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Yes that also refers to the title of the last chapter of A Queen’s Command, but it also refers to my New Year’s resolution. Don’t look at me like that!  I know I’m nearly three months late , but better … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day

3.14159265359 . . .  You get the point. Of course, my husband thought when I said Happy Pi Day, it meant he got to eat pie. I know Viking;  I rolled my eyes too. I’m giving you the updates early … Continue reading

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Blame Arrow!

So Thursday a snow storm hit my area of the East Coast.  I left work early and ended up staying home Friday because my car does not handle snow and ice-covered roads.  I was excited because I thought I’d be … Continue reading

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A woman of few words . . .

This was a bad week, so you are only getting two updates. A Queen’s Command – He Really Stepped In It Now Bridal Party Woes – Bad Boys Thank you to Kleannhouse for her amazing beta skills.

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