere is a strong military presence downtown to make certain things stay safe.

11121130_648591055275645_42620826_n People gathering peacefully in the areas of yesterday’s riots and fires.

11117883_648588231942594_2029458102_nPeople working to clean the streets and remove the damage from yesterday.

11178383_648588241942593_619626409_n11186417_648590125275738_1399194494_nPeople giving food and water to the people protecting our city.

These new images are of the city I love; the city that comes together to help each other and take care of each other.

Some of you may have seen this floating around Facebook today and the news.  In my opinion, more parents should have done this.  I know my mother would have.

11208953_648590378609046_947549756_nI want to buy that mother dinner and shake her hand!

I’ll leave you with this.



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4 Responses to A New Day

  1. anem72 says:

    What a massive difference 12 hours can make. So glad the police and soldiers are keeping you all safe today. It’s wonderful to see people volunteering and donating drinks, what a wondeful testament to your city. My nephew is a police sergeant in England; these pictures would astound him – that just wouldn’t happen here. They are more likely to have drinks thrown at them.

    I’d like to buy that woman dinner too. I whole heartedly agree with the sentiments of those posters too. It is an unfortunate fact that minorities will use a tragic event to forward their own agendas or use it as an excuse for violence. I wonder how many people rioting actually knew what started the trouble in the first place?

    Glad you are still safe and hope there is no more trouble xxx

  2. msbuffy says:


  3. Nia says:

    Such a huge difference from yesterday! It’s always a beautiful sight when the community gets together to get things back to rights. I agree with you more parents should do what that mom did.

  4. Nat says:

    Real glad things seem to be calming down! Just a little different perspective on that mother’s actions:

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