Pick your poison

I think I have all the necessary items to get me through the first episode of True Blood this evening.


As I’ve mentioned before, I will be drinking heavily during the episodes of True Blood for the seventh and final season.  Tonight, I will be taking a drink every time I hear “Sookeh is mine!” or some variation along those lines.  I also plan to keep a bucket close by if I need to display my digestive pyrotechnics if there are any scenes of Bill and his ‘Sookeh’ making out.


Tissues will also be nearby in case the rumors are true and they either (1) kill Eric during the episode or (2) there are no images at all of our handsome Viking vampire.  I just don’t get it HBO . . . you have a major moneymaker on your hands.  Your fans are passionate rabid.  Why the FUCK are you doing everything you possibly can to piss them off?  Damn near every fan I’ve ever spoken with wants Eric and Sookie together.

NotepadAnd finally, I have my paper and pen ready to take notes on the episode so that I can begin rewriting it Monday.  🙂

Anyway . . . what do you think of my site’s new appearance?  The banner at the top of the home page is my second attempt at making a banner.  Pretty cool I think.  🙂  I also made all the collages for each story.  I’m learning Adobe Photoshop, so I hope to enhance all my stories with cool visual aids.

There are not one but TWO story updates tonight:  The Choices We Make and Hanging in the Balance.  And because I’m feeling sadistic, I’m posting the first chapter of my new story, Life in the Fast Lane.  I want to know if this is a story you want to see me continue.  It’s something I’ve had running through my brain for a long time.  If you don’t like it, I won’t continue it.  Simple as that.  I hope you enjoy reading.  Thanks as always to the awesome kleannhouse and magsmacdonald for being my betas.

The Choices We Make – Chapter 5

Hanging in the Balance – You Are What You Eat

Life in the Fast Lane – Welcome to the Big Apple


About mj1028

What can I say? My little shipper heart hated how SVM and TB treated Eric, so I have made it my mission to create worlds where the Viking always gets the girl. :-)
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17 Responses to Pick your poison

  1. kinnik says:

    I’m so looking forward to your version of what season 7 will be than the real thing and I too have several varieties of alcohol at the ready for tonight (and the next 9 weeks after). Love the new look. 😉

  2. bdemille18 says:

    I wish I had alcohol ready for tonight!!!! I’m going to be sooooo angry if Eric is finally dead!!!! And if he is t I’m going to be pisses if Sookie and him don’t end up together in the end!!!

  3. msbuffy says:

    I just left this same post on Kat’s blog. It was reported weeks ago that ASkars would not be in the first two episodes because he was completing a movie shoot at the time those episodes were being filmed. I hate it, but it does kind of help out with the storyline from what we saw in the finale last season. It would take some time for Eric to heal, right? It was 6 months later when they had their little “town meeting” to discuss pairing each human with a vampire (are there really that many vampires in Bon Temps & Shreveport?), and Pam was still gone. Seems to me she might have found Eric and could still be helping him to heal as well as to convince him he has to return as he has a duty as Maker to Willa, blah.

  4. jules3677 says:

    Firstly aren’t you lucky/unlucky? Down here in the Southern Hemisphere the first episode is on at 3.30pm Monday on a very restricted pay TV channel. Only about 5% of Australia subscribes to it. So we all rely on the DVD’s to be release or otherwise seek other ways to view each episode. Mind you Australia has a reputation as a country that will explore all avenues to immediately view shows they know are being held up by corporate monopolies (which is leading to the gov’t trying to introduce legislation that has extreme penalties for those who pirate content 😦 ) intent on gouging every single dollar they can out of us just because we live here & they can.

    So lucky you being able to view how the writers’ mess up what was once an excellent show. My Season Six DVD’s arrived last week so I’m still viewing & reviewing them & yelling WTF at the TV.

    I will enjoy reading your opinion of this final season & look forward to your slant in your wonderful stories. 🙂

    • I almost envy you not being able to see the first episode. It gave me whiplash with how much it jumped back and forth. The story was terrible and there was no Alex. I’m making up my own season 7.

      • missron80 says:

        yes indeed. we aussies seek alternative methods for viewing the eps. Since my laptop is dead I have to rely on youtube on my phone or the wonderful spoilers i get from lovelies like yourself. SPOILER AWAY!!!!!

  5. Tlynnson says:

    Sadly I just viewed the new episode of season 7 and the clusterfuck continues. After a major vamp attack with lives lost and kidnapped, Sookie walks home alone, in the dark. Sadly nothing kills her. This season is off to a major dud!

    On the bright side, Pam is awesome and Jason gets laid. Just when you think it can’t get any worst, sadly, I was wrong!

  6. gwynwyvar says:

    Hope you survived.
    I’m still not sure if I want to watch it…. Although if a certain death scene, that I already celebrated once (prematurely), was actually shown, I’d already be hunting the episode down! But the ambiguous nature has me pessimistic. .. Much like my pessimism for the entire series I guess. ..

    But anyways, hope you found lots of things to use in making it all right again 🙂

  7. On the brightside! I watched this with alcohol, but anyways! The next episode promo, I heard Sookie cry “Eric is gone” and I thought it was the alcohol making me hear things, I thought I was tipsy or drunk but I’m pretty sober, because I rewatched that promo for the next episode and what do you know! Sookie did sob out “Eric is gone” and she was holding someone. I watched this too many times and it gave me a tiny, teensy weensy shred of hope for my babies. Sigh.

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