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Two posts in one day??? What Gives?

Check them out.  She posted two of my favorites.  It had been so long since she posted for IND that I totally had forgotten I read it. Two posts in one day??? What Gives?.

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Never Be and Season 7

So, I think we can all agree that Season 7 of True Blood is going to bite the big one.  I’ve decided to get a jump on rewriting the outcome of this season.  The first part of this story is … Continue reading

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Why does everything happen on a Monday?????

I won’t repost it since I’m sure the other partners in crime will be doing that eventually.  I will just post the link here for the rules about nominations for the TB/SVM awards. I would have a new story to … Continue reading

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And the Award categories are. . .

Originally posted on You Want Blood Awards:
Hello all!!   We have decided to give you a heads up so that you can start getting your lists together for Nominations.  Here is the list of Award categories.   Remember Nominations open…

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One down. . .

Thanks to Sephrenia for the awesome banner!  I tried to make it myself, and let’s just say my attempt was an epic failure. Here it is my lovelies; the conclusion of I Remember Nothing.  Tonight I’m going to the UFC … Continue reading

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May I have your attention please?

I have a VERY important announcement to make! Do I have your attention? This is important people! In case you have been in hiding from flying monkeys (sniggers), the Fanatic Fanfic awards were Monday evening.  I’m pleased to say that … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Part 2

For those of you that celebrate the holiday, I hope enjoyed it.  For those of you, like me, that did not celebrate, I hope you had a relaxing, peaceful day before having to go back to work. I want to … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

A quick announcement . . . I have created a group on Facebook for everyone to contact me.  It is Mistressjessica1028 Fan Fiction.  If you have questions about the stories, want to discuss possible story lines, or post pictures of … Continue reading

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Every choice has consequences…

Check out the AWESOME new banner for ADL by Sephrenia.  She is running a banner adoption program on her page.  I highly urge you to take advantage of her wonderful talents if you are in need of a banner.  She … Continue reading

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Exciting news!!!!!

First, I’d like to thank the amazing Sephrenia for making the banner for my upcoming story. Sookie Stackhouse works in New Orleans as a telepath for the Queen of Louisiana in secret.  Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area 5, is intrigued … Continue reading

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