SuperBowl Sunday

First up my lovelies, the contest entries are in for my dear Kelpie’s Inked Contest. Click here if you want to read the entries.  There are two in the SVM/TB fandom and one in the The Mortal Instruments fandom.

Second, my dear Kittyinaz also has a contest that finished up yesterday.  I do not know when her contest entries will be posted.

I can neither confirm or deny that I have entered either contest.  You will have to wait and see.  However, I highly encourage everyone to go read all the entries.  It’s nice to see new stories for our fandom when it seems the pool has dried up.

Now on to something serious for a moment . . .  As many of you know, I have had issues with migraines off and on for a while.  Well, it got so bad this week that I broke down and went to the doctor.  He in turn referred me to a neurologist.  The problem is, my appointment isn’t for four months.  In the meantime, I am to remove all foods from my diet that are known to trigger migraines (I miss Starbucks and Coke!), avoid stress (yeah, good luck with that), and most importantly, limit my time on electronic devices to no more than four hours a day.  So that means you may not get story updates as often as you like. I will still write, but the process is going to be much slower now since I will be doing all of my writing on paper and then typing it up when I get time.  My husband has taken my phone and tablets away from me when he thinks I’ve been on them too much.  So I am asking that you please be patient with me.  I still have the desire to write, but health comes first.

Here are your story updates for this week.  As always thanks to be dear kleannhouse for all her work.

Bridal Party Woes – Stalker

Life in the Fast Lane – Moving Forward

Nymphomania – In Da Club



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What can I say? My little shipper heart hated how SVM and TB treated Eric, so I have made it my mission to create worlds where the Viking always gets the girl. :-)
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10 Responses to SuperBowl Sunday

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I hope these changes make you feel better! We can wait for updates!

  2. I hope you get better soon 🙂 …

  3. suzymeinen says:

    I hope these changed help and that when you finally get to a doc they can help too. We can be patient with updates, you concentrate on your health.

  4. msbuffy says:

    Don’t worry about the updates. Take care of yourself. I’m surprised that the dr. told you to avoid caffeine unless you’re overdoing it. Most over-the-counter migraine meds contain caffeine. Watch the amount of tea you consume though; tea actually contains more caffeine than coffee, unless you’re drinking Starbucks! If you wear glasses, try getting the lenses that self adjust. As another migraine sufferer, I can’t tell you how much these help! Extremely bright light is one of my triggers so Transition lenses are a God send! They work well at night too with the glare from the extra-bright headlights on some of the cars these days. I’ve had migraines ever since I was 8, and the only dietary solution I’ve found is avoiding red wine with its high nitrates; really any with nitrates, foods high in MSG so watch your Chinese food takeout, and unfortunately, chocolate. Dark chocolate doesn’t seem to be as bad as milk chocolate though, and if I really want it, hey, chocolate & coffee make a great breakfast!
    Have you ever considered that these were part of the problem you have with your sinuses? They could be related. It’s worth asking.
    Take care, and I hope you can stay migraine free until you see the neurologist.

    • Well msbuffy, caffeine helped my migraines for a time, but then I received no benefit from it. As for glasses, I do not wear them. I have found that I am extrememly sensitive to light while I have a headache, so I am taking to wearing sunglasses in my office at work. We have 12 LED fluorescent lights in our office and it’s like being outside at high noon on a sunny day in the Sahara.

      I do not drink red wine; very rarely eat Chinese, though I have given up the soy sauce with my sushi; and yes, I have given up chocolate. That’s actually not too bad to me.

      The doctor I went to last week was actually my ENT. I thought all of this was triggered by my sinuses because the pain was similar to what I experienced before my second sinus surgery. My doctor is awesome though and he did a thorough examination, including scoping my nose to see what’s going on in my head. He said my sinuses are clear, so the problem is not there. He also did a quick eye exam and since I could read the bottom of the eye chart from across the room, he didn’t think my eyes were the problem either. All the suggestions I’m following are his in preparation for the neurologist.

      On the plus side, I’m on day 4 without caffeine and I haven’t killed anyone yet. And it’s the second day in a row I haven’t had any pain! WOOHOO!

      • msbuffy says:

        Good for you on the caffeine! Congratulations! That can sometimes bring on a headache so two days without? Fantastic!! I’d be homicidal. I only drink 3 cups a day but I used to drink way more than that! It’s great that it’s not your sinuses or your eyes. Sensitivity to light, especially the type used in office settings isn’t unusual & often brings on migraines for those of us who suffer the burden and pain by these and other office conditions. There’s other lighting that could be used, but naturally, it’s more expensive. Great idea about the sunglasses though! You are just so smart!! Hmm…now you’ve got me wondering if it’s your hormones. You’re probably between 28-38, right? I know you’re under 40. Those damn things will cause migraines too. I’m just attempting to think/recall the many things that caused mine before “msb: The Epileptic Years.” Mine were caused by those & stress in those days (maybe even epilepsy before I knew it), and I was also told to eliminate stress, but the doctor wouldn’t take my 3 kids or pay me not to work… How they hel do eliminate stress? Die? I had one that started late Tues. night & lasted into the early am Weds. I just got up with my hubby, took my magic beans & had some coffee, and not long after, it was gone. I have to take the meds asap, if not, then it worsens and I’m stuck sometimes all day. Then I made the mistake of talking to my mother…
        I wish you didn’t have to wait so long to see the neurologist though! There’s no other one that you could see? Well, I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts & prayers for fewer migraines and good results for all the measures you’re taking to prevent future ones. Let me know how that avoiding stress is working for you… I’ll keep going with the WOO-HOO’s as long as I hear you’re not having any pain! Good luck to you!! 🙂

  5. redjane12 says:

    I hope you feel better soon… I know nothing about migraines but I had a period of bad headaches and a doc friend recommended I tried to increase how much water I drank every day (not much in all honesty) and it made a huge difference… I don’t like water much so had to add sugar-free flavourings (cordials and such but keeping coffee and tea to a minimum) but it has been worth it.
    Thank you for the updates but if you don’t feel well, everyone will understand if you need a bit of a break…

  6. gwynwyvar says:

    Take care dear.
    Love all your writing, and have mubh to catch up on, but I understand you needing to look aftre your health first. Hope the migraines can caln down before the neurologist appointment.

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