Anticipation . . .

It’s killer right?  I know you are all eager for the next installment of Chastity.  Well, I assure you, that I am working on it as we speak.  I’ve got about 2,000 words written . . . and let’s just say that we haven’t gotten to the good stuff yet.  🙂

But I don’t want you to think that I have forgotten this story, so here are some visual aids to enhance the story.  Thank you Kittyinaz for the awesome banners!!!!!!  This is NSFW if you were curious…..

This is the banner for the home page of the story.




This is the banner for Eric’s POV.

Chasity EPOV_edited-2



This is the banner for Godric’s POV.

Chasity GPOV_edited-2

Chastity/Sookie POV – Part 1

Chasity Part 1 Sookie's POV_edited-2




You want more?  (I always hear Yvetta’s voice now when I say that . . .)


Chastity/Sookie POV – Part 2

Chasity Part II Sookie POV_edited-2


I hope to have this finished for all of you tomorrow.  🙂

About mj1028

What can I say? My little shipper heart hated how SVM and TB treated Eric, so I have made it my mission to create worlds where the Viking always gets the girl. :-)
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3 Responses to Anticipation . . .

  1. msbuffy says:

    Like I told you, erotica. You’ve got some plot though, thank God!

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