This is the end . . .

First, go vote for the stories in Sephrenia’s banner challenge.  Yes, I wrote a story for one of her banners.  I’ll let you in on a little secret; my story is NOT for the second banner.  🙂  Oh wait, there are no stories for the second banner.  🙂

Second, voting is still open for the You Want Blood Awards.  Me and the other women of The Authority are absolutely amazed that we have nearly 40,000 votes.  Your’s truly received several nominations, and I thank you very much for that!

On January 2, 2014, I published the first chapter of A Different Life on  The story was an idea that had circled in my mind ever since I watched Season 2 of True Blood.  (I was home sick for a week so I binge-watched the first four seasons.)  I fell in love with the character of Godric, and I was saddened that the writers of True Blood killed his character so quickly.  I thought Godric had a lot of potential as a character, and I thought the writers wasted an amazing opportunity.  Flashbacks are not enough.  I was late to the party when it came to True Blood, so I did not understand just how much the writers like to fuck over their fans . . . unless you are a “Beehl” fan.  (Is that even possible?)

A friend of mine, who was likewise disenchanted with the direction of the show (Seriously, what the hell is up with vampire religion?!?!?!?!?!?!), suggested I try reading fan fiction.  I was instantly enamored with the variety of stories I found as well as the talented authors.  I spent hours reading the vault of fan fiction on  The first story I remember reading was Let Love In by Terri Botta; it’s a truly amazing story that I suggest everyone read.  I read so many stories and found many wonderful authors: Slayergirl, magsmacdonald, makesmyheadspin, kjwrit, California Kat, Kittyinaz, realjena, and the list goes on and on.

During all of my readings though, I noticed one thing; there were not a lot of stories involving Godric.  So that started the hamsters in my brain spinning, huffing and puffing on their little wheels.  But I was scared . . . what if no one liked what I wrote???  Dude, rejection sucks when it’s face to face; the anonymity of the internet just makes rejection that much worse because people do not fear any repercussions for what they say.  So I spent a LOT of time picking the brain of Slayergirl.  I asked her lots of questions, and probably drove her a bit insane, but she was very encouraging.  She encouraged me to publish my first story, Resolutions, a peek into the brains of six different SVM characters on New Year’s Eve set in Dead to the World.  I published Eric’s POV first since I knew most readers (myself included) are drawn to Eric stories.  Surprisingly, no one hated the story.  My confidence grew and I decided to publish A Different Life.

I nervously posted the first chapter.  A huge shout out to racecz5, the very first reviewer of ADL.  I felt like a rock star when I checked my email seeing all the reviews, favorites, and follows for the story.  I was driven to write more and post as fast as possible.  I need to thank racecz5, Trapuccino, VALady, murgatroid98, sluggysmom, Perfecta999, and so many other wonderful reviewers that were constantly encouraging me and chatting with me in the beginning of the story.  It is because of those early reviewers that ADL grew from a 10-15 chapter story to the 54 chapters we have today.  At the time of this post, ADL on has been viewed almost 150,000 times, has over 450 followers, and nearly 900 reviews.  I would have been happy if only a single person had liked my story.  I am humbled and astonished by the response the story has generated.  Granted, not all that response has been positive, but toe-MAY-toe , toe-MAH-toe.  As my hubby would say, “Opinions are like assholes; everyone’s got one.”

Anyway, it is because of those early reviewers that ADL grew from a 10-15 chapter story to the 54 chapters we have today.  Which brings us to the subject of this post . . . this is the end of A Different Life.   I know what some of you are going to say to that . . .



Last night as I was finishing the chapter, I will admit that I was alternating between tears of sorrow and guzzling alcohol in celebration.  Don’t worry, both kleannhouse and magsmacdonald have reviewed the chapter to make sure everything makes sense.   I could see it now if I didn’t have them check the chapter. . .

Captain MorganThe chapter probably would have gone off on a tangent about pirates and wenches.

Alex thinking

Hmmm . . . now I have a story idea for Eric as a pirate.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see that hunk of Swede running around in leather pants, stubble/beard, bright blue eyes, and a white, laced up pirate shirt?!?!?!?!

Screaming fans

I know ladies; I want to see it too!  But I need to have my muse focus; she has too many stories already needing her attention before adding one more to the mix.  But rest assured, I’ll keep that idea on the back burner.  😉

Before I get to the chapter, let me once again thank three amazing women: magsmacdonald, kleannhouse, and Sephrenia.  Thanks to mags and KY for their beta work.  Thanks to Seph for her amazing banners . . . which brings us to  . . .

try this 2

The Choices We Make is the sequel to ADL.  What can I say?  I’m not ready to let these characters go.  I’ve already written the first two chapters and hope to get at least two more finished to send to the betas.  I’m going to be a bit more structured this time around; I will more than likely only be posting once a week, which will allow me to work on more than one story at a time.

So from the bottom of my heart . . .

Thank You



Brother vs. Sister

P.S. Click on Kittyinaz’s awesome banner to go to the chapter.  🙂





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What can I say? My little shipper heart hated how SVM and TB treated Eric, so I have made it my mission to create worlds where the Viking always gets the girl. :-)
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3 Responses to This is the end . . .

  1. vamplover669 says:

    The pirate idea sounds great give Jack Sparrow a run for his money right? Although I do enjoy Eric as a sexy Viking in his human years as well… Anyway congrats on your nominations their much deserved! I have yet to read the final 3 chapters of ADL but I can’t wait for the sequel.

  2. Don’t forget KJWrit’s naked Tarzan Eric! He is a must add to this list! I can’t wait to read this chapter!

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