Chose wisely . . .

Like many of you, I was not satisfied with the season première of True Blood.  As many of you know, I’m working on a Season 7 rewrite.  I had hoped to use the episodes as a springboard for my rewrite, but, I’m not sure that’s going to work.  So I’m making up my story now.

And this is where I need your help.  There are an abundance of characters still alive, or undead depending on how you look at it.  So . . .

Who shall we kill off?

Let me hear it ladies and gentlemen.  I want to know what characters you want to see meet the True Death; who you want to see paired together;

Remember . . .





About mj1028

What can I say? My little shipper heart hated how SVM and TB treated Eric, so I have made it my mission to create worlds where the Viking always gets the girl. :-)
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30 Responses to Chose wisely . . .

  1. gabbieannie says:

    Billy should have been offed a long asssed time. Alcide needs to find his balls that Debbie was barried with. Pammy needs to take the stake out of her arse. LaLa needs to find a new boy toy. And it looks to be Jessica’s vamp. Oh and Arlene she needs to I don’t even know she’s just annoying

  2. Kittyinaz says:

    hmmm.. I would like to see the beginners left. Kill off any who weren’t there for Season 1. I can’t think of any new ones who I would want there. And Sam. Cause he is an asshole. And yes, I do include Alcide in it, though you made him somewhat redeemable, I still hate him.

  3. Violet, and hook Jason and Jessica back up. Tara’s mom can go and most definitely Bill! And definitely need to give Sookie her brain back and then get her and Eric back together.

  4. Adriana says:

    1) Bill. He should have been gone since season 3 right along with his maker.
    2) Tara.
    3) All the annoying new vamps and people that the writers continuously pull out of their ass.
    4) Lettie Mae because, damn!
    5) Sam, just on principle
    6) Hoyt’s mom…because…damn!
    7) Warlow or whoever the frickin’ big bad is that has no reason to be around because of # 3
    8) Anyone that Eric is romantically linked to that isn’t Sookie because it’s bad enough that CH screwed us out of that HEA.

    And, Sookie needs to dump Alcide and bring back her inner badass!

    Thank you for listening. 🙂

  5. padore says:

    You can never go wrong with eliminating Bill. Otherwise, surprise me….I love surprises…unless they involve bad things being done to Eric….grrrr!

  6. jroxraytech says:

    Ok number 1 is no surprise Bill
    2. Violet
    3. Alcide
    4. Ms. Fortenberry
    5. Willa ( on principle that her being a vamp was stupid story line to begin with)
    6. Arlene( without Terry she has no reason)
    5. Sam ( is actually #2 pick)

  7. tj6james6 says:

    Copied and pasted some of this from Adrianna.
    1) Bill. He should have been gone since season 3 right along with his maker. Agreed. IMO there have been plenty of ways/times for him to be ended but HBO lost their own balls somewhere along the way and refuse to look for them.
    2) Tara. HELL YES! Bitch should have stayed dead in the first damn place! Never liked her in the show! She had a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas. Liked book Tara because she made something of herself and didn’t hate the world.
    3) All the annoying new vamps and people that the writers continuously pull out of their ass. YES!
    4) Lettie Mae because, damn! Damn is right! Anyone that mean and ornery needs to be fed to the gators.
    5) Sam, just on principle. Just because the idiot couldn’t look after his own damn bar so how the hell do they expect him to look after bumfuck?! Can you imagine all the city planners and council members calling in sick as often as the bar employees did?
    6) Hoyt’s mom…because…damn! DOn’t like her either but we do need to leave someone to despise.
    7) Warlow or whoever the frickin’ big bad is that has no reason to be around because of # 3
    8) Anyone that Eric is romantically linked to that isn’t Sookie because it’s bad enough that CH screwed us out of that HEA.
    Someone please help Sookie find HER balls! They used to be quite large but they shrunk and fell off somewhere.
    Give Lala someone to love who loves him back.
    Let Eric grieve.
    Show Pam who’s boss.
    Kill HBO, AB and Buckner.
    Oh yeah, find a creative and totally fucked up way to kill off CH as well as Felipe and Freyda
    I have a huge ass list of characters who need a character transplant, lol, can you tell?

  8. shoegirl01 says:

    Bill – but of course
    Violet – Jason would be better off with Jesica
    Mrs Fortenberry and all
    Tara’a mom
    Keepers: Lala, Jason, Willa, Jessica, Adelyn(?), Tara – Pam needs to step up (so does Eric) and take responsibility
    I feel a tad blood-thristy!

  9. missron80 says:

    Everyone dead except Pam, Eric, Willa (I am oddly fond of her), Sookie, Alcide ( but de-flea’d, neutered and sent to a nice farm), and Jason only because Sookie would be sad if he died…………

    In fact, I often dream of a spin-off series about Pam and Eric. Ooooooh how wonderful that would be

  10. Heather says:

    1. Kill Bill
    2. Jason and Jessica together!
    3. I wish Jesus could come back, I loved him and Lafayette, Just someone great for him!!
    4. I didn’t like Willa at first, but I was jealous..Haha..I like her now. Eric needs to come back and actually be her maker.
    5. Alcide is hot!! But not with Sookie..It just looks so fake!!
    6. Who am I kidding as long as Eric and Sookie end up together, I’m Happy!! 🙂

  11. nordiclover says:

    I think we all agree that Bill should be the first then Alcide which isn’t write for Sookie…. Tara,Violet,Sam and Hoyts mum….. Lets keep Willa , Pam ans eric ….

  12. msbuffy says:

    I’m gonna have to think on this for a little while.

  13. Lettie Mae needs to go, useless character
    James the vamp needs to go
    Aidlyn the fairy needs to go, wth is she doing in the storyline anyways
    Willa is cute but another useless story line and without her maker is a sitting duck
    Tara hates her life and should go
    Nicole, SAMs baby mama should go
    Arlene needs to be back to a minor character or go, she was just a work friend anyway.
    Violet needs to go
    Jessica needs a real storyline again or to die for some great cause
    All the hep v vamps need to die a slow death
    Alcide needs to disappear back to Jackson, he doesn’t necessarily need to die
    Holly and Andy need to go back to their supporting roles
    Hoyt’s mom needs to shut her pie hole.

  14. gwynwyvar says:

    1- Bill. Self explanatory really 😦
    2- Tara. Unless you can un-whiney that bitch, I’ve wanted her dead for a long time. Can’t tell you how hard I grieved when she DIDN’T die *sigh*
    3- Mrs Fortenberry. Then you can bring Hoyt back 🙂
    4- Sam… He’s past his useby date. But it would be cool if he could sacrifice himself somehow.
    5- Arlene. Well past her useby date. What does she actually bring to anyone?
    6- Violet. Manipulative bitch. We already have one, her name is Pam. No substitutes accepted.

    1 – Eric and Sookie. And, obvious lol.
    2 – Hoyt and Jessica. I think they were great together. And I’m guess Hoyt can come back a little wiser, tougher and more self confident.
    3a – Jason and Willa. I’ve kinda got a soft spot for the girl. OR
    3b – Jason and Addy. I just think he would be better as a protector for either of these girls.
    4- James with Willa (if she isn’t with Jason), or Lala.
    5- Can you bring Jesus back? Or… someone equally awesome if Lala isn’t with James?

    Keep Alcide around, he’s good muscle. Or kill him off… meh, not fussed enough to care either way.

    Have fun writing!

  15. tatie87 says:

    Please get rid of Bill some way. I don’t care how he goes. As for other people: Adaline (Andy’s daughter), Arlene, Sam’s wife, Lettie Mae, and Violet. Maybe even Jessica needs to go. I like her, but hate her connection to Bill. Also, please disregard all the random people that are running around in the season 7 premiere as the ‘resistance’.

  16. ericluver says:

    Pretty much agree with everyone.
    1. Kill Bill….but painfully and s l o w l y!!!!!!!!! (that goes without saying)
    2. Eric and Sookie HEA…but a ballsy, sassy, got-my-mojo-back, non-doormat Sookie! An “I’m claiming my man/vampire” Sookie! He’s MY Eric *looks fierce*
    2.5 I don’t EVER want to see/read about Sookie dressed in her Stepford-wife Sunday best again *shudder* That hat…gag!
    3. Kill off Tara (Yay for Episode 1) Never did like her.
    4. Get rid of (I don’t care how) Violet (Jason needs to be with Jess), whoever the big bad is (Sarah Newlin?), any new love/sex interests of Erics, and get rid of Alcide and Sam.
    5. Keep Willa. I kinda like/feel sorry for her. (I’m over my jealousy now…just!)
    6. Pam needs to get her “nicer” snark on. Get the stick outta her ass and get back to her funny/clever one-liners….and get over her “fairy vagina” hating schtick. (although sometimes I hate Sookie too *sigh*)
    7. I don’t care enough about, Arlene, Lettie-Mae, Mrs Fortenberry or Adelyn or the rest of Bon Temps for that matter, to have an opinion. Besides Bon Temps has to be left with SOME inhabitants.
    8. Almost forgot. Find Lala a lovely new boyfriend who’ll cuddle and kiss him, has great fashion tips, and will look after him and buy him all the bling and eye-shadow he could ask for. He deserves it!
    Now get cracking! 🙂

  17. jules3677 says:

    To kill or not to kill. Let’s see now:
    Willa; she has served her purpose.
    Tara: though I hear they have already done that. But just in case, make sure she stays dead.
    Bill: honestly he should have been top of the list.
    Alcide: he is irritating
    Arlene: she should have been second on the list The kids will hopefully be okay once she is goes
    Lettie-Mae: irritating.
    Sam: can he be “offed” by another shifter? Poetic justice 🙂
    Violet & Jason: one big ball of fire
    Maxine Fortenberry: due to stress developed bulimia then choked while throwing up
    Andy: work accident, didn’t clean his gun & when attempting to use ii gun exploded in his hand
    Adelyn: yes. Jessica had a small fae set back
    Jessica: guilt. Though apparently vampires don’t feel guilt. Then again she is a newbie, what would she know. Her maker never told her anything.
    Felipe: he deserves true death

    Eric & Sookie
    Pam & a new up & coming clothes designer she discovered while searching for Eric

    Sorry, Lala is going to be an old maid. He can take over the hotel turn it into a nightclub. Turn the town gay since all the existing inhabitants were drained by the marauding diseased vampires.

    jules 🙂

  18. valady1 says:

    I guess this is redundant, but here is my “death” wish list
    1. Bill, and can you do it more than once, just for emphasis?
    2. Lettie Mae (never before has an actress done such a good job of making a character totally unlikeable and just downright annoying every time she is on screen).
    3. I realize you can’t kill everyone who lives in Bon Temps, although nearly all of them deserve to go (I like Rev Daniels for instance), so that means our favorite characters needs to put this town in their rear view mirror and move far far away. Perhaps Sweden?
    4. Violet, because she’s a controlling abuser and Jason deserves better.
    Who I like
    1. Lala needs some happiness, too bad you can’t bring Jesus back because they were perfect together.
    2. Tara doesn’t die, because the Northman clan needs to be reunited (Pam, Willa, Tara, and papa Eric).
    3. I don’t want Alcide to die, just get over Sookie and find some nice were girl to settle down with
    4. Sam and whats her names (baby momma), need to get married and be a family (oh and get Merlotte’s back, because that whole Arlene owns it and runs it now is just stupid). And I’m imagining their bigoted grandmother having a cow seeing their family name on a bar.
    5. Maxine Fortenberry needs to fall in love with a vampire because that would just feel like justice after all her hatefulness toward Jessica
    6. Jessica & jason should be together
    Well, that’s a start.. I know whatever you come up will be satisfying and well written (unlike the writers on True Blood)..

  19. miss_lavande says:

    hum hum … who to kill ?
    good question! my first idea would be KILL BILL. or been tortured for eternity
    i’ also would’nt mind the death of the vamps who joined the main group after vamp camp.
    Willa is not so important, Eric wouldn’t have abandoned her so soon after turning her if he cared about her. on my opinion he just did it to get back at the governor and to have a naive southern girl a is side since he couldn’t have Sookie.
    you may also kill the author who had the idea of Eric sunbathing on a mountain top.
    I don’t know if you saw the teaser for the episode 2 by there is a sentence we hear “Eric is gone…” I’m like Pam I don’t believe it. if they did it, i ‘ll cross the Atlantic ocean and show those guys how a french girl can kick their ass.
    have a nice day

  20. Sharon says:

    Since I refuse to spend my money on S7 and I don’t wont to take the chance that my watch will increase their numbers, I will not me watching this show anymore. I will continue to watch Eric on Youtube. Now that I am done with my rant, on to your question
    1. Bill – never liked him. Did he ever do anything right on TB? Can not stand his holier then thou attitude. He needs to die in a very long and painful way, everyone needs to see what a cowardly tool he is and Eric needs to kill him.
    2. Sam – nothing is ever his fault, if he had been up front with Sookie from the beginning things might of been different. It is to late for him now and he just needs to be put down.
    3. Arlene – what is the point of her being, just a pain in the ass.
    4. Tara – yes she had a bad childhood but that is no excuse for her actions from the very beginning.
    5. Lets just say every vampire introduced in S6 except for Willa.
    1. Eric and Sookie – because I want Eric happy. He and smart Sookie work.
    2. Adelyn and Hoyt – have him come back from Alaska having bedded some women and becoming the man he could be.
    3. Jason and Willa – not sure why but I think they could be good together.
    4. Alcide and Sam’s widow – I think she can fill the role that he needs for a “stepford wife”.
    5. Ms. Fortenberry and (ready for this?) Eric – have him save her life and have her start having {: sex dreams about him.
    6. Lettie Mae and her Rev. – I like her when she starts bible thumping.
    Also Pam needs to go back to being the loveable Pam from S1. I miss her and want her back (stomp foot here). As for Jessica, she needs to go away and grow up. Maybe she needs to spend her nights on Eric’s mountain top?

  21. redjane12 says:

    So the Kill list is not hard, virtually everyone….
    1 – Bill – how this douche character survived in the books then the show is beyond me. Moronic self-serving a-hole should have met a stake in Book/Season 1 if you ask me…
    2 – Alcide – I am convinced he was made to behave as an a-hole in most of season 5 (when he also was a very ineffective packmaster) because he was going to be killed off. But then the new showrunner shook things up (translation f-ed things up) and so Alcide is now hateful boyfriend
    3 – Sarah Newlin – no explanations necessary right?
    4 – Sam Merlotte – total moron trusting Bill
    5 – Lettie-mae – horrible mother and horrible character. Why she still around at all?
    6 – Violet – yuk lady… Just because she is a woman, she isn’t less of an abusive partner to Jason (IMO) and even if Jason isn’t a saint or very smart, surely he deserves better

    Obviously Sookie has to regain her smarts and pride and stop calling herself danger whore or whatever shit those TB writers came up with. Bon Temps people are mostly a bunch of a-holes blaming her for shit so she’s better off obviously with Eric and moving somewhere civilised.

    I feel Adelyn, Willa and Jessica should get a break. They’ve all had it rough recently and deserve better. Willa deserves better than just be turned as a political manoeuver then abandoned (although in my opinion that was totally OOC for Eric as he would never leave the area without his progeny esp. a young one like Willa). Jessica always deserved better than Bill as a maker so hope she gets adopted by clan Northman.

    Just like Sookie, the TB writers have not been kind to Pam and have turned her charming snarky diva tendencies into unbearable whiny bitchiness. Let’s get the REAL PAM back. She is smart and decisive and most importantly loyal to her maker.

  22. kinnik says:

    Hmmmm, there are so many, where to start.
    1. Willa has got to go. I never liked her and she’s too young and it always bothered me that Eric showed her any attention even if his intentions in turning her were selfish. Now that her Dad is gone, there’s no reason to keep her around.
    2. Lala needs to find his old fabulous self. And as far of love, I think we need to see Jesus come and communicate with him more, even if they can’t be together, maybe some sort of spiritual satisfaction would be fun to experiment with (as in taking over his body for sex or something different). Just a weird thought. I also love the interaction between both of them and Ruby Jean, so I would keep her just because she’s so much fun, although not as a frequent character. They seem to have forgotten about her. Maybe kill her off, but like Jesus, keep her as a spirit that still visits him.
    3. James is a waste and doesn’t do anything to add to the story.
    4. Adylin is another one. We only need one fairy hybrid. I’m not sure who needs to kill her off, that will take some pondering.
    5. Claude should have escaped the fairy attack and lived as an occasional appearance. I really liked him. Although, I don’t care about any of the other fairies including Niall..
    6. Hunter should not be part of the story in any way. I like the idea of his character, but he’s just a distraction.
    7. Hadley just because.
    8. Lettie May and the Reverend Daniels. Don’t take up the space that could be used for more important people (Eric, always Eric) They will add nothing to the story and she is as crazy as a loon. Her only use would be to kill for her to be the one to kill Tara only then be taken out by Pam for offing her progeny.
    9. Pam needs a lover, but just on the side. I think that would make for good lemons and fun and bring back her awesome snarkiness. I think it might be fun to hook her up with Jason, since he’s so open to vampires now and Violet needs to die a painful death. I never like her either.
    10. I don’t care what you do with Alcide, but get him away from Sookie. Hook him back up with Ricki and be done with him while he goes back to doing his pack thing and leaves Bon Temps alone or leaves the state.
    11. Bill goes without saying, although his death should not come immediately, it’s still fun to torture and play with him (by Eric of course).
    12. Clearly Eric and Sookie should be together. However, instead of him pining away for her, he should be the one turning her away and forcing her to chase after him for once.
    13. Sarah Newlin needs to make another appearance as the villain in the story, b/c I can’t think of anyone else to do it without creating yet another new character.
    14. Oh and Jessica needs to meet the sun by suicide. Just one more thing to torture Bill with.

    Sookie needs to grow up, stop being such a doormat and damsel in distress. It’s tiresome and insulting for her to constantly be whining.

    Sorry such a long list, but I’m really aggravated how TB has messed everything up. So, there’s my initial feeling about how I would like to see things go.

  23. ncmiss12 says:

    I loved the idea of you offing everyone on the list, but bill. This way Pam and Eric can torment him and Sookie can kick his ass for all he has done to her!

  24. Jackie69 says:

    The first to go is Billy boy;
    The second is Alcide;
    the third is Violet;
    Then we can kill Lettie mae;
    Maxine Fortenberry;
    Sookie must return to the Sookie we all fell in love in S1…No more perfect doormat; no more low self esteem; no more apoligies for what she is ..Sookie has to start to embrace her fairyness and start to see her “curse” as a gift; no more trusting assholes(Bill,Warlow and Alcide) She must find her way back to Eric and acknowledge all Eric did for her. If the writers do intend to bring back Sookie/Bill reunion at the end and she accepts this cuz Bill is her true love..well kill off Sookie too!!! Sookie is better off dead than with Bill….(I know a lot of people will hate me for this but I can’t help it they made me hate Sookie last year with that clusterfuck of Warlow)

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